Start Your Desktop Administration Career with ExamSnap Microsoft MD-100 Exam Using Practice Tests


Do you want to become an Administrator of Windows 10? Then you need to focus on this post.

The ExamSnap Microsoft MD-100 exam presents magnificent opportunities to anyone striving for the role of a Desktop Administrator.

It is a starting point of the journey of becoming formidable in your career. With the right goals and determination, you can always arrive at the destination you’ve always desired. Therefore, let’s see more about this test and how it is important for your career.

What Should You Start With?

First of all, you should know that the test is also known as Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10.

It is intended for those administrators who do the work of deploying, managing, configuring, monitoring, and securing different devices as well as apps for the clients within the environment of an enterprise.

Their duties also include the management of identity, access, updates, policies, and apps.

Besides this test, the interested candidates need to know about the Microsoft ExamSnap MD-100 VCE Exams as well if they want to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification.

The second test is all about the management of modern desktops, which makes it a crucial part of success for aspiring professionals.

The administrators dealing with Windows 10 will have to work with the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrators in designing and executing a device technique that satisfies the requirements of every modern organization.

Who Is It Ideal for?

The ExamSnap MD-100 exam is aimed at individuals who are already aware of workloads associated with Microsoft 365.

Their proficiency, as well as experience, covers deployment, configuration, and maintenance of Windows 10 in addition to gadgets and technologies that are not related to Windows.

What Is Its Structure?

This role-based certification exam can include 40-60 questions appearing in varying formats.

A participant is likely to face MCQs, active screen, labs, short answer, mark review, best answer, build list, case studies, and other types.

The items are presented in English only, and there will be given 180 minutes to conclude and submit your answers.

To be recognized with the certificate, the applicants must gain at least 700 points. The charges for the registration process are $165.

What Are Its Covered Objectives?

For anyone to garner proper skills for administrating Windows 10, there are topics that must be addressed in depth. They include the following:

  • Deploying Windows;
  • Managing devices in addition to data;
  • Configuring storage as well as connectivity;
  • Maintaining Windows.

To ensure you get good results, make use of the study materials found on the ExamCollection MD-100 VCE Exams platform and the Microsoft website.


The qualified Modern Desktop Administrators are among those professionals whom various organizations and businesses are searching for.

That is why you should wait no longer and begin your professional journey now by using the ExamSnap Microsoft MD-100 exam.

Later, you can take up the second test to validate your skills and experience and get the certification.

With the support, you can get from Microsoft and the sites like ExamSnap, you can always find your way to success. As you strive for a great IT career, may true success come your way!

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