How To Increase Your Domain Authority And Page Authority [2024]


How To Increase Your Domain Authority- Did you know that the website attached to the search results page is the website that has the highest ranking?

Have you ever thought and wondered how a website can rank highest in a category? This is very likely to happen with several supporting factors that we will discuss in this article.

The next question we can ask regarding this is “how to increase domain authority and page authority or how to increase the ranking of a website?”.

How To Increase Your Domain Authority And Page Authority

If you are very familiar with the world of blogs or articles, you must be familiar with ranking in search engine search results.

A website that is ranked or ranked at the top actually has many advantages. Their website has a very large possibility to be visited by all users who are looking for that information.

In addition to having a lot of visitors or increasing traffic , being in the top rankings can increase public awareness of the products you sell.

This is especially true for those who own businesses. So how? Are you interested in learning how to increase the domain authority of your website?

If so, let’s just learn everything about domain authority from beginning to end.

Meaning of Domain Authority

Meaning of Domain Authority

So what exactly is domain authority? Domain authority (DA) is a ranking score on search engines that serves to indicate the quality of a website.

If a website has a high score, it means that its website will be on the first page in search engine search results. Domain authority itself is a program developed by a software company called Moz.

Moz makes a ranking based on data in the Link Explorer web index and other factors to get objective calculation results.

The score of a website varies, ranging from 0 to 100. As mentioned at the beginning of the sentence, the higher the score a website has, the higher the domain authority.

A high domain authority score will result in the website being ranked first when a keyword is searched on a search engine.

If we talk about domain authority, the calculated scale of a website is a large scale. Domain authority does not only look at the website in one aspect but is based on all aspects of the website.

If you ask for calculations on a small scale, then what you are asking is page authority. What is page authority? We can see the full explanation in the next point.

Meaning of Page Authority

Meaning of Page Authority

Page authority (PA) is a calculation performed on every page on a website. Simply put, if the website you create has a lot of articles that you have written, then page authority takes into account the ranking of each article you create.

The score on page authority is generally the same as domain authority.

Not only scores, the method of calculation or calculation carried out by this program is also the same, namely by studying and comparing one website page with other website pages.

There are algorithms and data from the Link Explorer web index. The difference between the two is only the number of aspects or factors that are included to determine rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Website Ranking Factors

Website Ranking Factors

Now that you know what domain authority and page authority are, it’s time for you to learn what determines a website (whether as a whole or just one page of a website) can be ranked first in search engine results pages. Try to pay attention to some of the points below.

1. Total Traffic

A website is said to have a good ranking because the website has been visited by many people.

If there are more people, then actually the information or content contained in it is found to be useful and useful. In other words, the content on the website has quality content.

2. Content Quality

Still connecting to the previous point, a website that is visited by many internet users means that the content contained on the website is quality content. Quality means that it contains useful information and explanations for those who read it.

The intended content also doesn’t always have to contain writing. Good content can be in the form of images, illustrations, videos, audio or other media that can help readers or users understand what is meant by each explanation.

3. There is an Internal Link

Have you ever seen text marked in blue and underlined when you read an article? If so, have you ever clicked on the marked text?

That’s right when you click on the text marked in blue and underlined, you will definitely be taken to a website page.

There are two types of referrals to a website. Some refer to our website and refer to other people’s websites that we want to refer to.

The term internal link is the designation of one or more words that have been marked, which has the function of bringing users to another web page owned by the website.

4. There is an External Link

The opposite of internal links, external links are one or more words that have been marked and serve to take users to other people’s web pages.

Referring to other people’s websites means that you want to tell users who read your writing that the writing that you have made contains facts and not just based on your own assumptions or opinions.

5. Total Content

Usually, a website has various sections that contain different information. These sections are separated on various existing pages so that people who visit the website can find the information they are looking for based on the groupings that have been made.

The more sections or pages on your website, the search engine system will mark your website as a quality website because of the large amount of content that has been created on the website.

The amount of content on a website indicates that the website is well managed and active. The activity of a website is what also brings a website to the top ranking on search engine results pages.

6. Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is a value obtained from the number of interactions that occur on the website.

This can be measured by the number of people who visit your website. Not only visits but the duration or length of time someone spends on your website is also taken into account.

For example, you open the ABCD website to find out the latest news. If you originally intended to skim through it, but ended up spending an hour or two, it means that you are enjoying what is written on the website.

It turns out that the information provided by the website is so interesting that it can make you stay on the website for hours.

