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Howdy dear video editors, today we are going to share with you the Best Video Compressor (Software and Online) For Windows & Mac (Free&Paid).

So, without wasting time, let’s get started to the point…

Full internal storage is one of the problems that most gadget users always feel, especially gadget users with low storage.

Free Best Video Compressor For Windows & Mac

There are many reasons, one of which is a large video size. It is undeniable that a video with a long duration and high resolution is indeed very large and takes up a lot of space in internal storage.

However, did you know that there are several solutions you can use to reduce this problem?

One solution is to compress the video. By changing some of the video settings that you want, you can reduce the size of the video, this method is commonly known as compress video.

Best Free Video Compressor For PC [Software & Online] 2024

An effort in which you will sacrifice some of the video quality to get a smaller video size, simply this process is similar to converting videos but with more settings.

However, there is also much software that claims to be able to reduce the size of the video without reducing the quality of the video.

For this reason, the author will give you some recommendations for offline and online video compression software in the form of a web app.

1. Handbrake


Entering the first application, Handbrake is software that is quite popular as a video compressing tool with the ability to reduce the video size by simply reducing the video quality slightly.

Although the main function transcoder video, Handbrake is also able to reduce the size of the video by adjusting the various settings, like bitrate, resolution, and setting other videos.

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Another advantage that Handbrake has is its free price, lots of OS support, lightweight, and of course, it’s easy to use.

If you are interested in using Handbrake, you can download it via the link below.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [ Linux ]

2. Wondershare UniConverter


In the next sequence, there is software that comes from Wondershare is converter software that is capable of being a video compressor too, this software is called UniConverter.

Is a video converter software from Wondershare that has the ability to change the video settings to what you want.

Of course, this will also affect the size of the video results later, where if you lower the settings, your video size will also be lighter.

UniConverter also supports more than 1000 video and audio formats, so you don’t have to worry about your videos being compressed with UniConverter.

Another advantage that you can find in this software is the ability to compress videos up to 8K, multiple compressing, even a preview feature before the compressing process.

To be able to have this software, you have to dig into your pockets first because Wondershare sets the price for each software it makes.

For the price itself, it is available in several packages, including a lifetime package (1 device) for $ 60 and an annual package (1 device) for $ 40.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [ Linux ]

3. Format Factory


The next recommendation is Format Factory, as with the two previous software. Format Factory is converter software that also has the ability to compress video sizes.

The way it works is more or less the same, where you have to adjust the video quality settings as you want and perform the compression process.

As a result, the size of your video will change according to your settings.

The advantage that Format Factory has is the ability to read various formats, not only video formats but also other file formats, lightweight, easy to use, and of course free.

This software also has a special feature, namely the damaged video repair feature where they claim to be able to fix damaged video and audio files.

For those of you who are interested, you can download it via the link below. Unfortunately, Format Factory only supports Windows OS, so other OS users can try other alternatives.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [ Linux ]

4. FFmpegYAG


Moving on to the fourth software, this is one of the most recommended encode tools. This software is FFmpegYAG, one of the most popular software encode tools among it.

With the main feature as a video encoding, you can also use this software to compress the size of your video file that is too large.

Moreover, FFmpegYAG supports multiple tasks very useful when you want to compress a lot of videos.

In addition, FFmpegYAG is also equipped with a preview which also has real-time playback which is very helpful for knowing the results before compression.

FFmpegYAG also has a simple and intuitive interface that is quite easy to use. This one software is also quite light to run, a standard like other software too.

You can have FFmpegYAG for free by downloading via the link below.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [ Linux ]

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5. QWinFF


QWinFF is the next software that I recommend for you to try. Just like the previous FFmpegYAG software, QWinFF is also a GUI form of FFmpeg which actually can only be run in the form of a command prompt.

QWinFF was developed with the aim of facilitating the use of FFmpeg so that it can be used by many people.

That way QWinFF is equipped with a simple and very friendly user interface. In addition, there are also other advantages such as multiple tasks, drag & drop, display video information, and others.

Not only video, but QWinFF can also adjust audio volume, audio quality, audio speed, and other audio settings.

Just like FFmpegYAG, you can also get this QWinFF easily and for free directly on the official website. If interested, you can download it via the link that the author has listed below.

Windows ] [ MacOS ] [ Linux ]

6. Clideo – Compress Video


Enter the sixth recommendation, a little different from the previous one, the software is a web app that you can easily access, without the need to download or install it first.

This web app, called Clideo – Compress Video, is one of the various tools that I recommend for you to try.

By using Clideo, you can compress your videos quickly and easily. With just two steps, you can solve your video size problem.

All you need to do is visit the site and then select the video you want to compress, then you just have to wait without having to -setting it first, the result was very satisfactory.

It’s just that the disadvantage is that you must have an internet connection that is fast enough for fast processing, from uploading files, especially for large videos.

When finished uploading, you also have to wait for the compression process before getting the results.

This compression process also depends on your internet speed and the size of your video. Once done, you will still need to re-download your video.

Keep in mind that the compressed video results also get a watermark, which if you want to get rid of it, you have to dig into your pockets first.

However, if you have no problem with its existence you can enjoy this tool for free.

Web App ]

7. FreeConvert – Video Compressor


Furthermore, there is another website called FreeConvert – Video Compressor. Just like Clideo, this web app also has advantages in terms of ease and speed.

With just a few steps, you can solve the problem with your video size.

You just have to go to the site, select the video you want to compress, do the settings if you want, then compress, it’s that easy.

