Best Free Money Making Apps for Android [2023]


Free Money Making Apps – Who doesn’t want to earn money the easy way? Now there are many money-making applications that actually pay users when they successfully complete a mission.

This method is also considered effective in gradually increasing savings of money.

If the user is persistent, it is not impossible to get up to millions of Rs. per month. Only with a smartphone and an internet connection can anyone try to carry out missions and earn money in return.

Best Free Money Making Apps for Android

15+ Free Money Making Apps Directly Into Account

Not only diving and odd jobs, now making money can be done in a more fun way. Moreover, there is no recruitment process or basic capital to start earning money.

Here are 15+ official money-making applications that you can try.

#1. Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Reward-compressed

The first application you can try is Google Opinion Rewards. From here users can earn money in exchange for filling out surveys.

This legal application has been proven to provide a fixed amount of rewards with a fairly short process.

Points earned from filling out surveys can be converted into cash. E-wallet platforms that can be used as transfer intermediaries. But keep in mind that not everyday surveys come to you.

The duration of the survey is unpredictable. It could be that the survey comes once a week or even once a month.

But behind that, the process and the way it works are legal so that it can be avoided under the guise of fraud.

Download Google Opinion Reward

#2. TikTok


Who is now not familiar with this short video application. The short videos in it are mostly made with the aim of entertaining.

But not a few also make videos with informative or educational purposes.

You can also earn money from this app. Many missions can earn a lot of points. Later points can be transferred in the form of credit vouchers to virtual cash.

You can invite friends to become influencers to earn money.

Download TikTok

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#3. Snack Video

Snack Video

The third money-making application is Snack Video. This short video-based app works similarly to the TikTok app.

From this application, users can make a lot of money even every day.

Ordinary users can earn points and then convert them into money. Meanwhile, users with a large number of followers and viewers can take advantage of it and become content creators.

From here you can get money from the company to the advertising that comes.

Even this application can be used professionally to gain a lot of money. Later, the disbursement of money can be done within a certain period.

The requirement to become a paid content creator is to have 10K followers.

Download Snack Video

#4. MPL (Mobile Premier League)

MPL (Mobile Premier League)

So the most fun application to earn money, MPL is widely used by the people of India. This legal application has entered the world of money-making applications since the beginning of the trend of applications that pay users.

Here you can play various types of games with various types of benefits. Points earned from online games can be changed in the form of Gopay, Link-Only to other e-wallet options.

Download MPL (Mobile Premier League)

#5. Read Plus: Read Earn Money

Read Plus Read Earn Money

Want to increase your income but don’t like playing games? Of course, it is still possible. You can download the Read Plus application to be able to increase knowledge as well as increase money.

How could that be? Because this application will work to pay visitors according to the number of pages read. The more pages you read, the more money you will earn.

Conversions can be directly channeled to a personal e-wallet or in the form of credit. Not only one type of news but there are also many news options with unique stories in it that users can choose every day.

Download Read Plus Read Earn Money

#6. Cash for Apps

Cash for Apps

Want a more promising paid application? Then this application is suitable for use. Not paid in rupiah but will be paid in dollars.

This application is quite a lot to attract the attention of the people of India.

Rewards obtained when completing missions can be selected in the form of money or gift cards.

There are many interesting gift cards to choose from, such as the Google Play application card, iTunes, Netflix, and even other fun applications.

To get a gift card you must have a minimum of 3000 points. Meanwhile, to get the money you must have a minimum of 300 points which is equivalent to 1 dollar. From here points can be exchanged as desired.

Download Cash for Apps

#7. Cash Pop

Cash Pop

Cash Pop is the next money-making application. There are many missions that can be done to finally earn money.

Inviting friends to play in the application is the most common way of missions in this application.

In addition, you can perform other missions such as browsing using the Cash Pop application, watching videos, and chatting with friends. All these activities can be done in the same application.

Download Cash Pop

#8. Lucky Money Cube

Lucky Money Cube

This one application can also be the best choice. There are lots of simple missions to do in your spare time.

However, payments can only be made via a PayPal account. So you must have at least one personal account that will be used for a long time.

This application has a lot of pop-up advertisements which turns out to be a lot of the majority of its users are very, very disturbing view.

This type of advertisement eventually makes users get bored quickly and eventually switch.

But behind the many annoying advertisements, the payment of money made by the company is quite fast.

Lucky Money Cube has even become one of the most promising cash-generating applications ever.

Download Lucky Money Cube

#9. WhatsAround


Like to take photos while traveling? Then you can make money by channeling your hobby on the right application.

WhatsAround is a photo uploading application that also makes money with frequent frequency.

This mission can be done like hunting for photos or lots of likes for personal uploads. The points earned can not only be cashed but can also be directly spent via Amazon, App Store, or Play Store.

Download WhatsAround 

#10. Cashzine


Another easy-to-use application is Cashzine. In this application, you simply do a variety of activities according to your preferences.

If you like watching videos, you can cash in on this hobby through this application.

Missions such as survey content can also be found in this application. Interestingly the application will pay its users using the Euro currency. This high-value currency can make pocket money thicker.

