A Complete Information on Origin Points for Gamers [2024]


Since the introduction of origin Points in 2013, Gamers have stepped ahead with their performances in the EA’s games.

Unfortunately, starters with very little knowledge about origin points have not leveraged origin points in their games. Does this sound like you?

No worries! Here’s the help you need. Origin points were introduced into the origin system in May 2013 to encourage gamers to spend more time on Origin.

A Complete Information on Origin Points for Gamers

And ever since then, the subject of origin points in playing games on Origin has been a controversial issue among gamers.

This article aims to provide enough information about origin points, including how to use origin points, what to do with origin points, how to redeem origin points, etc.

So, keep reading and learn everything there is to use origin points in EA’S games.

What are Origin Points?

Here’s the simple definition of origin points; a virtual representation of your gaming prowess on Origin.

As an alternative, Origin points are simply indicators of your gaming skills on the game platform.

But don’t make the mistake that many gamers make. Origin points are entirely different from Bioware points.

More on the differences between origin points and Bioware points are discussed in the latter part of the article.

Another thing you should note is that origin points cannot be used as a currency. As earlier mentioned, origin points represent your gaming prowess on the platform.

As a matter of fact, it plays a significant role in how much time you can spend on Origin.

For example, playing more origin games means getting more origin points, which is a sign of your loyalty and dedication to the platform.

See how to sign up in Origin below.

  1. Visit origin.com and click on the access tab.
  2. Select premium or basic depending on the plan you want to sign up on
  3. Select an annual or monthly plan
  4. Select your payment method
  5. Click on proceed to review order, and
  6. Click start membership

Hurray!! You’ve successfully signed up on Origin, and you can earn as many origin points as you so desire. What’s next? Let’s show you what origin points are for.

What are Origin Points for?

What are Origin Points for

Before you decide that origin points are not worth anything, check out what origin points are for. Origin points are just like your Gamerscore on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Oh, yeah. Origin points represent your achievements, talent, dedication, and expertise on the platform.

With Origin points, you can show your friends who the master is when it comes to playing games on Origin.

How to Use Origin Points?

You can use your origin points to measure your progress on the platform. Origin points show your gaming powress in statistics and allow you to keep track of your achievements.

But beware: Unlike Bioware points, origin points are not for buying games or DLC.

However, we strongly recommend that you earn as many origin points as you can because someday, the company may bring on a buying strategy for origin points.

So it’s better to be safe and earn as many origin points as possible.

What to do with Origin Points?

You can not buy anything with origin points. Origin points are a mere representation of your achievements on the platform. It helps you keep track of your gaming experience and ability on Origin.

Looking to boost your gaming expertise on Origin, or looking to tell about your experience, then you have to earn as many origin points as you can to meet all of these needs.

As much as we would love to buy games with origin points or get discounts on purchases, origin points are only a symbol of achievements on Origin.

As it seems, origin points can be redeemed at certain points levels for product rewards. Sounds good, right?

This is why you should not back out but keep aiming at earning as many origin points as there are.

We have also covered how to redeem origin points in this article. Make sure to read to this end.

What do You Spend Origin Points on?

At the moment, origin points are not currencies and cannot be used for buying games or getting discounts on products.

Origin points only show your gaming skills on the platform. Origin points can actually be used as a determining factor between a newbie and a professional on Origin.

At certain levels, origin points may be redeemed to access product rewards for loyal and dedicated gamers.

Gamers have suggested that the company allows gamers a free one month of origin access once 5000 origin points are attained.

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Can You do Anything with Origin Points?

On the Origin, gamers earn origin points to show their skills and dedication on the platform. Origin points were introduced.

Origin points are in-house achievements, just like a bragging point to your friends. The truth about origin points is that they are fun and help gamers to do more on the platform.

With Origin Points, gamers want to unlock more games, earn more origin points and stay on the platform for a longer time.

However, gamers suggest that the company allows origin points to be used for something worth more than just bragging points. Probably for in-house cosmetic items to reward dedicated and loyal gamers.

How do I Redeem Origin Points?

So, here we are, the question most gamers ask at the slightest opportunity. How do I redeem my origin points?

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem origin points because they are not used for buying. As earlier mentioned, origin points are not currencies but a mere virtual representation of your gaming prowess on the platform.

What you can redeem on the origin platform are the Bioware points. To redeem Bioware points, visit origin.com and log in to your origin rewards account.

Choose the available reward on your origin reward account and select redeem. Boom! You have successfully redeemed your Bioware points. It sounds simple, and yes, it is.

Origin Points Vs. Bioware Points?

There’s a load of differences between origin points and Bioware Points. Bioware Points are redeemable and can be used to buy or download new armor, weapons, adventures, characters, and many more.

Bioware Points can enhance the gaming experience as it allows gamers to access more intriguing games like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age.

Bioware Points can be purchased online or in-game, depending on the gamer. But the same does not apply to the origin points, which is just a virtual representation of achievements made on the platform.

The only way you can get Bioware Points is via purchase. However, you can earn Bioware Points when you sign up on bioware.com. See the step to sign up on bioware.com.

  • Visit bioware.com and create an account. Once you’ve got it tapped out, you will be rewarded with 50 Bioware points.
  • You can also earn Bioware Points for everything you shop a product online.
  • Also, you can earn Bioware Points when you leave a review, add a photo in review, add Video in review, share Bioware content on Facebook, Twitter, or follow Bioware on Facebook or Twitter. There are also 5 Bioware Points to be earned when you read content on Bioware.com. Amazing, isn’t it? It will interest you to know that, unlike Bioware Points that expire after a year of inactivity, origin points are evergreen. Origin points are yours to keep as long as you want them. No expiration date!!!

Hopefully, origin points will be converted to something worth more than showing gaming skills and experience on Origin.

But while we hope and wait, have fun as you earn and brag about the many origin points on your origin account.

How do I Earn Origin Points?

First, you should check with the game to see if they give origin clients achievements. Some games do not give origin clients achievements, while some do.

If a game gives origin clients achievements, you will see the achievements tab on their cards in the platform, which will connect with the origin gaming system.

The Sims 4 is one of the few games that do not give origin clients achievements. Hence it does not give gamers origin points.

So, if you are looking to earn origin points, check with the game to confirm the status of its origin clients’ achievements.


Before you leave, we want to know that earning origin points on Origin may pay off someday because gamers suggest that the company allows origin points to be used for discounts on purchases for less popular games.

Other gamers suggested that origin points should be used for buying cosmetic items. But that’s not all.

Another group of gamers suggested that the company should allow a free month origin access for every 5000 origin points a gamer earns, just like in Ubisoft, where players use Ubisoft points to get in-game discounts and rewards.

So, here’s our final word to you. Go out there and earn as many origin points as you can and save for the latter days. Happy gaming.

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