Slightly different from Clideo which does not have options for settings, FreeConvert gives you just that.

You can adjust the results as you wish. You can specify how much you want to reduce the video quality, how much you want to reduce the quality of the video, or how much you want to reduce the bitrate of your video.

After finishing the settings you can enter the uploading stage, where this stage is very dependent on internet speed and the size of the original video.

FreeConvert also supports multiple tasks so you don’t have to wait for one by one for the video to finish.

You also won’t find a watermark on the video results. If you are interested in using this web app, click the link below to be redirected to the official website.

Web App ]

8. CloudPresso – Free Online Video Compressor


Still on the recommended compress video, in eighth place is a web app (again) called CloudPresso. Has a function and way of working that is more or less the same as the previous web app.

What distinguishes the two is in the available settings options section, if Clideo doesn’t have a setting option and FreeConvert has quite detailed settings, then CloudPresso is in the middle of it.

This Web App has a very simple setting option, which is only a high-very high-maximum video quality option.

From these options, you will produce videos of different sizes as well. Oh yes, CloudPresso also supports multiple tasks up to 10 files.

You also won’t find the presence of a watermark in the resulting video. If you are interested, below is a link to go to the official website.

Web App ]

9. Clipchamp


Entering the ninth recommendation, in this sequence the author brings a paid compression tool called Clipchamp.

Clipchamp is not only a compression tool but also a video web editor app, where you can edit your videos and add various effects.

Actually, this web app is also available in a free version, but in the free version, you won’t get a compression feature but a basic editing feature.

To open the compress yourself, you need to spend at least $ 9 / month to open the Creator package.

The way it works itself is quite easy, there are only three steps you need to go through. First, upload a video.

Second, select the desired setting. Third, Compress is done and you can check the result, if it doesn’t match your expectations, you can go back and change the video settings.

Clipchamp also claims they have been trusted by several large companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Comcast, and several other companies. So you don’t have to worry about getting a scam.

Web App ]

10. VideoSmaller


Like the name VideoSmaller, this web app has the ability to make your video size smaller than the original.

Just as the web app ever, the web app is also selling the ease and simplicity of doing compression.

With just a few easy steps, you can change the size of your video to be smaller and smaller.

Even though it has a fairly old-fashioned appearance, this web app has proven to be powerful enough to carry out its duties as a video compressor.

Unfortunately, VideoSmaller doesn’t support multiple tasks which require you to compress your videos one by one.

VideoSmaller also doesn’t have many setting options, you will only find one option besides the default one. If you are interested in using it, you can click on the link below.

Web App ]

11. Online Converter – Compress Video


Coming into number eleventh in this review here is a very simple web app called Online Converter.

Here you can find services that are not much different from the previous web app. Easy, simple, and fast steps are the hallmarks of using this web app.

With just 3 easy steps, you will be able to operate Online Converter without any problems.

Unfortunately, this web app doesn’t yet support multiple task capabilities, which is very necessary if you have a lot of videos to compress.

You won’t find a setting option here either. But behind all that, there is one feature that I really like in Online Converter, this feature is the feature where you select the files that you want to compress.

You will immediately be notified of the size of the result, you can even change the size of the result to your liking.

With a note that this file size will be used as a benchmark for cutting the quality of the video you compress.

Unfortunately, even though it has quite a special feature, this feature is not supported by the preview feature before or after compressing it.

So to be able to see the results, you have to download the video first.

Web App ]

12. Cloud Converter


Finally, there is a web app that has been around since 2012 and has converted more than 580 million files, it is Cloud Converter. Is a web app that is basically a tool to convert a file format to another.

However, in the case of changing videos, you can make a number of settings that will resize your video according to the settings you want.

Slightly different from the previous web app which was very simple, in this Cloud Converter you will be given quite detailed setting options.

Not only that but there is also a multiple task feature which is very helpful when you want to compress multiple videos at once. If interested, please click the link below.

Web App ]

13. Freemake Video Converter

If you are a Windows user and looking for a trusted application to compress your videos, then Freemake Video Converter is the first option you should consider.

This tool has been used by more than 93 million users in the last 8 years and is recognized as one of the best video converters on the market.

This program can convert videos into more than 500 formats and is compatible with all the latest gadgets.

The best part about this tool is the price. You can use Freemake Video Converter at no cost, but with limitations such as a watermark on the final video output and slower compression speed.

It looks like the developers of this tool intentionally slowed down the compression speed and offered a paid subscription for much better speeds.

Currently, it is only available for Windows PCs and laptops.

Download for Windows

14. Avidemux

If you are looking for the best of the best then you should give Avidemux a try. You’ll get it online as a free video compressor that works well on Mac and Windows.

This application is not only a video editing software but also allows you to do many other things which include editing with cropping and encoding.

Avidemux also helps you to filter the videos you are working on effectively. Avidemux supports multiple video formats which makes the whole video editing process easier.

This program modifies the bit rate, codec, and also frame rate.

Downloads for Windows | Download for Mac

15. Miro Video Converter

If you want simple video compression software, then you should use Miro Video Converter.

The app works on a simple drag and drops principle which can be done when launching a video compressor.

You can compress based on the customization or you can also choose from a number of formats or options that come with the application.

If you want to do all the work at once, Miro Video Converter allows you to compress various videos in bulk so you can assign standard commands and the process will be done with automation.

Downloads for Windows | Download for Mac


Those are some of the most used video compression applications for Mac and Windows. So, choose the most suitable for you.

Have you used the best video compression software or application on your device besides this?

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