How to Skip Ads On Hulu?


Hulu has become one of the most popular streaming services for watching current shows, classic series, and movies online. However, the lower-priced subscription plans include frequent ad breaks that can interrupt your viewing experience. If you want to know how to minimize ads while watching your favorite shows on Hulu, read on.

Hulu offers a few subscription plans, with their basic $7 per month package including ads. Their higher-tier no-ad plan removes all advertising but costs $13 monthly. Alternatively, you can try out Hulu free accounts to enjoy their service without interruption of ads. If you don’t mind seeing some commercials but want fewer interruptions, there are easy ways to reduce the ad frequency.

How to Skip Ads On Hulu

The simplest approach is upgrading to the $12 per month Premium plan. This allows downloading shows to watch offline and includes skips for many ads. However, it doesn’t eliminate all advertising. Other options like using an ad blocker can work but violate Hulu’s terms, risking account suspension. We’ll explain legitimate methods you can try to optimize your viewing.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu Easily?

Pay for Hulu (No Ads) Plan

The most reliable way to avoid all ads on Hulu is upgrading to their No Ads plan, albeit at nearly double the monthly cost. This subscription removes advertising from all content you stream from their service. Certain live TV streams or clips may include unskippable ads due to streaming rights. But choosing this premium tier let’s you watch nearly everything ad-free.

Use the Premium Plan with Limited Ad Skips

If you don’t want to pay the full price of the No Ads plan, consider the Premium tier. For just $5 more per month than the basic option, you can download shows to watch offline and skip many ad breaks. This allows skipping around 6 ads per hour, reducing but not eliminating all commercials.

Use the Premium Plan with Limited Ad Skips

Shorten Ads with the “Reduce Ad Load” Setting

Hulu now allows customizing your ad experience using Ad Controls. Look under account settings for “Reduce Ad Load” and toggle this on. When enabled, you may see the same ads repeated but total advertising is shortened by around 30%. This makes commercial breaks feel less frequent.

Use Third-Party Apps and Devices

Certain web browsers, streaming devices, and third-party apps allow skipping or removing ads on Hulu. For example, private browsers like Brave can block advertising on streaming services. Devices like Android TV also limit ads based on settings adjustments. But be cautious about modifying Hulu using outside tools as the violation risks suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about minimizing ads when streaming Hulu:

Does the Disney+ Bundle Have Ads?

The basic Disney Bundle plan that includes Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu does feature ads on Hulu content. To get ad-free Hulu, you would need to customize your Disney Bundle and select the Hulu (No Ads) plan for an additional fee.

Can I Remove Ads from my Hulu Free Trial?

Unfortunately the one month free trial of Hulu comes with the same frequency of ads as their basic subscription. Signing up for their higher tier plans is the only way to remove or reduce advertising during the trial period.

Does Downloading to Mobile Remove Hulu Ads?

Downloading shows or movies to watch offline using Hulu’s mobile apps doesn’t automatically skip advertising. If you subscribe to their Premium plan, you can download content and get limited ad skips. But other tiers still include ads when viewing downloads.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes, Hulu subscriptions are flexible and you can cancel anytime. Whether removing ads through their No Ads plan or trying other tiers, you aren’t locked in. Evaluate if paying more for fewer ads provides enough value or switch back to a lower priced tier if not.


While adding the No Ads plan offers the best viewing experience, other options like Premium provide a compromise with significantly fewer ads. Choosing the right tier comes down to personal preferences and how many shows you want to watch without disruptive advertising. Evaluate the methods outlined to determine which solution works for your streaming needs, all while knowing you can adjust membership anytime.

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