How To Fix ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR In Google Chrome


When accessing a website, you might get an err_ssl_protocol_error message. This is certainly quite annoying because you cannot access the website.

What does this error mean and how do you solve the err_ssl_protocol_error if it occurs on your website?

Well, in this article, you will understand the err_ssl_protocol_error and some of its causes. Do not forget, we will discuss how to solve it appropriately.


What Is Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error?

err_ssl_protocol_error is an error message that appears when an SSL protocol error occurs and prevents you from accessing a website.

So basically, the browser tries to protect you from accessing unsafe websites. However, err_ssl_protocol_error itself can be caused by mismatches in the settings which we will discuss in the “How to Fix Errors” section.

Err_ssl_protocol_error description can be different in each browser. On Google Chrome, this is what it looks like:

Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error on google chrome

Whereas on Microsoft Edge you will see the following information:

Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error on microsoft edge

Whereas on Mozilla Firefox you will see the below information:

Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error on mozilla firefox

Causes Of Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error

Then, what caused this error to occur? Here are some of the causes of the err_ssl_protocol_error errors that are often found:

  • Expired SSL Certificate. This is especially true for SSL users which are free for 3 months. When manual renewal is not performed, the SSL certificate will expire. Even so, users of SSL certificates with a duration of one year need to pay attention to the SSL status used.
  • Error Installing Date and Time. If the date on your computer is wrong, then the system will assume that the SSL certificate has expired. Finally, the browser doesn’t want to access the website.
  • Website or IP Address Blocked by Antivirus Program. Not infrequently, the antivirus that you use can block suspicious sites. That’s what causes the browser to restrict you from accessing the site.
  • Browser Not Update. Some sites only allow access from a new browser for the convenience of visitors. Now, if you are using an older version of the browser, you may get an error message err_ssl_protocol_error for certain websites.

How to Fix Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error [2024]

You already know what err_ssl_protocol_error is and what causes it. Now is the time to find out how to fix the error.

Well, in this guide we explain using the Chrome browser on the Windows Operating system. What are the steps?

1. Removing SSL State

The first step in fixing the err_ssl_protocol_error error is clearing the SSL State. In most cases, browsers cache SSL certificates to speed up connections.

However, the browser cache holds older versions of SSL certificates, which can cause err_ssl_protocol_error.

Following are the steps to delete SSL State:

You can select Settings in the Google Chrome menu

Removing SSL State

On the Settings dashboard, enter “Proxy Settings ” in the search field. Then click Open your computer’s proxy settings.

Removing SSL State 2

You will be directed to the Settings page in Windows 10. In the search field, type Internet Options, then select the menu.

Removing SSL State 3

On the Internet Properties page, select the Content menu and click ” Clear SSL State ”

Removing SSL State 4

If it is successful, the following message will appear

Removing SSL State 5

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2. Enable All SSL Versions

Err_ssl_protocol_error can be resolved by enabling all SSL versions on the browser you are using. To do this, you can enter the Settings menu in Chrome again. Then, follow these steps:

On the Settings page, type “Security ” in the search field, then select the menu.

Enable All SSL Versions 

Then, select the Manage Certificates menu.

Enable All SSL Versions 1

When you get a popup like the one below, click Advanced.

Enable All SSL Versions 2

Check all the options in the Advanced menu and click OK.

Enable All SSL Versions 3

In this way, all versions of SSL on your browser are active.

3. Checking The System Time And Date

If the method above doesn’t work, check the time settings on the computer. Here are the steps:

Enter the Windows Settings menu. You can use the Windows shortcut + I. Then, on the Settings page, type Date & Time in the search field, then click the menu.

Checking The System Time And Date

On the Date & Time page, turn off Set time automatically and click Change under Set the date and time manually.

Checking The System Time And Date 1

After that, you can set the correct date and time. When finished, click Change.

Checking The System Time And Date 2

If it is successful, check the time on your computer. With the appropriate time can avoid the err_ssl_protocol_error problem in the browser.

4. Cleans Browser Cache And Cookies

You can also try to fix this error by clearing the cache and cookies in Browser. The method is as follows:

Enter the Chrome menu, then select More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.

Cleans Browser Cache And Cookies

You will see two menus: Basic and Advance. You can delete it as recommended on the Basic page. Or, you can select the Time range you want, then click Clear data.

Cleans Browser Cache And Cookies

5. Disabling Browser Extensions

To fix err_ssl_protocol_error, you can disable browser extensions which could be the cause. Here are the steps that need to be done:

1. Enter the Chrome menu then, select More Tools > Extensions.

Disabling Browser Extensions

2. On the Extensions dashboard, disable all the extensions that you use.

Disabling Browser Extensions

3. If you still can’t, click Remove to remove the extension in use.

6. Updating The Browser Version

Using the latest browser version is highly recommended. This step can also be used as a way to solve the err_ssl_protocol_error error.

Here are the steps:

1. Enter the Chrome menu, then click Help > About Google Chrome

Updating The Browser Version 

2. When the latest version update is available, Chrome will start updating the dashboard automatically.

Updating The Browser Version 

7. Turn Off The QUIC Protocol

One way to solve the err_ssl_protocol_error error is to turn off the QUIC protocol. How to?

1. Type chrome: // flags / # enable-quic in the URL field , then Enter .

2. In the Experiments window, change the QUIC Protocol status to Disabled.

Turn Off The QUIC Protocol 

3. Next, click Relaunch.

8. Temporarily Deactivate Antivirus

If you use an antivirus, it never hurts to temporarily disable the antivirus. Because not infrequently err_ssl_protocol_error appears because the antivirus does not allow the browser to open websites that are considered dangerous.

However, keep in mind that using an antivirus is a safe step in surfing the internet.

Fix Err_Ssl_Protocol_Error Now

How, complete enough, is not the way to fix the err_ssl_protocol_error error?

It turns out that there are several things that cause the err_ssl_protocol_error error to occur, huh.

Such as expired certificates, incorrectly installed time on the computer, websites are blocked by antiviruses, and browsers that do not update.

Now, if you find such an error, you can take the steps discussed earlier:

  • Removing SSL State
  • Enabling All SSL Versions
  • Checking the Computer Time and Date
  • Cleans Cache and Cookies
  • Disabling Browser Extensions
  • Updating the Browser Version
  • Turn off the Quic Protocol
  • Temporarily Disabling Antivirus

Hopefully, our information is useful. Good luck and say goodbye to the error err_ssl_protocol_error!

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