Free COC Accounts [2021] Clash Of Clans Passwords


Do you feel bored playing a COC account that has a small level and then really wants to use a free COC account that is TH 11/12 without paying the slightest fee?

So by clicking on this article is the most appropriate solution, that is, here we will give you several Free COC Accounts 100% No gimmicks.

Free COC Accounts Clash Of Clans Passwords

COC, which stands for Clash of Clans, is one of the most popular games to date, plus the presence of Liam Neeson in the Superbowl ad that has just arrived.

In this game, you have to build a village from small to large which is equipped with several mines in order to make money.

Because this game your village can be attacked, therefore you have to defend the village by installing several guard towers and cannons, so that it is prevented from attacks by other people.

But it is very bored if we play from the start because it takes days to increase TH, so from that here we will provide the account that we have collected for all of you for free.

Surely you can take this account and use it as you wish, so who is it sooner to get it, when then you change the password.

Latest Free COC Accounts in June 2021

Free COC Accounts

The following is the email and password for the most recent free COC account in June 2021.

The COC account below is valid and has not been used, so you don’t need to worry if your account can’t be used today.

TH 4

[email protected] rahmannur12
[email protected]chris29xxx
[email protected]kuskusman732
[email protected]neuroneomik99
[email protected]wijaya098
[email protected]cac4zntez
[email protected]vina.cooccoaln

TH 5

[email protected]myclanfar4
[email protected]juragancl4n
[email protected]Mawar Hitam123
[email protected]stuardfam7
[email protected]logrableripl0x01
[email protected]wijaya098
[email protected]lung666

TH 6

Free COC TH 6 Account Still Active In 2021

[email protected]mahrez12
[email protected]hani.gal3ss
[email protected]mariaerin123
[email protected]hanuman001
[email protected]nandacocclan
[email protected]checriffal402

Latest Free COC Account Updated Today

If the COC email and password that I shared above can’t, then you can try the latest Clash of Clans account updates which are still active and haven’t been used until today. Here’s the email and password:

TH 7

[email protected]icik1wir
[email protected]mandagug1
[email protected]mediac0cku
[email protected]clanhubb678
[email protected]rizkitapan93
[email protected]mam3n.clanjkt
[email protected]ikiclan3rsindo0
[email protected]allan.caln667

TH 8

Newest Free COC TH 8 Account [2021]

[email protected]fapetrik46
[email protected]whitecute22
[email protected]tomsonrider8xx8
[email protected]mangana56
[email protected]0ftsmitemife
[email protected]kalimantan55
[email protected]669wendygilang
[email protected]klll564

TH 9

[email protected]nuri6789
[email protected]yogayogi67
[email protected]entabiratute123
[email protected]hamzahromdhon1
[email protected]magiccore081
[email protected]nouvalcoccaps5
[email protected]mas.ipenk

Latest Free COC Premium Account 2021 [Updated]

TH 10

[email protected]1234fatimah
[email protected]sahuankit
[email protected]genesissystem123
[email protected]myclanfar4
[email protected]onlyone1
[email protected]mas.and1k4h
[email protected]stuardfam7

TH 11

Best Free TH 11 Clash Of Clans Accounts [2021]

[email protected]wijaya098
[email protected]papt03dr4nis
[email protected]dirty666
[email protected]matrix4567
[email protected]sansinta878
[email protected]kuskusman732
[email protected]david873

TH 12

EmailPasswordMobile Number
[email protected][email protected]09563058124
[email protected]moonraker083823116173
[email protected]ddddll33----------------
[email protected]a_w77003990997735214
[email protected]Naongoblog----------------
[email protected]nandacocclan----------------
[email protected]fachry.gofar19----------------
[email protected]oleovamene----------------
[email protected]alenoethator----------------

How to Use a Free COC Accounts

After getting a free COC account with a high level, there is nothing wrong if I explain how to log in using the clash of clans account.

  1. First of all, please enter the Settings menu of your cellphone.
  2. Then select the Account option and add a Google Play Store Account.
  3. Next, enter the email and password for the free COC account that I shared above.
  4. If so, on the home screen menu, look for and open the Clash Of Clans game that has been installed.
  5. After that when it is open, click the Settings menu and select Connect.
  6. then select the Clash of Clans account email that you previously added and click OK.
  7. Finally, COC will automatically reload and enter your free account.
  8. Done.

Attention: For all Clash Of Clans accounts that we have shared above, they are not fully usable or functional because each account must have taken it.


That’s the newest COC account in March 2021 which I can share with all of you for free. Thank you and see you later in the next article.

What is Clash Of Clans?

Clash Of Clans or COC is a mobile strategy game for building a village, establishing clans, and attacking other players so they can get loot in the form of Gold, Elixir, and Trophies in order to build defenses from enemy attacks.

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