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Rapidgator is found to be the most useful application for people who are engaged in business and office work because, at the moment, the time comes when they do not have sufficient or more storage space to save their documents or media files.

Mostly nowadays, people are dealing with such kinds of problems, and they did not have a solution for this before.

Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts & Passwords

Still, now there is no need to worry about such issues because this application has sorted out various things related to the storage space.

Every person truly needs this application because all have more than hundreds of gigabytes, and some people are there who do not want to use cloud platforms because sometimes cloud applications offer limited features.

We all need to store over 100 tons of data every day, and especially the ones who are office workers.

They need to store 100 tons of data each and every day, and they also have to share such data between devices and users or clients.

So, now it’s time to get away from the applications which are not working according to your demands and also do not offer you enough space to store your information as media files, documents, and software.

Just download one of the popular file-sharing software known as Rapidgator.

What is Rapidgator?

Rapidgator is an application that allows users to save and share files in bulk and offers large storage space to save data.

Moreover, Rapidgator offers enough large storage space to the users to store their information in any form and lets the users share files with any of the devices or other users through the cloud.

You can also easily manage this app anytime whenever you need it, but a good Internet connection is necessary for this application to work.

For quick use, you can use the drag and drop option within the application, and for searching files, just go to the search option and click on it, and by dragging and dropping, you can quickly finish your work easily.

This app allows users to save their files securely, and no one can get access to such saved files until the users of that file do not provide the downloaded link to any of the users who want to use that file.

So, if you want that nobody can get access to your saved files, then you have the option to hide your files by.

This way, your files will be stored safely. Also, you can share movies, songs, software, documents, and many more files within this application.

The other important thing regarding the rapidgator account is that you can not use this application for free.

You have to pay some amount of money to use this application and to get access to this account.

Then, only you can unlock any of the bandwidth limits, and after that, you can get large storage space for saving your files. 12 T.B. and 10 T.B. are the large storage space and bandwidth available within the rapidgator account.

If someone wants to use it for free, then in the free version of this app, you can only store files up to a limit of 5 G.B. data, and the free version provides unlimited uploading speed to the user and unlimited storage space only for 30 days. So, you can not ask more in the free version because it’s sufficient.

Free and Premium Version

Now, it’s clear that rapidgator offers its two versions for the users one is the free version, and the other is the paid version, also known as the premium version.

It depends on the users whether they want to use the free version of the account or the paid version.

A few different features are there in both of the versions, and the other things are similar in both of the accounts.

The one who needs large storage space to store their files and data, then it’s better for him to use the paid version of the account because only the paid version provides access to the large storage space and maximum bandwidth while the free version is for the one who just needs a small or little space for storage.

Basic features are available within the free version, and premium features are available within the paid version of the account.

You can use the premium account by downloading it from the official website of the application, and then you can share or save your files in bulk.

Also, premium versions do not show any ads to the users, but in the free version, you have to deal with the advertisements.

In the free version, there is a limit of 500 MB, and the premium version consists of the maximum limits.

Features of Rapidgator Accounts

Rapidgator account is specially designed for those facing problems continuously with storage space and file sharing.

So, it consists of the various advanced features that will sort out your data problems.

Here, in this app, you can share files of any size, and it’s better among all the other data transfer platforms.

  • You can upload files in bulk or single only in a quick way up to 5 G.B. of limit in the premium account.
  • You can share your data securely and safely.
  • In the premium account, no ads will be shown on your screen while downloading or uploading any of the files.
  • There are no such limits on sharing files; you can share any of the files which you want.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface.
  • In case if any of the users loses his data, then he can easily retrieve the lost data, and automatically backup support will help you to recover your data.
  • If your file is deleted by mistake, then you can anytime or anywhere restore your data.
  • If your uploading of a file is paused in between due to the Internet connection, then you can continue it by just connecting it to the Internet.
  • The premium user can download files up to 80 G.B.
  • The speed limit in the premium version is much better than the free version of the account.
  • Your files remain safe in the account until and unless you share the link of the file with any of the users.

Benefits of Premium Account

You can only get access to the premium version of the account by paying some amount of money, and the premium version offers unlimited storage space and any of the accounts you unlock through this version.

  • No ad interruption.
  • Maximum speed for downloading and uploading files.
  • Recover files if deleted by mistake.
  • More storage space and bandwidth.
  • No restrictions on sharing any type of file.

Latest Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts 2022

[email protected]jr005900
[email protected]beancounter1
[email protected]ls1324
[email protected]chudabear420
[email protected]62446244
[email protected]American4u
[email protected]hck63874
[email protected]scout100
[email protected]bama11

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Free Version of the Rapidgator Account

For unlimited storage space and bandwidth, there are many ways to get the premium version of the accounts.

So, you can get the premium membership for getting additional bandwidth, storage, and an ad-free interface.

You can sign into the premium version by providing a username and password.

A free trial is also available for the users to know about the working or servicing of the app.

Every subscription-based app offers trial days for the users, and here, the free trial is for only a period of 30 days.

Some of the websites offer free trials for only seven days, but it is different from all the other accounts and offers a 30-day free trial with basic features.

Within the free trial, you can upload files up to a limit of 500 MB. If you exceed the limit, then a warning will be given to you.

Also Know:

Steps for Getting Access to the Premium Version of Rapidgator

  • Just go to the official website of the rapidgator application.
  • Two options will be shown on your screen: login and register. If you have already signed into the premium account, then the login option is for you, and for creating a new account, click on the register option.
  • Provide your email, then click on the register option.
  • Wait for a few minutes, and then you can get access to a rapidgator premium account without paying money from your pocket.

File Sharing Ways in Rapidgator

It’s very simple for the user to share files within this application. Two options will be there when you will share any of the files, and that option is small and large files.

For sharing small files, use file manager and select the file which you want to share.

For sharing large files, use the FTP server; this will provide you with higher data speed. After uploading files, a link will be given to you to share your file with those you want. It is safe and secured to use.


Rapidgator is one of the essential applications for all users because it contains various unique and amazing features for sharing and uploading files.

It offers users enough storage space to save their files as media and documents securely.

There are two versions available of the account for the user to get access to any of the versions by which they are satisfied.

The free version has a bit of a different feature from the premium version. The premium version is more beneficial for the users because it offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth and also works efficiently, while the free version contains the basic features.

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