Best Cool Squad Names for ML [Mobile Legends] 2024


Who doesn’t know ML games or what is often called ML, these online-based games and the battle arena (MOBA) genre are sure to have lots of fans from children and even adults.

This one game is played a lot via cellphones, of course online, so use this so that your ML squad is getting cooler.

Best Cool Squad Names for ML [Mobile Legends]

Currently creating ML squad names is one of the main things in creating time.

Well, but choosing a good and cool name is certainly very taken into account, so for that, we have collected some of the best names that you can use.

As you know, playing ML, you can play these games 5vs5, which means you can form a team or squad, moreover you have to understand the ML role so that it doesn’t become a burden for the team or squad.

But to play as a team, of course, it takes a thing called cohesiveness and cooperation between players so that you can win every game.

For that you also need a good name for your squad to make it look good, so what do you recommend for a good and cool ML team or squad name.

But usually cool team names use terms in English that seem gokil, scary, scary, and cool, but professional players only use one to three words for their squad names.

We will share a complete list of good and cool squad names for your team in ML.

For that, you are no longer confused to find recommendations for the best squad names in the Land of Dawn, as you know the name ML is taken from English and translated into Indian.

The following is a list of cool ML squad names:

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Best Cool Squad Names for ML [2024]

1. Mobile Legends Squad (ML) Cool Names with Meaning

Mobile Legends Squad (ML) Cool Names with Meaning

The following is the name of the Cool ML Squad that you can use below.

  • Drones Troops: Drone troops
  • Bomber Assasins: Bomber assassins
  • Blitzkrieg Squad: Blitzkrieg Squad
  • Thunder-Warriors: Lightning fighters
  • Killing Theory: The theory of killing
  • Give Me Hurricane: Give me a storm
  • Beast Killer: Beast killer
  • Everything Else Loser: Everyone is a loser
  • Master of Destruction: Member of Destruction
  • Golden Scorpio: Golden scorpion
  • Symphony of the Death: Symphony of death
  • Ridiculous Enemy: Ridiculous enemy
  • Cooling Heat: Cooling the heat
  • Celestial Dragon: Dragon of nobility
  • Evil Is Not Evil: Evil is not evil
  • DarkLegion: Bad community
  • HouseStark: House Stark
  • Fellowship: Friendship for the ring
  • Damage: Damage
  • Angels: Angels
  • Eternal: Infinity
  • Blackstock: Black warehouse
  • Nobles: Nobles
  • Unity Unity
  • Phobia: Phobia
  • Venom: Poison
  • Sound of Scream: The sound of screaming
  • Urban Legend: Legenda urban
  • Yellow Bunny: Yellow bunny
  • Dark Blood: The blood of darkness
  • Tearjearker: Pengkhianat
  • Purple Mafia: Purple Mafia
  • Growing Old Tomorrow: Tomorrow is getting old
  • President Squad: Squad president
  • Anonymous Group: Anonymous group
  • Wonder Troops: Wonder Troops
  • Cold as Ice: Ice cold
  • Broken Law Team: Broken Law Team
  • Fairy Tale Exist: The fairy tale exists
  • Global Warfare: Global warfare
  • Dark Torpedo: Torpedo hitam
  • Money Always Right: Money is always right
  • Shark Killer: Shark Killer
  • Total Annihilation: Total annihilation
  • Blue Whale: Blue whale
  • Chainsaw Warriors: Chainsaw Warriors
  • Black Sun: The black sun
  • Red Storm Breaker: Red storm breaker
  • Garlic Group: Garlic Group
  • Bloody Extermination: Bloody extermination
  • Exile Knight: The exiled knight
  • Green Magnet: Green magnet
  • White Helmet: White helmet
  • Unknown Champions: Unknown Champions
  • Source Code: Source code
  • Black Gangster: Gangster Hitam
  • Disaster Squad: Disaster Squad
  • Brave Heart Boy: Braveheart boy
  • Scary Dimension: The scary dimension
  • Today Execution: Execution today

2. ML Squad Name In Latin

ML Squad Name In Latin

The name of this cool ML Squad is the ML squad in Latin along with its meaning, if you want to use it, you can follow below.

The following is the name of the Cool ML Squad.