Not only that, if the number of people who subscribe to your website increases every day, week, and month, this also indicates that the engagement rate of the website tends to be high.

If the engagement rate of a website is high, then the algorithm on the search engine will mark that the website is found to be useful, so that if it is displayed first on the search engine, more people will be able to get answers to their questions.

7. SEO Friendly

When talking about a website, SEO cannot be separated from it. A good website must also be SEO friendly.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to increase traffic on a website. A website that is said to be SEO friendly is a website that is easy to use by its users.

A fast loading process, an attractive and pleasing design, and having answers to the questions that users are looking for are some of the characteristics of an SEO-friendly website.

SEO usually starts by placing the right keywords according to the content of the article written in the article.

Ways to Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority

Ways to Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority

If we look at the factors that determine the ranking of a website, actually we just need to improve or upgrade the website that we have with what has been described above.

From the explanation that has been explained, we can also conclude that a website that can be on the first level in the search engine results page is a website that answers the needs of its users.

If users feel helped by the existence of the website, then it is likely that the website will be in the first place.

Search engines have algorithms that are programmed in such a way to help their users find the answers they need.

If your website has not yet entered the top rankings even though it has been used for a long time, this article is for you.

Especially those of you who use the website to sell, then you must pay attention to the following ways.

1. Content Quality

The quality of the content you create must be of good quality. Content with good quality can be broken down into two points:

Attractive Design

The word “interesting”, most likely sounds very cliché. But you certainly know what is meant by an attractive design.

Indeed, everyone’s standard of “attractive” is different. However, to create a website with an attractive design, you can start with a design that is unobtrusive and pleasing to the eye.

You can use several colors that are one tone or even only use one color to make your website look simple.

Today, people are even more interested in very simple website designs like white and have well-readable colors and fonts. These three things are enough to make your website attractive.

Avoid using colors that collide and stand out. These colors will interfere with the view of the viewer.

In essence, mix and match each color well so that people who see it can feel comfortable. In addition, an attractive design is not only a matter of color composition and writing.

More than that, design talks about the composition of the website on the website.

Make sure that the layout of your website is neat and has been grouped according to the existing categories. For example, which one do you choose from the following two websites?

  1. Websites that have multiple groupings.
  2. Websites that contain various kinds of information in one page without grouping.

Of course, you will choose the A, right? Imagine if you have to find the information you need in one page with a lot of information.

It would be great if the information you need is at the beginning of the article, but what happens if the information you need is at the very bottom of the article?

Wouldn’t you spend a lot of time scrolling through the website to the very bottom? Not to mention if you miss the section you’re looking for because you’re too dizzy to see so many posts that are not grouped.

It really bothers you, doesn’t it? Therefore, the composition of the website can not be ignored. If your website looks neat, many people will definitely visit your website often.

Helpful Content

The points above will also be in vain if it does not have useful content. You must ensure that your website not only contains assumptions and opinions but also contains facts.

Without facts and data, your website doesn’t have the credibility that users looking for the information need.

Be sure to provide facts and data for each article you write. This will increase the credibility of your website in the eyes of users and search engines.

2. Make the Website Active

Do not stop at the first point, you also have to create an active website. Active is a website that continues to upload new content and continues to updates its website version.

Content that is continuously created will have an impact on visitor growth (or traffic ) and make your website included in the search engine database index and have an impact on your website’s SEO.

If this is the case, then your DA and PA scores must be high. Updating your website (design, features, or article writing) will make your website re-indexed by search engines.

As a result, your website will not be considered outdated, because old websites will not appear in the first rankings on search engine results pages.

3. Use Internal Links

Including links from other pages of your website will be useful to increase your DA and PA. The link that is placed or that you refer to, it is better to link to a website page that has a topic relevant to the article.

Including two to three links is enough to increase your score and ranking in search engines.

Usually, web pages that do not include internal links will be at the bottom of the list. In other words, DA and PA scores will decrease.

Therefore, don’t forget to include some links as your reference or recommendation to visitors or readers.

4. Use Backlinks

In addition to including links to your other web pages, including links to other people’s websites can also help you increase your DA and PA.

Including quality external links makes your website more credible and trustworthy.

External links or backlinks will also increase the engagement rate or social signals from your website.

When you refer to other websites, your website can also be referred by other websites with topics that are still relevant. As the number of shares or referrals increases, your DA and PA scores will also increase.

5. On-Page SEO Optimization

SEO optimization means improving the quality of the content you create on a page on your website.

