How to Activate Cortana In Windows 10 [2024]


How to Activate Cortana: Cortana is a virtual assistant available on Windows 10. Cortana’s own functions vary. One of the most famous is his voice command.

In addition, we can also run various features in Windows via Cortana. Run the calculator, check dates, and more.

To use Cortana, we first need to activate it. Here are the steps.

How to Activate Cortana In Windows 10

How to Activate Cortana In Windows 10

For setting Cortana in Windows 10 in order to be active is actually quite easy. In short, you only need to change the region to the US (United States) only.

Because from my test, if I don’t change it to that region, the Cortana settings menu won’t appear.

Here’s how to bring up Cortana on Windows 10.

  • First, you can press Ctrl + I key to open Windows Settings.
  • Then select Time & Language settings.
How to Activate Cortana
  • Then click the Region & Language tab on the left taskbar.
  • Then in Country or Region, select the United States option.
How to Activate Cortana
  • Then Cortana is active, you can see it in Windows Settings or via the Windows Menu.

how to enable cortana

  • Done.

At this point, you have successfully activated Cortana. But not yet able to order it by word.

If you want to know How to deactivate Cortana in Windows 10 then you can read our recently published post on How To Turn Off Cortana?

How to Run Cortana In Windows 10

At this point, you can’t command Cortana from speech. But you can already use it by typing commands in Windows Search.


  • First, you can press the Windows key, then select Cortana.
How to Run Cortana
  • Then Cortana will appear, you can type certain commands. In addition, you can also directly access applications, files, and websites.

how to run cortana

  • Done.

Other Features in Cortana

Cortana doesn’t just make it easier for you to access apps, data, or websites. There are still quite a lot of other features that you can get through this virtual assistant.

But to get it, you must first activate the Hey Cortana feature. So you no longer need to type to give commands to Cortana.

# 1. Activating the Hey Cortana Feature

To activate the Hey Cortana feature, you have to pay attention to the microphone you use.

Make sure it is still functioning and has been activated on the computer or laptop.

To activate it:

  • In the first step, you can press the Windows key + I first to open Windows Settings.
  • Next, select Cortana settings.
  • Then select the Talk to Cortana tab on the left taskbar.
  • Then in Hey Cortana, you can activate this option by sliding it until the status is On.
Activating the Hey Cortana Feature
  • Don’t forget to check the options below.
  • Done.

Now you can give commands via speech to Cortana. But before giving orders, make sure you say “Hey Cortana” first.

# 2. Examples of Hey Cortana Commands

There are several commands you can use to command Cortana. Like opening applications, playing music, making schedules, discussing, and more.

Here will be an example of one. And later, just adjust it with other commands.

  • First, you can click Windows Search. (Read the article to fix if your search bar not working)
  • Then press the Talk to Cortana icon and say the command Hey Cortana.
Examples of Hey Cortana's Commands
  • Then say another command. For example, for example, I want to open Microsoft Word, so say the command Open Microsoft Word.
Examples of Hey Cortana's Commands
  • Then Cortana will display several applications related to Microsoft Word.
  • Done.

Apart from the commands above, there are a few more that you can use to use Cortana, such as:

Command Pronunciation Example Information
Show me the pictures of “picture name” Show me the pictures of the TechMaina logo Displays an image by saying the name.
Show me the videos of “video name” Show me the videos of Productive Days Displays the video by saying his name.
What is the weather in “place” What is the wheater in Mumbai Displays the weather forecast for a specific city.
Translate “sentence” to “language” Translate reading to English Translate sentences into a specific language.
Check my Email Check my Email Displaying Your Email.

Actually, there are many more commands that you can use in Cortana. For more details, maybe you can see via the Microsoft site directly.

Tips for Overcoming Cortana Inactivity

For those of you who still can’t access Cortana, then there are a few tips to fix it.

Especially if you have never activated Cortana at all, there will usually be some problems.

# 1. Windows Update

First, make sure you are using the latest version of Windows. These tips are specifically for those of you who are using an old version of Windows 10.

Now, How To Update Windows 10 is very easy. Such as through the Update Assistant, Windows Update, Media Creation Tool, and others.

# 2. Set Region and Language to the US

As I explained earlier, you need to set the region and language to the United States first.

The reason is that for now, this is the setting that Cortana supports. If we set it to Indonesia it is likely that it will not be active.

The method itself has already been explained.

# 3. Sign in to a Microsoft Account

The last tip maybe you haven’t logged into a Microsoft account, so Cortana can’t be activated.

So try logging into your Microsoft account, if you don’t have one, you can Sign Up via Email so it’s fast.

The steps.

  • Open ” Sign-in Options ” (via Windows Search )> Enter Email and Accounts > Then Add an Account
  • Then please login using your Microsoft account.
Sign in to a Microsoft Account
  • Done.

The Final Word

Cortana is one of Windows 10’s well-known features.

Unfortunately, not many people know how to use it. So I hope this article is clear.

May be useful.

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