17 Best Android Music Player [Free & Paid] 2021


Best Android Music Player: Nowadays, there are many people who like to listen to music. Especially now that music can be listened to only by using the music player application on a smartphone.

Only enough to install the application on our mobile phone can already listen to various genres of music.

Therefore, many people are looking for the best application to be able to listen to music. Because indeed some music player applications currently have poor sound quality and sometimes the sound sounds broken.

Best Android Music Player

For that, you as a consumer have to sort out the applications that you think are the most comfortable and fit. Just like this application for listening to music.

Usually, every cell phone has its own music player application. However, there are also mobile phones that require consumers to find the application they want to listen to music on their own.

Therefore, here are some applications for listening to music that are suitable and which have certainly been proven to be widely used by smartphone users in the world.

12 Best Android Offline Music Player Apps [2021]

It should be noted that there are many kinds of music streaming apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, etc. Which offers the ability to download music for offline playback.

However, I do not include such applications in this article. So, let’s explore this list of the best free offline music player apps for Android.

1. Spotify

The first is Spotify. Of course, it is foreign to some people. You can get the Spotify application for free on Google Play.

If you want to subscribe to family membership, only Rs. 199, – you can get 6 Spotify premium accounts and features for three months. This Spotify Premium can also be canceled at any time.


  • Very simple display
    According to the admin’s personal opinion, Spotify is the most complete music streaming compared to others
  • Provides a large selection of playlists based on mood, top charts, and so on
  • Can be used to listen to radio and podcasts
  • Can sync between devices in one account
  • Songs can be downloaded for offline playback (premium)
  • Easily create private and public playlists
  • Spotify can create auto playlists based on the music genres that we often listen to

Unfortunately, Spotify does not have a show lyrics feature. Can be installed on at least Android 4.1.

2. Google Play Music

Google doesn’t want to be outdone by others, by presenting the best music player application that you can easily use.

Usually, this application already appears when you buy an android phone. To be able to listen to music more fully you can pay an amount of $9.99 a month use.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Play Music:


  • Have your own channel
  • Upload your favorite music
  • Can you share songs?
  • There is a radio feature
  • Can store about 50,000 songs
  • There is a podcast feature


  • Relatively expensive price
  • Limited music
  • Difficult to manage music.

The requirement to be able to install this application is that the smartphone must be using Android version 4.1 or above.

3. Youtube Music

Next up is Youtube Music. In addition to providing video content, Youtube also has a new feature in the music section.

Of course, this application can be downloaded for free on Google Play. Subscription starts from R. 99 for 1 month so you can listen to more songs without being bothered by advertisements.


  • Can be accessed offline
  • Complete collection of songs, because it is integrated with ordinary Youtube
  • Can enjoy cover music
  • There are live performances
  • Daily mix based on music ever played
  • Playlist of daily hits by genre


  • Poor audio quality
  • Because it takes music from ordinary YouTube, sometimes the video stays open even though we only need the audio

4. SoundCloud

Then there is Soundcloud which you can use as music software on Android. Released since 2007 until now, it has never lost its loyal users.

This application is popular among indie publishers abroad and within the country. Because the focus of SoundCloud is audio sharing services, not just music.


  • Access a variety of content
  • Share your own song recording
  • Ad-free
  • There is a feature to find songs based on songs you are used to hearing
  • Many people share podcasts
  • Create a personal playlist

The minimum specification to be able to use Soundcloud is Android version 5.0. The premium version starts at $4.99.


AIMP is a well-known audio player, even before Android was born.

Until now, AIMP is still widely used on Windows or macOS desktops. So, if you are used to using AIMP on a laptop, then the Android version of AIMP can be the main choice as an mp3 player.


  • Skin or application appearance can be changed
  • There are sleep timer and audio converter features
  • Support all song audio formats
  • Can access songs that have been saved offline
  • Playback speed and balance control
  • Internet radio
  • Multiple playlists
  • There is a widget display on the lock screen

In order to be able to use the AIMP application, then you must make sure your smartphone meets the minimum standards, namely Android version 4.4+

6. GoneMAD

GoneMAD is a music player with 250 feature options that can be customized according to taste.

This application has a trial version for 14 days, then you are required to pay to be able to use it again.

The premium version costs $3.99.


  • 1000+ themes that can be used
  • There is a lock screen feature
  • You can set the theme as much as you like
  • Can be used for multi-window devices
  • Can you set a timer?
  • Can display lyrics
  • Support to play videos
  • Bast boost / virtualizer

You must have Android version 5.0 or later to be able to enjoy this application.

7. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is an application that focuses on making it easier for you to manage and sync a large music collection.

