Get to Know White Hat SEO Techniques and Benefits [2024]


What are white hat SEO techniques? Maybe you’ve often heard the term is not it?

If so, it’s time that you don’t just hear the term but let’s get to know more about white hat SEO techniques.

You can read this article to the end because we will discuss it and the benefits that you will get if you use this white hat SEO technique.

Get to Know White Hat SEO Techniques and Benefits

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is a website optimization technique that does not go out of the way of search engine regulations.

That is, in optimizing the website, the methods that are done do not use the wrong method.

That way, even though the process is longer, if it is on the first page of search engines it will last longer.

Some people who are engaged in website optimization or SEO services, or those who have businesses and market their products online, of course, understand this.

Because basically for website optimization itself there are several kinds of techniques that can be used. Well, the white hat is one of the most widely used techniques in Indonesia.

The use of white hat SEO techniques itself is considered a profitable technique. Because even though they both aim to improve website rankings in search engines.

However, the white hat is able to increase the ranking of the website without violating the rules so it is more secure.

However, of course, using this SEO technique is not easy. You have to create quality content so that people are interested in reading it.

In fact, you also have to do many things so that Google is also sure that your website is able to compete in search engines.

Benefit White Hat Search Engine Optimization

What is White Hat SEO

Based on the brief information we explained earlier, it can be said that this one SEO technique takes time to get results.

However, by getting to know white hat SEO techniques and using them there are benefits to be gained. Both from the website owner and from the search engine users themselves.

The benefit obtained from the website owner is that when it is on the first page of google, then the website that has it will last longer.

Not only that, website owners also do not have to worry about algorithm changes that occur. With secure techniques, the website will also definitely be more durable.

As for the benefits obtained by users is that they will obtain information in accordance with what they are looking for.

For example, when users need services, when they type keywords on Google, they will find companies that offer these services.

That way, it doesn’t take long to find the services they need without wasting time opening spam websites.

Unfortunately, with so many benefits that come with using white hat SEO, a lot of people can’t wait to do it.

So, they will choose the wrong path, namely using black hat SEO. We hope, if you optimize the website, you have to be patient.

5 Examples of Applying White Hat SEO Techniques

Maybe for those who have been involved in the world of SEO for a long time, they are no longer confused as to which includes white hat SEO or not.

But for the layman, it may be a little difficult to distinguish.

In order to better understand which techniques are included in white hat SEO, you can read 5 implementations of white hat SEO techniques:

#1. Quality Content or Quality Content

Creating quality content is the main key in white hat SEO that must be done by website owners.

The existence of quality content can help many people to get many visitors. So, Google’s current algorithm will place these links into higher rankings.

Among what is included as quality content is it is proven that the content created is original. These contents are original writings, not the result of copy-pasting other websites.

#2. Interesting Content or Interesting Content

In addition to quality content, websites must also create content that can attract many visitors and benefit them.

In this case, the content must be made interesting, meaning:

  • Do not use words that are difficult to understand
  • Excessive or too few use of images
  • Titles and descriptions should be attractive.

Content that is long but not interesting, of course, will be skipped by search engine users. Because basically they only need interesting, appropriate, clear, and solid information.

#3. Page Speed ​​or Website Speed

Loading when opening a website has a fairly important influence. Because anyone would not want to spend too long opening the website to find the information they are looking for.

If they are looking for information but it takes too long to open the page, they will definitely feel bored first. So they will choose to go and find another website that loads faster.

Therefore, as a website owner, it is better to understand this. It is better to improve website speed.

Especially when opened on a cellphone. Because today there are more smartphone users than laptops.

To check the speed of your website, you can use tools on Google such as gtmetrix.

#4. Simple Navigation or Simple View

The use of templates also affects someone’s interest in visiting the website. Especially for those who use smartphones to visit pages.

If someone visits the website but the website looks very complicated, or maybe not friendly, it will certainly be very difficult.

It’s better to have a simple display that is easy for users to understand than the use of excessive colors or the wrong placement of widgets.

In this case, it’s a good idea for you to consult a website creation service if you entrust them to making your website.

Or you can fix it yourself if you make the website yourself without help from anyone else.

#5. Keyword Research or Keyword Selection

Another important thing that you need to pay attention to when you use white hat SEO techniques is the selection of keywords.

Keywords or keywords play an important role in determining whether or not a website ranks in the eyes of search engines.

If the website is set well, but in optimization using the original keyword, the results are certainly not optimal.

For this reason, before optimizing, you should do keyword research first. Doing keyword research can use some of the free tools available on google such as, google trend, google keyword planner, google keyword console. You can choose one or other keyword research tools.


Basically, this white hat SEO technique is easy to do, as long as you know what this technique is and how to apply it.

With the right process, of course, the results you get will also be better. And of course, the benefits you get will also be more. So, don’t try to use the wrong technique.

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