You must have at least a minimum of 6,500 credits points to convert to 5 Euros. Withdrawals can be made via PayPal account transfer.

Again, having this account is one of the mandatory requirements for withdrawing money from this money-making application.

Download Cashzine

#11. Cash App

Cash App

Switching to other applications, it turns out that there are applications with local e-wallet disbursement options.

Not only easy, disbursement is also calculated quickly with the right value. The Cash App can give users a number of monetary rewards if they successfully carry out missions.

Not a mission to play games but a reading mission that will be carried out by its users. So this application is suitable for those of you who like to get lost in scrolling web pages to the bottom.

This application can also be an additional option for reading applications that make money. Not only disbursement via PayPal, you can also withdraw money via the cash application.

Download Cash App

#12. Earn Money

Earn Money

Ever heard of the Earn Money app? This one application is one of the favorite applications for money reward hunters from applications.

The missions offered by the application are very simple, namely just by watching videos.

Instead of boring videos, you will be served a short 40-second video. Many choices of videos can be watched to the end. You can also give a like to get 1 extra dollar.

Not only watching videos, in this application, you can also play fun games to get 2x the money from watching videos.

Rewards will be immediately sent to your personal PayPal account. Interesting right?.

#13. Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet

Do you like applications with various kinds of vouchers as rewards? Then this money-making application can be an option.

Gift Wallet itself is an application made by a foreign-based application developer.

Rewards given are not only in the form of money but also in the form of famous application vouchers. However, many regret that this application can only be used in English settings.

#14. Money App

Money App

Money App as the name implies this application can produce money for its users. Of course, only active users can get rewards in the form of money.

Remittances will be made periodically with a duration of 2 to 3 days for disbursement. A personal PayPal account is a must-have.

This application is widely liked because of its easy mission with a very simple application display.

Money App also does not have such a large size. So the internal storage will not be fully threatened.

Plus, this application can still be embedded in devices with old software models. Do not see the type of device this application can be run properly by the user. But unfortunately, this application has minimal updates.

#15. Buzzer Break

Buzzer Break

One more application that is most downloaded to be able to make money. Buzzer Break can give money to anyone who is an active user of the application.

This application implements a read-through and then a pay system.

Uniquely, the available readings are quite diverse, both in terms of themes and in terms of reading length.

Users can also choose which topics or articles to read thoroughly. After the mission is complete the money can be channeled via Paypal.

#16. YouGov: Trusted Legal, Online Survey

YouGov Trusted Legal, Online Survey

Still, about the survey filling application, you can choose the YouGov application.

This legal application has long worked as a trusted survey application with promising rewards. Online surveys can be selected by users based on their length.

Moreover, a survey description and estimation of survey work will appear that users will go through.

Most of the surveys given raised social themes with various issues in them. No need to think hard, the important thing is that honest surveys are carried out to completion.

No surveys with other sensitive elements are displayed on the main page. So there is no need to worry about the legality, convenience, and security of this application because it has been stamped as legal.

Safe Tips for Using Money Making Apps

No one can guarantee the use of the application is absolutely 100% safe. Included on applications that are intended to make money.

There are personal data like virtual money accounts embedded in it. So what are the safety tips for using this kind of application?

1. Download on a Trusted Platform

First, only download apps on trusted platforms. The applications mentioned above can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.

This can be done to ensure that the downloaded file is not a fake file.

Considering that there are still many cases of fraud in the name of trusted free application links.

But in fact, the link only works for installing an artificial virus. Of course, the virus can be dangerous for personal devices.

2. Run the Application Test First

Do not be immediately satisfied when you finally managed to install the application. Of course, you need to do an initial check to make sure the application is really safe to use.

The first way can be done by trying all the features in the application.

Next, also check the state of the device whether it is still in good condition when the application is run.

If the device actually shows a significant decrease in performance then there is a problem caused by the application. It’s good to have a permanent uninstall done immediately.

3. Keep Your Personal Data Secret

Next, keep your personal data. Just be careful not to divert personal accounts to unknown people.

Not only virtual wallet accounts are threatened, but personal data is also vulnerable to being misused.

Another way that can be done is by two-stage login verification. Also, use a backup of personal information to be more secure.

Don’t forget to continue to monitor your income and wallet outcomes in the short term.

4. Clean Junk Files

Rarely is it known that junk files are the cause of internal storage lags full even in a fairly fast matter of time. Junk files can eventually cause the device to degrade in performance.

Even bad junk files can cause the device to actually drop. Don’t let this happen and start diligently cleaning junk files from applications, especially money-making applications.

Feel free to do a junk file clean-up as often as possible.

5. Diligently Update Applications

Finally, be diligent in updating the application. It is possible for the latest features to come even every month.

The new features included might help you make more money and make it easier.


Don’t miss this golden opportunity by always updating the application as often as possible.

Application updates also allow users to experience features that are more comfortable and more up-to-date. Set aside storage space to always update.

Already have a choice of which money-making application to use? It’s fine for you to use two apps at the same time.

But what needs to be considered is how the data is kept secret so as not to leak.

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