  • Domumdetenebris: Black House
  • GildeRegibus: Guild of Kings
  • DeusIra: The wrath of God
  • Unity: Union
  • Group: Others
  • FidemdeGens: Religion of War
  • Militumderex: Soldier of the King
  • Training: Army
  • Castrum: Castle
  • Gensdebellum: Clan War
  • Equesferrum: Sword of the Knight
  • Bounty Hunter: Bounty Hunter
  • The Mongols: Mongol forces
  • Manly Men: Men Among Men
  • Greasy Dishes: Greasy Foods
  • Boom Skalaka: From Song Lyrics
  • The Crew: Simple but very solid
  • Zeus: God of Heaven

3. The Coolest ML Squad Name

The Coolest ML Squad Name

Furthermore, the name of the Cool ML Squad is also a recommendation for the coolest ML squad name.

The following is the name of the Cool ML Squad.

  • Amazing Raccoons
  • Cagey Horses
  • Cagey Larks
  • The Steep Eagles
  • The Stereotyped Pigeons
  • The Sturdy Jackals
  • The Superb Cougars
  • Calm Zebras
  • Capable Lobsters
  • Capricious Seahorses
  • Careful Shrews
  • Amuck Cranes
  • Amuck Lyrebirds
  • Amuck Raccoons
  • Beautiful Squids
  • Earsplitting Dragons
  • Earsplitting Jaguars
  • Great Pandas
  • Great Peafowls
  • Incandescent Cougars
  • Incredible Seahorses
  • Green Pigeons
  • Grieving Elks
  • Barbarous Cobras
  • Barbarous Louses
  • Beautiful Moles
  • Amazing Lobsters
  • Grotesque Antelopes
  • Grubby Baboons
  • Easy Pelicans
  • Eatable Ponies
  • Efficacious Snakes
  • Beneficial Aardvarks
  • Beneficial Mooses
  • Incompetent Squids
  • Inconclusive Foxes
  • The Talented Hamsters
  • Black Dogs
  • Blue-eyed Foxes
  • Blushing Flys
  • The Tense Cats
  • Inconclusive Pandas
  • Incredible Otters
  • Beneficial Peafowls
  • Best Coyotes
  • Billowy Barracudas
  • Fumbling Reindeers
  • Functional Donkies
  • Functional Hamsters
  • Bite-sized Crabs
  • Bite-sized Oysters

4. Name of Squad ML Darkness

Name of Squad ML Darkness

So using the cool ML Squad name is also the right choice, here are the recommendations for the dark ML squad name.

The following is the name of the Cool ML Squad.

  • Darkness life
  • ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss
  • ✦✧✧ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss✧✧✦
  • DᴀʀᴋNᴇss
  • Dark soul
  • Dark Knight
  • Dark-Light
  • Revenge
  • Kill All
  • Bad Ass
  • WeAreEvil

Benefits of the Mobile Legends Squad Name

Showing Us Who It Is

That squad if it has the name Squad Keren ML which, of course, will make many of them know who you are playing against or meeting with.

Indeed, it is not much different from the Squad from the ML Esports team, where they are no stranger to the appearance of the Squad name.

It was deliberately to let them know that this squad is identical to what it will look like when they compete later.

By taking advantage of the cool ML squad name, then you make the enemy afraid and don’t even dare to fight.

Can be a Squad Encouragement

The name of this cool ML squad that you give a cool or interesting name, which will definitely make the members more enthusiastic to fight together.

But to take advantage of skins like this, you will be enthusiastic enough to compete against the enemy later.

Then you take advantage of the name of this cool ML Squad, for that, of course, you want to uphold the Squad to become even more famous.

That way the more people know, there will definitely be more who want to join your Squad or create other divisions.

Become an Identical Squad Member

Of course, the name you use in the name of the cool ML squad will be identical, for each member when they are competing later.

That way you won’t be surprised, for example, identical like this will have an interesting impression that can be done later.

Because the members of the Squad are identical, it will make you all more ready to compete with ease.

Identical to Chiri Khas, where the members play like what, then they will do anything when competing against the enemy.

The Final Word

For information about ML’s cool name, you can use the Squad name to make the team look cool and attractive.

Because a unique and cool name has its own meaning of development for the members, you make sure to have a cool and easy name for anyone to remember.

If this information is useful for you, then don’t forget to share it with your friends, relatives, or relatives.

That’s all our discussion in this article about the name of the Cool Squad ML 2024. Hopefully, it’s useful, and good luck.

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