1. My facebook is suddenly locked but i am trying to unlock it. But i am being asked to submit id in it.i do not have any id proof so give me some other option so that i can unlock
    First name:এক
    sure name:টিপ
    last name:লাভার
    Email:[email protected]
    Tnx Facebook Team

  2. Gautam, your account has been locked
    We saw unusual activity on your account. This may mean that someone has used your account without your knowledge.

    Account locked April 5, 2022
    To protect you, your profile is not visible to people on Facebook and you can’t use your account.

  3. My account has been locked,I’m trying to unlock it. But the keep asking for Id .Please I dont have any Id proof please give me another option

  4. My facebook account is locked .and did not use the mobile no. And gmail account which is linked in my facebook account, so I can not acces any code…Pls give me some other option to open my fb account
    Name luis luis

    • Please resend the verification code to your email then you will receive the code (also check the spam folder in Gmail) and use the code your account will be recovered.

      Thank you.


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