Get Free DarkOrbit Accounts and Passwords [2023]


Free darkorbit accounts : Darkorbit is an online game. This game is for multiple players and was introduced by big point games.

This is an action game, and many players are interested in its action features. The game is a wonderful world in itself because it has different locations, maps, etc.

You have to select your spaceship, and you can shoot anyone you want within the game. Millions of users have downloaded it and used it with their entire interest.

Get Free DarkOrbit Accounts and Passwords

If you are playing this game on your desktop, you just have to use your mouse and nothing else.

The important thing within the game is that you should know about moving the ship; you can move your ship in any direction wherever you want.

Working on the Game

  • In this game, you just have to protect yourself from getting attacked by enemies, or you need to fight with your enemies.
  • They offer three different shooting systems and those three different shooting systems are laser, rockets, and mines.
  • To fire your enemy, you first need to select your shooting system with your mouse.
  • When you shoot your enemy, a red circle will appear around the enemy.
  • To start shooting, just press CTRL Key.
  • By clicking on the space button, you can use rocket fire and use it only once in the game.
  • When rocket-firing begins, it works automatically, and it will attack your enemies continuously until it stops.
  • If you need mine, you have to just click on the M button.
  • It takes 60 seconds to select one mine, and it gets active in 5 seconds.
  • Mines help in damaging about 30% of enemy ships.

Dark orbit game has various unique features in its upgraded version. The updated version of the dark orbit has decided to reward free dark orbit account players, and they will provide packages of gifts to them, and it will be announced soon.

It has brought new technologies, and now the game will work faster than the earlier one. It allows direct access to the space map of the game from the game page. All the equipment of the game also gets updated and works efficiently.

Get Also:

Features of Updated Version

Exclusive Equipment

Users can upgrade their items and equipment available within the game and perform better daily tasks.

Extra Speed

You will be able to run your items faster with high speed, and they will work very smoothly after getting upgraded.

Long Shield Strength

This shield strength provides up to 80% damage absorption and helps you defend against enemies. The new version offers LF4, which is more potent than others, and it helps in laser damage.

You can also send messages to technical support groups for any problem or issue, and they will respond and resolve your problem.

They will send an E-ticket number when your message is confirmed. Here, the people who are adventurous lovers will definitely love the game because they are getting an excellent opportunity to experience a lot of adventures and battles in the game’s spaceship.

To find your lucky way in the game, you have to go to the game’s depth. Then only you will be able to seek your fortune.

You have to be brave in the game to fight against enemies and show courage in the battle. You have to fight for yourself, the pilot, and the group of players in your spaceship.

If it is your first time in the game, you have to start it with the beginner ship, and as your level increases, you will be able to get different kinds of ships, and at a higher level, you will reach a powerful cruiser, After getting a powerful cruiser, you can shoot anyone who stands in your way. By collecting mine, you can invest them in your fleet.

Space travelers will also help you while having the fight against enemies in the game and complete your task better.

You should have acceptable interaction with your teammates, and it is essential to take part in every event or battle. Get Free dark orbit account here.

Gameplay Popularity

The game has more than 300 million registered accounts, and it is trendy among game players. As you will defeat the enemy, you will get rewards for that.

The game’s main objective is just to upgrade spaceships and equipment and earn wealth and power for yourself and your company.

By doing all these things, you will be able to achieve a higher rank on the scoring list.

To get more features and benefits within the game, you need to get a subscription of one month or more as you want, which will add more benefits to your dark orbit premium game.

Or GEt Free dark orbit account here.

Free Darkorbit Accounts [2023]

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There are two types of currency in the game: iridium and credits. You can also purchase iridium by your credit card, Paytm, etc.

Between them, iridium is more valuable and challenging to get. Get Free dark orbit account here as discussed in the topic;

The game can be played by downloading it or on a Web browser. At the start of the game, you have to select one resource between three, and those three resources are venus resources unlimited (VRU), earth industries corporation (EIC), and Mars mining operations (MMO).

One more company in the game is known as Saturn autonomous technology (SAT), but it is not for players.

The scoring points or top user’s points are shown in the hall of fame. Few factors by which the rank of players gets reduced are times destroyed, own company kills, radiation zone destructions, and phoenix’s ships destroyed.

There are 53 different designs of ships available in the auction, but valuable items like drone designs or elite lasers are not available within the auction.

Combat System

In the game’s combat system, various weapons are available that are used to destroy aliens and other players.

Functional weapons are laser cannons, laser ammunition, rockets, rocket launchers, and mines.

By attacking enemies, the player will get a cargo box containing ore, and they can take it for further use.

If your ship is destroyed within the game, it will take at least 500 uranium to recover.


To join a clan, players have to pay at least 15,00 credits. The advantage of joining a clan is that clanmates will help you in the battle, and clans also help players raise their level, earn credits, and compete against other enemies.

Skylab System

There is a skylab system in the game that helps produce and refine ores like promethium, endurium, and terbium.

This system contains one of the crystals known as seprom, produced by refining promerium.

Seprom is not for sale, but ore provides weapons and shield strength. To upgrade the skylab, you have to reach the 20th highest level.

Pilot Bio

The pilot sheet or bio in the game is a mighty skill tree, and this pilot sheet provides extra advantages and benefits.

For the working of the pilot bio, players have to earn pilot points. One can earn pilot points by buying a log disk, shooting down bosses, or completing galaxy Gates.

These pilot points help players in the battle against enemies. Fifty pilot points are required for the pilot bio.

Galaxy Gate Generator

A resource is converted to extra energy from uranium or palladium, and by spinning a galaxy gate generator, players get the ammunition, free repairs, and parts of the galaxy gate. To build galaxy Gates the player has to collect a lot of aspects of galaxy gate.

Outfit Gate

It is commonly known as a low gate; the x-3 map consists of Lord War of the map. Players should be in perfect attire to enter this gate.

Once a player enters the entrance, there is no chance of returning from it; you can only come out when you finish the “gate.”

The aim of entering this gate is just to energize four probes located at the corners of the map.

Special Events

A few notable events of the game are as follows :

  • Jackpot arena
  • Team deathmatch
  • Space ball
  • Invasion
  • Beacon capture
  • Scoremageddon
  • Infiltration
  • Birthday gate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the dark orbit game played?

Ans: In dark orbit games, players have to find their spacecraft from a group of unique ships.

  • Of players in dark orbit?

Ans: 300 million users have registered this account, so there is no such specific limit of players in the game.


To Get Free dark orbit account here, join the website This game is one of the best games and is an online game made for adventurous players because the game is entirely based on an action theme and provides various interesting equipment to fight against enemies in battle.

Players have to defend themselves, or they have to attack their enemies. After winning, multiple rewards are provided to the players to upgrade their game levels and earn the highest points and ranks.

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