Best Free Audio Editing Software For Windows And Mac


Hello friends, today we are going to sharing with you the Best Free Audio Editing Software For PC [Windows And Mac].

So, without wasting time let’s go to the point…

The editor software is not only in the form of videos and photos, but can also be music. Audio Editor, is the name for software that can edit audio.

Best Free Audio Editing Software For Windows And Mac

You can use this audio editor to modify music or other types of audio according to your desires and creativity.

Music, will not escape the editing process. In the editing process itself, Audio editor software is needed.

The better the Audio editor used, the more likely the resulting audio will be better. Currently, there are many Audio editor software available out there.

Starting from light, simple, heavy, powerful, to easy to use, and difficult to use. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Of the many audio editing software, the author has summarized some software that I can recommend for you to try.

Best Free Audio Editing Software For PC [Windows And Mac] 2024

If you have a hobby that is related to music, and you need Audio editor software. You can try one of the following software recommendations …

1. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Just by looking at the name alone, you might be sure of this one software. Yes, Adobe has always succeeded in making its users feel satisfied when using their software.

This is the result of a long experience in developing software.

However, all of them are of good quality. Adobe Audition is not software that you can use freely.

You are required to pay in advance to be able to use Adobe Audition to its full potential. But before buying this software, you can use the trial first.

Adobe Audition itself is a software developed by Adobe to help professionals modify music.

Adobe Audition itself is equipped with various interesting features such as Multi-track editing, and Mixing.

Adobe Audition is also equipped with AI that will help you during the modification process.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [Linux]

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2. Audacity


This next software is arguably the strongest competitor for Adobe Audition. In fact, this software could be more widely used than Adobe Audition.

Audacity is a free audio editor software that is free to use by anyone, quite a lot of professionals use it. This software is also very easy to use, even for beginners.

One of the factors that make Audacity easy to use is its simple interface and strong intuitive feel.

One of the advantages that Audacity has that Adobe Audition doesn’t have is the support for more devices.

Not only that, but Audacity can also be added with various plugins and interesting effects.

Apart from that, Audacity has functions that are more or less the same as other Audio Editors.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [ Linux ]

3. Cubase


The next software offered by Steinberg, Cubase. This software is another audio editing software that the authors recommend for you to try.

Cubase is not offered for free, but you can use the trial version to try it out.

By using Cubase you can modify your audios to be even more interesting. You can add various filters and effects that can be made separate from the audio track with the Audio-Ins feature.

Not only that but in Cubase, you can also use the equalizer to adjust the frequency of your music to make it much smoother.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [Linux]

4. Audio Tool

Audio Tool

Slightly different from the previous one, the software that is in fourth place is software that you can freely access on the site.

Audio Tool is an audio editor web app software that the authors recommend for you to try.

In the Audio Tool, you can modify your music to be even better. You can also use the various features that are freely available.

One of the features that are quite special is a feature where you can collaborate with other music editors who also use the Audio Tool.

The disadvantage of this Audio Tool lies in its less intuitive appearance, so for those of you who are beginners, this software is quite difficult to use.

Web App ]

5. Wavepad


The next software comes from a developer who is known for his various editing software. Wavepad is software developed by NCH ​​Software with the aim of helping you modify music.

By using Wavepad you can edit your own music at home, you will also get access to various filters and effects.

Wavepad is also rich in interesting tools, some of which are batch processing, scrubs & audio search.

Wavepad also supports various types of audio formats, such as ( .MP3 ), (.WAV), (.AAC), and several other audio formats.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [Linux]

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6. Reaper


Still with the recommendation of audio editing software, in sixth place, there is a software called Reaper.

Reaper is another audio editor software that I recommend for you to try. In Reaper, you will get many interesting features that will be very useful for you.

One of its abilities that is quite interesting is the ability to record live audio in mono, stereo, or multi-channel audio mode.

It’s just that, Reaper is software aimed at veterans, so beginners will find it difficult to use it.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [ Linux ]

7. Wavosaur


The next software is Wavosaur. This one software is another audio editor software that I recommend enough for you to try.

As with other Audio Editor software, here you will also get professional features that will help you modify your music.

Such as cutting, adding tracks, combining several audios into one, and other uses.

Wavosaur has a simple appearance, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it.

Windows ] [MacOS] [Linux]

8. Ardor


Ardor is a music editor software with great capabilities, it can also be used in many Computer OS. Starting from Windows, macOS, even though Linux.

By using Ardor, you can modify your music with the various features it provides.

Not only cutting and adding tracks, but in Ardor you can also do your own recordings, you can use a microphone or MIDI

Ardor also provides unlimited undo and redo, so you don’t have to worry about making a few mistakes.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [ Linux ]

9. Qtractor


Still like the previous software, the Qtractor is an audio editor software that can also be used as a music recording at the same time.

This can be done thanks to the support for using the MIDI Controller.

Not only that, but the Qtractor also provides various cool features, such as Multi-Track Audio MIDI recording, and MIDI Sequencing.

This software is very good for you to use, especially for those of you who want to produce your own music. You can record and edit it in the same software.

Windows ] [MacOS] [Linux]

10. Power Sound Editor Free

Power Sound Editor Free

Decent audio software editors, software latter is also a software that is good and I recommend you try.

As the name suggests, Power Sound Editor Free is available for free and can be used freely by anyone.

Many say this software is similar to Audacity which is in second place. By using this Power Sound Editor Free you can produce your own music. Starting from recording, and editing can be done here.

Windows ] [MacOS] [Linux]

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11. LMMS

LMMS is a dedicated support system for Linux. However, the excellent interphase of the system is friendly enough for editing purposes.

Through this application, you can easily generate music from your computer and add playback instruments, samples, and plugins to enhance your audio.

The software is bundled with ready-to-use tools. This software is specially made by Musicians for Musicians.

It also supports other platforms like Windows, & MAC. You can easily automate songs, and sequences and even create new songs.

It also has a beat-plus bassline editor. Overall it is a very good software for professionals as well as singers.

 Download LMMS

12. Ocenaudio

Oceanaudio is a multiplatform audio editing software with great tools for everyday audio editing.

It has a real-time effect preview as it is not heavy and will never lag your system. It works with local files as well as is hosted online.

Oceanaudio has an excellent range of effects and a wide variety of plugins that anyone can install.

You can even export one of your audio creations as a ringtone for your smartphone.

Download Ocenaudio


So, these are the best Free software which are all very good for users. But users have to choose them according to their needs, and according to their profession, because if you only want to use this as a mixer and cutter, then there is no point in buying paid software.

So, the bottom line is that you have to choose what your needs are and then decide which one will best suit your needs.

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