How to See Posts that We Like on Instagram [2022]


Interested in knowing How to See Posts that We Like on Instagram? Playing Instagram, the terms Like and Comment are familiar.

Surely you often give likes to the posts that you like on Instagram, right?

Apparently, there is an Instagram feature that is useful for viewing your friend’s like history, you know.

How to See Posts that We Like on Instagram

Get to know the function of the Like feature on Instagram

Social media platforms are synonymous with Like, and Instagram is no exception.

Since it was first launched, the Like feature has even been included in the Instagram application by default.

Like on Instagram refers to a form of appreciation for posts seen on the social media platform.

If you give a like to a post, then the owner of the post or in other words the owner of the Instagram account will get a notification.

The number of likes on Instagram posts has now become a benchmark for account popularity.

So don’t be surprised if then many users who want Instagram posts get an abundant number of likes.

Every Instagram user is certainly familiar with the term Like and how to use this feature.

Just by double-tap, my friend has given a Like alias sign of likes to posts shared by an account.

The Like feature cannot even be separated from Instagram users. It’s impossible to surf on Instagram without giving a Like.

Sometimes, our fingers will reflexively press the Like icon or double-tap on Instagram posts that we like.

The purpose of seeing Instagram posts that we like on Instagram

Instagram presents a feature that allows users to view the history or history of any Instagram posts that have been liked, of course not without purpose.

This fairly helpful feature is useful if you frequently access Instagram.

Some of the purposes of viewing Instagram posts that we Like on Instagram, namely:

  • 1. Find old posts.

Instagram users generally use the feature to see which posts have been liked out of curiosity about old posts.

It may take more effort to find it if you don’t use the feature.

  • 2. Find out what posts people have shared in the past.

Instagram is a social media that prioritizes interaction between its users.

You certainly often follow accounts that are friends, family, lovers, or ex-lover friends, right?

Through the feature of viewing Instagram posts that we’ve liked, you can find outposts from someone’s account from your past, for example, your ex-lover.

This method is quite effective for friends who are just curious without having to bother going to the profile page of the Instagram account of people from your past.

  • 3. Want to repost the post.

There are a large number of posts that have been liked by Instagram users, all of which are stored on the “Post You’ve Liked” page.

Sometimes, there are users who want to repost a post but the post is an old post.

The “Post You’ve Liked” page then becomes an effective way to find those old posts that you may not remember anymore.

How to Look Back on Posts We’ve Liked On Instagram

So many Instagram posts that you like, maybe you have a hard time remembering which Instagram posts you’ve liked.

Therefore, we present a way to see the posts that we like on Instagram. Let’s check these out!

How to see posts that we like on Instagram

You can take advantage of one of Instagram’s newest features which is useful for viewing the history or history of any Instagram posts that you have liked.

Here’s how to easily and quickly view liked Instagram posts.

  1. Make sure the Instagram application is installed on your Android smartphone or iOS smartphone.
  2. If not, download it first on the Google Play Store or App Store.
  3. Run the Instagram application that you have installed, log in to your Instagram account, then go to your Instagram account profile page.
  4. On the Instagram account profile page, pay attention to the three-line icon located in the upper right corner, please click on it.
  5. The icon will display several options related to some Instagram features, please click Settings or Settings.
  6. You will be taken to a new page containing options related to managing your Instagram account. Click Account.
  7. Scroll down to find an option labeled pal Post You’ve Liked or Post You Love then click.
  8. A history of any Instagram posts that you have liked will appear in full and sequentially with the time when you gave alike.
  9. Click the icon below to display the posts you’ve liked in a grid or group form.
  10. Or you can also click the icon below to display posts that you have liked in a non-grid form, aka not in groups.

Easy, right? You don’t need to bother anymore if you want to find out which posts you’ve liked on Instagram.

FAQ’s on

  • Is an Instagram Account Required to View Posts I Like?

Yes. You must have an Instagram account to see the posts you’ve liked.

Because to see the post, my friend must first log in to the Instagram account that my friend has.

  • Does to View Posts I Like Require Internet Connection?

Yes. All social media applications, including Instagram, can only run if there is an internet connection.

In other words, you must connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the internet network.

  • Does Seeing Posts I Like Potentially Steal My Data?

No. Looking back at Instagram posts that you’ve liked will not have the potential for your data because you don’t use additional applications that require a login process to your Instagram account.

  • How many Instagram posts do I like?

There is no exact number of how many Instagram posts you have liked because the activities between one Instagram user and other Instagram users are different from each other.

  • How Many Instagram Posts Are Shown on the “Post You’ve Liked” Page or “Posts I’ve Liked”?

There is no limit to the number of posts that appear on the “Post You’ve Liked” or “Posts I’ve Liked” page.

Instagram will display all posts that you have liked before in detail.

  • Are Instagram Posts Shown on the “Post You’ve Liked” Page or “Posts I’ve Liked” Valid?

Yes. Instagram posts that appear on the “Post You’ve Liked” page or “Posts I’ve Liked” are 100% valid because Instagram will only display posts that you have liked.

  • Will Instagram Give Notifications to Account Owners whose Posts I View?

No. Instagram will not give notifications to accounts whose posts you see again via the “Post You’ve Liked” page or “Posts I’ve Liked”.

  • What Can I Do on the “Post You’ve Liked” Page?

In addition to looking back at Instagram posts that you have previously liked, there are several other activities that you can do on the “Post You’ve Liked” page or “Posts I’ve Liked” such as:

  • Leave a comment on the post
  • Dislike the post
  • Copy the link or links from the post via the “Copy Link” or “Copy link” option
  • Report the post if it is considered to violate Instagram rules through the “Report” or “Report” feature
  • Send the post to Direct Message or DM
  • Repost and share the post to Stories or other applications.

Are There Alternative Ways to View Posts I Like Other Than Using the “Post You’ve Liked” Page or “Posts I’ve Liked”?

Until now, there is no third-party application that provides a service to view the history of posts that you have liked, so the official Instagram application is the only option.

  • Can I View Posts I Like Using the Website Version of Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can’t see posts that you’ve liked using the Website version of Instagram because the “Post You’ve Liked” page or “Posts I’ve Liked” are not available in the Instagram website version of the Settings option.


That’s how to see the posts that we like on Instagram that we have reviewed and presented.

Hopefully, this article can be useful for those of you who want to find posts that you have liked on Instagram in the past.

Good luck, buddy!

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