Is Certbolt CompTIA Network+ Certification Really Beneficial for Your Career?


The IT certifications can move your career forward and that is why it is recommended that you try to earn at least a few credentials to validate your expertise.

Networking has become one of the biggest industries in the world right now, so if you want to build a career in this direction, then you need to get a certificate from a reliable vendor.

One certification provider that can help you in this regard is Certbolt CompTIA. It offers many badges and one of its most popular offerings is Network+.

Is Certbolt CompTIA Network+ Certification Really Beneficial for Your Career?

So, here we will try to learn more about this credential and its corresponding exam.

Overview of CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

To obtain the Network+ certification, one must ace the N10-007 exam. The test consists of 90 questions, including the following types: drag and drop, multiple-choice and performance-based.

The candidates will be given 90 minutes to answer all these questions and that is why it is important that they have a good grip of the concepts because they will not have a lot of time to think about each answer. There are various topics that are included in the CompTIA N10-007 exam and they are:

  • Network Operations
  • Networking Concepts
  • Network Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Network Troubleshooting and Tools

The N10-007 test is delivered as an online proctored exam. Alternatively, you can pass it at the nearest testing center. To register for the session, you will need to pay $329 as the fee. The certification exam is available in the English, German, and Japanese languages.

You need to treat the N10-007 certification exam seriously otherwise it can pose a challenge for you. This is the reason why you should start studying for this test a few weeks or months before the exam date.

This will give you sufficient time to plan everything and cover each topic. You can use exam dumps to study for your test, as they provide the authentic questions with the verified answers.

Once you have mastered all the exam topics, you should also consider taking a few practice tests as it will show you where you stand in your preparation.

Benefits of CompTIA Network+ Certification

Earning Certbolt CompTIA Network+, you open up vast opportunities for career development. Almost every organization in the world depends on networking, so they need people who can work with these networks and provide proper solutions.

When it comes to a networking position, the companies normally tend to prefer the certified individuals as they are easier to trust.

So, if you are willing to land a rewarding job in the networking field, the Network+ credential will prove to be a huge help. For more visit


Certbolt CompTIA is among the globally recognized certification providers and its credentials have already helped thousands of individuals to grow professionally.

If you are in an IT practitioner who wants to accelerate a career, then it is recommended that you go for this credential. After obtaining it, you can keep on going forward and pursue more advanced certificates.

The IT recruiters are only interested in the skills that you have to offer, and with the help of the badge from such a prestigious vendor as CompTIA, you can become the top-notch expert they are looking for.

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