MediaMonkey’s excellent features are:

  • Sync with MediaMonkey Windows while maintaining playlists including videos, lyrics, etc
  • Easier music management (classical music, audiobooks, videos, and podcasts)
  • Sleep timer (playing again within a certain time will turn off)
  • Player widget on the home screen or lock screen
  • Navigate by folder

Mediamonkey can be installed on android at least version 4.1 or above. For the premium version, the price is $24.95.

8. Musicolet

Musicolet is designed to be very simple, lightweight, and easy to use, free, and without ads.

Musicolet is an offline music player application not streaming

Other advantages that exist in musicolet are:

  • Multiple queues is a song scheduling feature that will play up to 20 songs 20
  • Simple interface (simple GUI)
  • Tag editor can edit many music tags at one time
  • Move, copy and rename songs easily
  • Folder browsing
  • Earphone control
  • Backup and restore

9. Musixmatch

Musixmatch can be said to be the most complete streaming song lyrics application in the world because it combines data collections from Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, etc.

It looks like the lyrics are simple but very clear, making it easier for us to karaoke and sing while listening to music

You can get premium features by paying $1.99, $3.99, and $14.99 respectively.


  • Integrated with other streaming music services such as Spotify, JOOX, apple music, pandora, youtube, etc
  • Realtime display of notifications to display lyrics
  • Can search for music by title, artist, or band
  • Music sharing feature to friends
  • Lockscreen control (play, pause, stop, back, next)
  • party mode

Android you must use Android at least version 5.0 to be able to install this application.

10. Phonograph

The phonograph is designed with material design in mind. That is, if you usually use Google applications then you will have no trouble using this app.

Material design is a style or design guide created by Google.


  • The appearance of the app is based on a material design that can be changed in color
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated with last.FM app to get artist info of the song
  • Editor tags

This Phonograph application can be used for android version 4.1 or later. The premium price is ₹ 4,499.00.

11. Pi Music Player

Created by 1000Pi Labs allows you to get a new music listening experience.

Because apart from having more material designs, Pi Music Player also has an attractive interface.

This app also has premium features. Premium application fees range from IDR $0.99.


  • Integrated with Youtube Music
  • Floating video player (when changing applications the song still plays)
  • Battery saving mode
  • Ringtone cutter, which is a feature to make your own ringtone
  • Podcasts and audiobooks
  • 5-band equalizer
  • 25 customizable app views

12. PowerAmp

Poweramp is claimed to be one of the most powerful music players on Android.

The features that are highlighted are the massive updates to the Audio Engine (audio quality), navigation, and UI appearance.


  • All popular audio formats can be played (mp4, mp3, alac, wma, wav, flac)
  • 10 band equalizer that can be set easily
  • Stereo expansion, balance, and mono mixing
  • Unique Direct Volume Control (DVC)
  • V3 supports Google Assistant, Android Auto, and Chromecast

This app can be installed on Android 5.0 or above.

13. Retro Music

Having easy-to-understand navigation and also a complete homepage section is the main advantage of this application. Retro Music has 3 types of themes to choose from as you wish.


  • The design is colorful and very modern!
  • Volume control
  • More than 10 now playing themes
  • Widgets on the home screen and lock screen
  • Create, edit and import playlists

14. VLC

This application is very popular because I myself use it as the main video player on my MacBook.

It can be said that VLC is an old player in the music and video player industry, whose applications are available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.


  • Can play audio and video
  • Support subtitles
  • Support all music and video formats
  • Browse by folder
  • Audio control integrated with headphones

To be able to use this application, make sure your Android is already using OS version 4.2+.

15. N7player

n7player is an audio player designed to be very intuitive and easy to use even for people who are new to holding an Android smartphone

With this app, you can browse music or audio stored on your phone’s internal memory.


  • High-quality audio with 10-band equalizer support
  • Can be customized in all aspects (themes to widgets)
  • Create playlist
  • Scrobble and tag editor
  • Integrated with airplay, DLNA and Chromecast

16. Samsung Music

Lastly is the music player from Samsung. The appearance of this player is very cool and modern, with a typical Samsung design, which is a flat white color.

The main features of Samsung music are:

  • Supports popular song formats like mp3, aac, wma, flac.
  • Can create music lists by category/genre.
  • Shows song recommendations from Spotify.
  • Clean and intuitive interface


Surely everyone who has a cell phone has at least one android music player application that is always used when they are bored or to help complete tasks.

Some of the applications above you can use for free and also many types of music genres that you can listen to.

Don’t miss other technological collaborations that make it easier for you to go to the next song.

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