MLBB Redeem Code Today Updated [March 2024]


In this article, we are going to share with you the latest working MLBB Redeem Code Today [Updated].

Do you like free in-game loot and useful gifts that require you to do almost nothing to redeem?

Then I’m sure these Mobile Legends Redemption Codes are exactly what you’ve been looking for!

MLBB Redeem Code Today

Many games these days offer free loot as compensation after maintenance or as an event reward, and Mobile Legends doesn’t shy away from them either.

There have been countless codes so far, but we are only going to go over the most recent ones as they are likely still working.

But before we dive into them, let me explain exactly how you can claim these redemption codes, because it’s not as easy as opening an in-game option and typing in the code!

How to Redeem Codes in Mobile Legends?

To redeem Mobile Legends codes, simply follow these steps:

  1. Load up the game and head to Settings.
  2. Select the Mobile Legends code exchange page.
  3. You will need to log in to your account to redeem Mobile Legends codes and know your Account ID. To find it, tap your account profile icon at the top right of the screen. The ID will be displayed here in bold.
  4. Now head to the Mobile Legends website and visit the corresponding Cod Exchange page. Type your ID into the Game ID box, and press Send.
  5. You should now find an in-game mail within the Mobile Legends app with a code.
  6. Now you just need to copy/paste it into the Verification Code box on the website.
  7. That’s it! You’ll now be able to start redeeming those Mobile Legends: Bang Bang codes.

Remember, your verification code is only active for 30 minutes, so act quickly once your receive it or you’ll need to start again.

Once you’re verified though, you won’t need to go through this process again.

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What are ML Redemption Codes Used for?

When you redeem ML codes in this popular mobile game, you can unlock additional resources to make the game more fun, or just to improve your character’s appearance without spending real money.

Mobile Legends redemption codes allow you to upgrade your character and change their outfits by providing you with various in-game currencies, be it magic dust, shards, or extra-special diamonds.

MLBB Redeem Code Today March 2024

Below are the latest updated mobile legends bang bang redemption codes:

Active Mobile Legends Redemption Codes

Some of the codes have a time limit in which they can be claimed, others do not. For example, a code might be capped at 300 redemptions, so it might be available to some players, but for others who try to claim it by posting all 300 redemptions, it won’t work.

The codes that might be currently available in the game are below.

  • v6lk83bfk
  • evn4o9bfk
  • 9vcut1bfk
  • ax5ehxbfk
  • a2s79ibfk

Mobile Legends Redemption Codes (March 2024)

Below we have listed all currently active ML codes to redeem in March 2024. Be sure to check back often as we will update you frequently as new codes are released.

If a Mobile Legends code is not redeeming, it March has been used too many times.

Some codes have limits on how many times they can be redeemed before they become inactive, while others can be used an infinite number of times.

  • 4qchgzuay7fr22fqv
  • 793ubdv5hswm22g4y
  • nuq3zy78k9g822g4x
  • 4qdkrzqua3g622fqv
  • 4p73znfm7r5y22gce
  • 4p4uvaf2nn6h22fqv
  • 7ys7pttvh6vk22gta

Expired Mobile Legends: Bang Bang codes

Here are all the currently inactive ML redeem codes. However, some may still work if they’ve been reactivated by the devs.

So who knows? Perhaps you’ll get lucky with some of the below codes:

  • chhx93gsh5t222fqq
  • 34ws5frwwxhe229dw
  • 565rb7zfcmbn22b6t
  • 5hzzxwke9dfv22b6t
  • 6f4etqunne4s22bnv
  • ye5u44c34n4y22bpy
  • 7dqzun6497t922ezc
  • 9v72xfszb4xb22eg5
  • uk3p25qkdksq22ezk
  • qz8vpryrvk6622f3m
  • xn2ckb7mvsy922bky
  • gm7vca9aku2j22dty
  • rra2s9gthy6d22f3k
  • zy4pa3cyj2ba22f45
  • dzzwfs8c5q9j22ezj
  • kam8qtfua2sz22dxe


These are all the codes we currently have! Stay tuned because we’ll keep you updated as soon as we discover new working codes! Also, check out our updated ML Tier List!

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