This is to make your articles more relevant and searchable by users. Things you can do to do SEO optimization are as follows:

  • Using meta tags, meta titles, and meta descriptions. This is done by putting keywords that are relevant to your article in the title, meta tags, and meta description so that search engine algorithms can find your website.
  • Use a writing structure that makes it easier for readers to read your writing. This is done by using headings according to the points you want to highlight.
  • Use short and simple permalinks, so search engine algorithms can also find your website.

6. Increase Website Page Speed

If your website design has been made well, now you have to make sure that your website can be opened quickly and doesn’t take a long time.

Let’s try to imagine. If you open a website looking for information, but the website only gives a white screen for 10 minutes.

You’ve waited too long, haven’t you? When there is a website that has a long page loading process, we must immediately close the website page and look for other websites.

If this is the case, isn’t all the design and content that has been created to attract the hearts of readers in vain?

Therefore, make sure that your website is responsive enough to carry out the commands ordered by the users.

Website page speed can also be increased by using images, videos, audio, or any media that has a file size that is not too large.

If the previous method has not worked, you need to pay attention to the hosting you are using.

It could be that the process of loading your website pages takes a long time is a hosting problem.

The hosting you are using may experience errors or other technical errors that you are not aware of.

Therefore, pay attention to all aspects of your website to the hosting you use. Website page speed actually has no direct effect on your ranking score in search engine results pages.

However, if not corrected, this will have an impact on the bounce rate of your website.

Bounce rate itself is the percentage of visitors or internet users who immediately close a website page after they open it.

Closing website pages in a short time can have an impact on decreasing DA and PA scores. Therefore you cannot let your website load for a long time.

7. Share on Social Media

It was briefly mentioned in one of the points above that engagement rate or social signals are very important in increasing domain authority and page authority.

Therefore, if the content from your website wants to be visited by more visitors, you can share it through your social media accounts.

You can put your website link in the description of your social media account profile so that everyone who visits your social media profile account can click on your website.

In addition, you can also promote it through posts that you can create and upload to any existing social media to reach more visitors.

For those of you who use the website for business, you can also use your website as the only way to place an order or purchase your product.

In this way, every customer will visit your website more often. This has an impact on the percentage of website traffic.

With high traffic, your website will be counted as an active and quality website. As a result, your website will have high DA and PA scores.

8. Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Making it a mobile-friendly website means making your website easy to open from a mobile phone.

Today, even though laptops have become very important electronic items in everyday life, in fact, more people use cell phones.

This is because of the small size of the cellphone and ease to carry everywhere.

In addition, with a small cellphone, you can still do the things you do from a laptop.

Therefore, many people also access or search for information via their cellphones more than their laptops.

Although many are aware, there are still websites that do not have a mobile-friendly appearance.

The intended display is a website display that is easy to read even though it is opened via the user’s cellphone.

Have you ever opened a website from a cellphone that looks weird and messy? Writing that is only visible in one long line down, the display of images and videos that are too large and cannot be zoomed out, all of these you must fix.

If your website is mobile-friendly, then the traffic on your website will definitely increase.

Some Points to Remember

The methods above are surefire ways to increase your DA and PA, but there are some things you need to know and remember when you want to increase your DA and PA scores.

The following points are additional information if you find that the above methods are not successful in increasing your website’s ranking in search engines.

  1. Your website will not be at the top level if it is not updated. This is because every day, there will always be new content created, which is similar to the topic of your content. Search engines will generally only show websites that have just been created. Therefore you need to update your content and add content every day.
  2. Your DA and PA scores will decrease over time as there are newer and higher-scoring websites than yours. DA and PA scores have a tendency to lower website scores if there are newer and more credible websites.
  3. If you have done the above but find that your website’s ranking is not increasing, chances are that your website’s score is already high. Scores that are already high, such as 70 and above, will usually be more difficult to improve because your website actually already has good quality. It takes extra effort and effort to make it 90 or 100.
  4. When you include a referral link, either an internal link or an external link, you must ensure that the link you are referring to has good quality and credible content. Credible links will help your website to appear in the top rankings in search engine results pages.

Thus the explanation and how to increase the domain authority and page authority of your website.

Now all you need to do is try to do what you just learned from this article. Even though social media is currently very widely used by the public, the use of websites should not be underestimated.

If you don’t have a website and want to create one, then a website creation service from TechMaina is ready to help you.

Not only creating websites, techmaina comes with other services that you can use such as design, SEO, and even Ads optimization.

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