10+ Best Signal Booster Apps for Android [2024]


The quota is still a lot or even already using WiFi but the signal is still slow? Don’t be in a hurry, yes, there is a solution.

First, you can increase bandwidth if you already have a WiFi subscription, or secondly, just use a signal booster application.

Best Signal Booster Apps for Android

The second option is preferred because according to some people it is simpler and besides that, almost all applications of this kind are available for free.

The choice of applications is also diverse and can not only be installed on a laptop or PC but also on smaller devices such as Android smartphones.

Best Signal Booster Apps for Android List [2024]

Here is a list of the names of free and paid applications that can make your internet connection more stable so that exploring the virtual world will be more fun, whether watching movies, listening to music, playing social media, online meetings, calling, or chatting and so on.

#1. Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster

The first application came from the developer Supersonic Software. The developer claims that this application can not only smoothen and stabilize WiFi signals but also 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G internet signals.

If you read reviews of this application on the Google Play Store, then you will find many positive reviews and most of them give good ratings. The two main features of this app are:

  • Active Reconnect

Does your smartphone often don’t connect to WiFi even though you haven’t changed any settings, aren’t turning off the lights, and WiFi isn’t having problems either?

Well, Active Reconnect will be very useful for cases like this.

This feature will always keep your smartphone connected to the internet, and if it suddenly disconnects, the connection will automatically connect immediately.

So, you will no longer miss any chat, email, phone, or other notification that enters your smartphone.

  • Active Keep-Alive

This feature will optimize the TCP/IP parameters of the connection you are currently using, so you will get the best internet experience even when your WiFi is being used by several devices simultaneously.

Download Connection Stabilizer Booster

#2. Network Master

Network Master

This signal booster application has been tried by more than 10,000,000 people in various countries and most of them give 4 stars with positive reviews.

Network Master was created by a company called Lionmobi Holding Limited based in Hong Kong.

However, the official version of this application has been modified by an unknown third party, and this modified version features that are already unlocked.

So, you can use this premium application for free. The drawback is that this application is not on the Google Play Store, but don’t worry, there are many safe websites that provide download links.

This application in the form of a MOD APK is feature-rich and has a user-friendly user interface, so for those of you who are new to using this kind of application, it will not take long to operate the features in it. Some of the main functions of this application are:

  • Can help strengthen the internet connection on a smartphone while making it easier to test the speed of the internet connection that is being used.
  • A feature called WiFi Expert will help optimize the internet connection that is being used by detecting any application that is running in the smartphone background and will immediately stop it.
  • It will automatically display a list of the number of connected devices along with the name of each device.

The last function is guaranteed to be very useful because you will immediately know if there is an intruder device that joins your connection, and you can immediately change the WiFi password so that the intruder can no longer use the free WiFi.

Download Network Master

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#3. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer

If previous signal booster apps were very useful for home use, WiFi Analyzer is more necessary when you’re out and about.

As the name implies, this application was created specifically to help you find signals that are around the point you are.

So if you are an individual who often does activities outside the home, WiFi Analyzer is one of the right applications to install.

This application will detect WiFi networks that are not given a password and whose signal is the strongest that is closest to you.

Unlike the previous application, this one application you can find on Google Play is even available for free, but specifically for Android version 6 or later.

When compared to previous applications, WiFi Analyzer does not have many features.

However, the simple interface that this app offers will make users feel comfortable and although it is free it is ad-free.

Download WiFi Analyzer

#4. WiFi Master Key

WiFi Master Key

This signal booster application also received good feedback from users with a rating of 4.4. One of the advantages is that it provides 19 UI language choices including Indian, which is the language choice that is rarely found in a number of global-scale applications on the Play Store.

Apparently, this language choice is available because the WiFi Master Key was made and published by a neighboring company, namely Singapore, with the company name Linksure Network Holding PTE. Limited. Another advantage of this application is that it is 100% free and encrypted.

This means that this application really maintains the privacy of users so that all personal things on your smartphone (such as WiFi passwords) will not be stored on the application server. In other words, this application is very safe to use.

Unfortunately, you can only use WiFi Master Key as a booster application, you can’t find a WiFi signal without a password in public areas like the WiFi Analyzer app earlier.

Download WiFi Master Key

#5. Network Signal Refresher Free

Network Signal Refresher Free-compressed

The next application came from a company called Zenith Technology Enterprises LLC. You can find this app on Google Play with a size of only 3.1 MB, 100% free, and compatible with Android from version 4.1 or above.

If you often experience sluggishness when making calls with the internet, text messages are not sent immediately because the WiFi signal sometimes turns itself off, or other similar things, then Network Signal Refresher Free is the ideal application to solve these problems.

As the name implies, this application will refresh your WiFi network regularly (usually every 20 – 30 seconds), so that your signal is always in the best condition and ultimately makes activities with the internet smoother.

Another plus of this application is that its interface is clean and its features are easy to understand.

The developer also claims that this application can increase internet speed. But the drawback, there are a number of ads in the application.

Download Network Signal Refresher Free

#6. Speedify


Signal booster app made by Connectify Inc. It not only saves storage space on Android because it’s only 12 MB in size, but it’s also free to download from Google Play.

However, the free version will limit your access to premium features.

In order not to be locked, you can buy these features with prices starting from Rs. 68,00 – to Rs. 2,590,00 per item.

If your Android is version 5.0 or even above, then you can try Speedify too. Some of the advantages of this application are:

  • Equipped with Channel Bonding

Compared to some previous applications, Speedify is special because it is equipped with a VPN feature with Channel Bonding technology, which will allow you to use two or more internet networks at the same time.

