Free Boom Beach Accounts and Passwords [2022]


Free Boom Beach accounts – Boom Beach is an online game for various players, and this game was introduced by supercell. The developers recently introduced it, which is now included in the game list.

It is a strategic game, and sttategy games are most common in our country users have a great interest in the strategy and kind of play, and people are very excited to learn about these games. Get a Free Boom Beach account here.

It is an android game, and anyone could play this game anywhere they want, so people are getting more attracted to it.

Free Boom Beach Accounts and Passwords

It is rarely considered the brother of clash of clans, and the game is based on acquiring an Island, and you have to attack your island and the players of your group on the island.

Whenever you attack your island and defend it, you will earn an economy to improve the performance of your island. They offer this unique game free of cost, and users can log in to it freely.

It is necessary to provide passwords for this game. Few boom Beach accounts also provide diamonds to players.

Free Boom Beach accounts are upgraded with new features and are included in the new list.

Many users have some issues while downloading the games because of the highest demand among the users, so you do not need to worry about such problems.

Just insert a request by writing your issue in the comments within the account. Free Boom Beach accounts and passwords offer diamonds to users themselves.

To download a Boom Beach account for free, one can also use a generator for such things. From the generator, one can get access to any of the accounts on the website.

Generators don’t help users to crack passwords or to filter accounts. There are different levels of the game available within the account.

Most users prefer to play the highest level of the game, and they request it in the comments.

Your email address is required to download the free Boom Beach account game because when you fill in the details in the email address, you will only get the link to download it, and it will come in your email.

All the information related to the games arrives in your email address only, so it is necessary to provide email addresses to become a part of this game.

For any other requirements within the game, you can also raise them within the comments, and the company will indeed resolve your issue. This is a kind of game that any user can play or enjoy for free.

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Special Features

  • one can also sell currency, items, and accounts of their game to other players or users.
  • Users can download it and play it for free.
  • User can link their account to their old or new device
  • Possibility of season 2 arriving soon.
  • Season 2 is a kind of ‘hunting season.’
  • Users have to collect diamonds to upgrade their devices in the game.
  • Users can also recover it from their Google drive if they have saved it before.
  • Users can play it with their friends by adding them through Facebook or inviting them into the game center.
  • Users can reach ten task forces in a day.
  • Rewards are given to players like Intel, and 1 to 5 Intel are provided for super chest or daily reward.

Users should enter into the game after having a perfect plan for defeating others, or they may also get defeated without a strategy.

So, users must come up with a good idea and mindset. There are evil players within the game, so be careful of them and get ready to defeat such evil players.

For all these ideas and plans, you need a proper strategy that’s why this game is based on a complete strategy pattern.

Gold, wood, stone, iron, etc. Such mines are being provided to users within the game. When beginners begin the game, only gold and wood are provided.

When the game level increases or gets to a higher level, then stone and iron are also available.

These mines are given to users to improve soldiers’ performance, construction, and utility.

To get these mines more early, you need to play it with your best concentration to increase your level faster.

If you do not adequately use your mind, you will not be able to reach a higher level.

Users have to create their account username, and they can put the username of their choice. Passwords are also necessary to begin this game.

Steam codes are available for users to get at high steam in the game. You can use these steam codes free of cost; no such amounts are required to get it.

Strategic Gaming

Various players can play this game simultaneously, and people can play such games with their relatives and friends.

Users use generators within the game for ocean-side records. If users are offline, then there are few chances of getting attacked by other players on the base of your game.

If you have begun the game, you have to play it until last until all the players are defeated; otherwise, there is no option like reset or restart your game. It’s a game of 128.7 MB, and anyone can download it easily.

More than 4 million users have already downloaded it, and the number of users has increased day by day.

There is no such issue as you can play this game on your phone only; you can play it on your computer or laptop device.

Users find this game so enjoyable because of its different strategies and unique features. Free Boom Beach accounts are discussed here; Users have a lot of benefits from playing this game.

You can invite your friends by clicking on the leaderboard button; you have to select your friends and just click on the invite option.

There are blueprints in the game that complete building updates quickly. There are operation rewards that provide three choices: gold, wood, stone, iron, or diamonds, and you can select any one because only three are given to you as a choice. Still, a regular victory reward provides you power stones, whereas there is no choice given for power stones.

Players and users are demanding extra bonuses to run task forces, leaders, and officers because many people are involved in the game.

Free Boom Beach Accounts

If someone has lost their old account of the game, they can get their old account back if their base was linked to the game center, and by logging into the game center account, one can get their older account back.

Username / EmailsPasswords
[email protected]drakitn99
[email protected]pisvack1214
[email protected]pimang3167
[email protected]rasgihihpt
[email protected]exvachimo92
[email protected]69621520
[email protected]Advaxki531
Attention: TechMaina does not support any kind of hijacking or illegal use of accounts. The accounts mentioned on TechMaina are submitted by users or collected from other open-access portals. 

To Save the Game in the Game Centre

  • Go to setting in your device
  • Search and select the game center
  • Click on your Apple ID
  • If you gave Apple ID already, then it’s fine. If not, then create it for yourself
  • Move to the home screen of your phone and begin the game

Wood safe in boom Beach is all about fulfilling wood storage, and just like it, other safe options also work like this. These items are for completing group upgrades.

If someone deletes it once, there is no option of getting all the data back by reinstalling it, so by removing the app; you would lose all data within the game.

There are some local copies of the game, so you should be careful about them. Five radars are required to find a dive location in the game, and dive provides you three rewards.

The maximum Statue capacity in the game is 10 statues. Four different kinds of statues are available in the game for users.

If someone wants more manageable components in the game, they have to drop their victory points, and to lose victory points; you just have to lose the base of your game.

The highest and maximum radar level in the game is from 1 to 20. The standard group combination in the games used for strategy is heavy and zooka army.

You can unlock various levels in the game by playing it more effectively. Earlier, boomboxes were available in the game, but now they no longer exist.

There are multiple locations available in the game of different names, and every place has its own additional features.


This game is an online game and is very interesting because users find it attractive due to its strategies and techniques.

The game offers impressive and unique features itself; users can simply begin this game and learn about strategy.

Games have different levels, so this is more interesting to attain the highest level in the game.

For any queries and issues related to the game, users can put them in the comments section, and soon they will be out of their problems and issues.

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