Best Offline MOBA Games For Android In 2024


Best Offline MOBA Games  – One of the most interesting and the most popular entertainment is Games.

Currently, there are many types and types of games, ranging from RPG games, war games to adventure games.

Each game also has its own features and excitement, so it’s not uncommon for many people to be addicted to games.

Best Offline MOBA Games For Android

And one of the most sought-after games by professional gamers is the MOBA game. The MOBA game is one of the games that is currently on the rise, besides that this game is also a lot of enthusiasts even though this game a few years ago was less well-known.

However, currently, the MOBA game is arguably the most booming game compared to other game genres.

So for those of you game fans, here are the Best Offline Android MOBA Games at the moment.

Best Offline MOBA Games On Android [2024]

Most of the MOBA games can be played online, but not a few people are looking for offline MOBA games that are similar to Mobile Legends or also similar to DOTA.

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In addition, offline games have many advantages compared to online ones. Of course, besides saving quota, of course, this offline game also has a specification that is friendly to small RAM.

In addition, currently, there are a lot of offline MOBA game enthusiasts, so don’t be surprised if the Google Play Store application has lots of offline MOBA games that you can download according to your wishes.

Well, for those of you who are looking for the best offline MOBA games right now, here are some of the best offline MOBA games for android that you can play on your Android cellphone.

1. Eternium


The first game you can play is the best offline android MOBA game with the title Eterium. This game was released by the developer Making Fun Inc.

Meanwhile, this game will offer good graphics by having a variety of interesting features that will make you more comfortable and at ease playing this game.

Not only that, this MOBA game with the name Eternium also has several game characters that you can play.

Download Eternium

2. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest

Furthermore, there is the best offline android MOBA game called Dungeon Quest. As the name suggests, this game tells the story of an adventure in a dungeon that is counted and each dungeon has 5 stages or chapters that must be completed.

And at the end of each Dungeon, you have to face the strongest enemies. Like other MOBA games, this game also has several characters that you can play.

Download Dungeon Quest

3. Legendary Heroes

Legendary Heroes

For those of you who enjoy Android games, you must be familiar with the MOBA game with the title Legendary Heroes.

This game is a MOBA game that is quite popular and is quite old. Because this game has been around for a long time but can only be played on iOS, but now it is available for the Android version.

Just like other MOBA games, this game is very similar to the DOTA game with similar gameplay and similar graphics which are also its main attraction.

Download Legendary Heroes

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4. Heroes Of Destiny

Heroes Of Destiny

Just like the Legendary Heroes game, this game with the title Heroes Of Destiny also has similarities with the DOTA game.

This MOBA game is a game made by Publisher Glu. It has a special mission to be able to control enemy areas that previously had to be defeated first.

To win and succeed in this mission, you will be given 3 heroes, each of which has different strengths.

Download Heroes Of Destiny

5. Broken Dawn II

Broken Dawn II

Broken Dawn II is a game that tells the story of a deadly and dangerous virus that can turn all creatures on earth into wild monsters that are out of control and able to kill anyone.

The mission that must be completed in this game is that you have to prevent further damage caused by these monsters.

To be able to prevent and fight these monsters you will be given 2 heroes who will help you in dealing with these monsters.

Download Broken Dawn ll

6. SoulCraft 2

SoulCraft 2

This game is about a battle between two worlds which is heaven and hell. Surag is represented by malaikan while hell is represented by the devil.

In this game, you will play an angel who will fight 8 evil demons. Heroes that you can choose from include Blade Masters, Barbarians, Gladiators, and so on.

This game will also offer the best graphics and very cool gameplay.

Download Soul Craft 2

7. Heroes Of Order & Chaos

Heroes Of Order & Chaos

Next, there is also a MOBA game with the title Heroes Of Order & Chaos. This game has a variety of cool features that are very interesting for us to play.

Meanwhile, this game is also an exciting and challenging game so many gamers download this game.

From the information we get, this game has successfully downloaded more than 10 million downloads by Android users.

Meanwhile, this game also offers more than 50 unique heroes and varies in it with each unique skill.

Download Heroes Of Order & Chaos

8. Heroes Strike

Heroes Strike

For the next best android offline MOBA game is Heroes Strike. This game will present exciting gameplay that you can play offline.

This game is indeed quite popular among Indian gamers. Yes, besides offering good graphics this game also has cool gameplay and has various characters that you can play.

Download Heroes Strike

9. Legends Of Ace

Legends Of Ace

The game with the title Legends Of Ace is one of the next best offline MOBA games for android.

This game is indeed quite popular among Indian gamers, this game has good graphics and will also offer an exciting game with some great characters and different moves.

Meanwhile, the offline MOBA game by a well-known developer has indeed been downloaded by top gamers in this country.

Download Legends Of Ace

10. Heroes Arena

Heroes Arena

Heroes Arena is the newest and best global multiplayer online battle arena game specially designed for mobile, focused on fair, fun, and lag-free eSports.

The game offers another multiplayer battle mode for you to join in as players battle their way up the ranks for glory and extraordinary rewards!

Choose your favorite hero, join forces, and communicate with your friends for epic partnerships, battle beautifully rendered maps through hordes of minions, monsters, and guard towers to destroy enemy generators and gain victory.

Download Heroes Arena

11. Heroes Evolved

You can download the Heroes Evolved game on one of the google plays store applications.

This game with the title Heroes Evolved also has good graphics and has many cool features that will make this game more comfortable to play.

Currently, the game titled Heroes Evolved has been downloaded by many Indian gamers and has a rating of 3.6.

Download Heroes Evolved

12. Awakening Of Heroes: MOBA 5V5

One of the best offline MOBA games for android is the next MOBA game with the title Awakening Of Heroes: MOBA 5V5. This game offers high graphics with very cool gameplay.

Not only that, but this MOBA game also has many characters that you can play as you wish and each character has different moves.

Download awakening Of Heroes


So, guys, those are some of the best offline MOBA games that you can play on your Android smartphone.

With good graphics and cool gameplay, of course, this MOBA game will give its users its own excitement.

This is the information from us regarding the Best Offline Android MOBA Game, hopefully, it will be useful, and don’t forget to read our latest article regarding the current Best Offline Moba Games.

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