The network can be WiFi, quota from your subscription operator, Ethernet, Starlink, Tethered Phones, or satellite.

This application is claimed to be able to facilitate zoom meetings and live streams because the Channel Bonding technology will prioritize audio and video streams automatically, and will dynamically be adjusted to the network you are currently using.

  • Wider WiFi Coverage Area

If you are often annoyed because every time you move away from the router makes your signal weak, then by installing Speedify, this problem will not happen again.

This application will automatically and seamlessly switch your WiFi connection to a data plan so that wherever you are, the video or live stream you are watching will not stop.

  • Encrypted

The developer of this application is also very concerned about the privacy and security of its users.

Therefore, Speedify uses the best and latest encryption standards so you can feel comfortable when browsing websites, social media, marketplaces, doing live streaming or video calls, or others.

  • No Logs

The Speedify server does not keep a list of the IP addresses of the sites visited by users, nor the content of data received/sent while activating Speedify, which means that your privacy is guaranteed to be protected.

  • Accessible to Many Devices

If you are willing to upgrade your account to the premium version, then your one Speedify account can be used by 5 devices at once, both smartphones or tabs that use Android OS.

Download Speedify

#7. Net Optimizer

Net Optimizer

The developer of Net Optimizer, BGNmobi Network Technologies, created an attractive UI theme in black base color and pink gradient purple combination, which makes this app look simple and elegant at the same time.

The size of this application is quite small, only 12 MB, compatible with Android version 4.1 and higher, and free to download but with the option of purchasing a number of premium features for Rs. 3,00 – Rs. 1,130,00 per item.

This signal booster application not only works on WiFi networks but also on mobile operators with 3G to 5G networks. A number of benefits offered by Net Optimizer include:

  • Web browsing activities are faster with anti-slow responses.
  • Displays a list of the fastest and closest DNS servers to your location and helps connect them with just one click.
  • Reduce ping time (latency) and reduce lag in online games to provide users with the maximum gaming experience.
  • Connection changes will be detected automatically, and at the same time will optimize the network so that the network will always be stable.

Download Net Optimizer

#8. Signal Guard Free

Signal Guard Free

If you prefer to use a free application, then Signal Guard Free can be your choice. This app is completely free to download and use (there is absolutely no option to purchase any premium features inside the app) and it is proving to be good as it gets 4 stars from users.

With Signal Guard Free, you can monitor the state of your signal (WiFi or cellular) in real-time without having to always look at the smartphone screen and open the application.

Because of the signal quality suddenly decreases, is not normal, is in error or something else, Signal Guard Free will notify you via smartphone LED, vibration, or ringtone.

Not only giving warnings, but this application will also restore your network automatically in just 6 seconds.

Download Signal Guard Free

#9. Opensignal


Opensignal is another alternative if you are looking for a free signal booster app. But not only will it help stabilize the signal, this application will also help you find the point and direction of the best available signal near your point of existence and which you can access without a password.

Uniquely, these signals will be displayed in pictures of towers standing on a map. Not only that, Opensignal will also help you test the speed of the WiFi, cellular, or public connection you are using in just 5 seconds.

Download Opensignal

#10. HSPA+ Optimizer

HSPA+ Optimizer

The next application is HSPA+ Optimizer which works well to strengthen the cellular signal from 3G smartphones.

This application will keep your 3G internet network stable so it doesn’t drop to 2G or EDGE.

But not only 3G, 4G, and LTE users can also use this application to get the experience of watching or playing online games without buffering and lag.

Special features in this app can also help improve the quality of video and phone calls.

So with this application, now you don’t have to worry anymore when you leave the house because your cellular internet signal can also be stable like when using WiFi at home.

This application is 100% free, compatible with Android version 4.1 or above, and the rating on Google Play is also good at 4 stars.

Download HSPA+ Optimizer

#11. Network Signal Info

Network Signal Info

Another signal booster application that has similar features to Opensignal is Network Signal Info, which can tell you the location of the signal with the fastest speed closest to you.

But this time, the signal list is not displayed in the form of a tower, but a signal bar, so that with one look you can already tell which signal is the best.

This application made by KAIBITS Software will also display detailed information from the signal.

If the signal is from WiFi, then the detailed information includes the Wi-Fi name, MAC address, BSSID, IP address, maximum Wi-Fi speed, external IP address, net channel, net capability, subnet mask, DHCP server address, Gateway IP address, and DNS1 and DNS2 addresses.

As for cellular signal, the information displayed includes operator name, network type, type of mobile phone, signal strength, data status, country code of the mobile phone, data activity, device ID, IP address, and also roaming status.

Download Network Signal Info

#12. Swift WiFi

Swift WiFi

This one application is more suitable when you are at home and using WiFi. This application made by Dotc United Swift Team will transmit your WiFi data and display the best points/locations/areas in the house with the fastest signal.

This application can also be used to save battery because there is an automatic WiFi off-scheduling feature that you can set yourself.

Then in terms of appearance, this application has a stylish and easy-to-use User Interface, whose main screen displays a list of WiFi around your location.

There are also several other features, namely notifications whenever a new device uses your WiFi, a file-sharing feature that makes it easier for you to send and receive files from other Swift WiFi users, and a signal parameter feature from the network you are currently using.

Download Swift WiFi


There is no denying that nowadays almost every time internet is needed. So that the signal remains good and online activities are always smooth, try downloading one of the signal booster applications above as needed, whether for use at home with WiFi or outside the home with cellular data.

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