Repair Damaged Video Files with MP4 Repair Tool: Two Proven Methods!


MP4 videos are frequently used worldwide. The ability to contain video, audio, text, and subtitles in a single file makes MP4 format a top choice for millions of people. In addition, the MP4 container format is considered the best video format to use on digital platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Most media players and digital devices support this video format.

Though MP4 files are popular across the world, their corruption or damage cases are also common. Many users experience this problem. Has your MP4 video file also been corrupted? Looking for an efficient way to perform a successful video repair? This gudie has got you covered, as it lists two true and tested methods to fix corrupt MP4 files. Read more.


Part 1. Why Do MP4 Videos Get Corrupt?

Let’s first understand the reasons behind MP4 video corruption before moving toward fixing this problem. Below is a list of the potential issues that may lead to MP4 corruption.

  • Virus Attacks: Malware infections and virus attacks mostly change the contents of your video files and make them inaccessible to you. These viruses usually enter your operating systems when they are connected to the internet connection.
  • Bad Sectors: If the disk where MP4 videos are stored on your computer has some bad sectors, your video file will likely get corrupted.
  • Improper File Transfer: If the external power supply to your computer cuts down, it will lead to incomplete transfers. As a result, your MP4 video will be corrupted.
  • Interruptions: Sudden interruptions due to unknown errors often result in MP4 file corruption. It is another potential reason associated with MP4 video damage.
  • Incomplete Download: It usually happens when you download an MP4 video using unstable internet. Incomplete downloads are also the leading cause of MP4 corruption.
  • Reading/Writing Error: This problem also happens due to bad sectors in your hard disk, leading to corrupting or damaging MP4 videos.

Part 2. Can Severely Corrupted MP4 Videos Be Repaired?

Well, the answer to this query is YES. But it all depends on the ability of the tool or method you want to use to repair corrupted MP4 files. Hundreds of MP4 fixers are available in the market, but not all are capable of repairing severely corrupted videos.

Finding a trusted utility to repair badly damaged videos is not as easy as it seems. You may have to spend many hours searching for a credible and effective MP4 repair tool. But we have made this task easy for you by listing incredible corrupted video file repair software in the discussion below. Let’s get deeper into the discussion.

Part 3. Two Efficient Ways to Repair Your Corrupted MP4 Video Files

Are you looking for a dependable tool to repair damaged video files? Look no further than Wondershare Repairit – Video Repair. It is an unmatchable utility that helps you repair videos regardless of whether they are partially or severely damaged. You can use this tool to repair MP4 files both online and offline. Let’s see how.

1. Repair Your Corrupted MP4 Video Files Online for Free

If you want to repair video files online for free, using Repairit Online Video Repair will be worth it for sure. This tool helps you repair damaged videos easily, fastly, and conveniently. The versatile features listed below make this online tool stand out among the competition.

  • The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy for everyone to fix corrupted MP4
  • It features full-automatic MP4 repair with no human interaction. Repairing takes hardly a few minutes or seconds.
  • Support repairing 10 different video formats, like AVI, MOV, M4V, M2TS, MXF, MKV, and the list continues.
  • You can upload videos from different storage devices, including computers, memory cards, USBs, and cameras.
  • A 2048-bit encrypted connection is used to ensure a safe file transfer. Every file you upload into the tool gets deleted after 3 hours.
  • It does not damage the quality of your MP4 videos when repairing them online.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing Corrupted MP4 Files Online

The steps to repair your videos with Repairit Online are very simple to follow, as listed below.

Step 1: Open the official website of Repairit Online Video Repair. The screen you will see on your computer is shown below. Tap on the “+Add” button to upload the damaged MP4 video into the software.

repair mp4 video files online with repairit

You can upload multiple videos to repair at a time. Every video file you upload will be displayed on your screen, as shown below. Make sure you upload a sample video in the same format as your damaged video file.

add a sample video to repairit online

Step 2: Now, hit “Repair.” It will start the video repair process, which will take a few seconds to complete. Wait for it.

repaired damaged mp4 video files

Step 3: It is time to preview the repaired video by clicking on the “play” icon.

Step 4: If the repaired MP4 video is okay, click on the “download” icon or the “Download All” button.

2. Use Wondershare Repairit – Video Repair for Desktop

Are you searching for a one-of-its-kind desktop-based application to repair damaged video files? Try Wondershare Repairit – Video Repair. It comes with native support for multiple video formats, like MPEG, INSV, MXF, KLV, MP4, FLV, AV, MTS, WMV, 3GP, and more. You can download and install this tool on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

It does not matter whether your MP4 videos are corrupted or damaged when processing, converting, editing, shooting, transferring, or recording, Repairit Video Repair has got you covered. The top features you will find in this video repair program are as follows.

  • Repair damaged videos with all levels of corruption, such as video not playing, video no sound, etc.
  • Repair videos of 15+ formats, including MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, AVI, etc.
  • Advanced repair helps you fix severely corrupted video files.
  • No limit to the number and size of the repairable videos.
  • This tool supports batch video repairs.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Repairing Damaged MP4 Video Files

Download Repairit Video Repair on your operating system and follow the below-listed steps to fix corrupted MP4 files.

Step 1: Open Repairit and make sure you have entered the “Video Repair” tab. You will see this tab on the left side of the main interface.

Step 2: Hit the “+Add” button to load the corrupted video into the tool. You can also click on “Add video(s) and start repairing” to load the damaged video file.

load corrupt mp4 videos into repairit

You are free to load multiple videos at one time. Once done, Repairit will show you the basic details of every video, as shown below.

damaged videos loaded into repairit

Step 3: Now, tap on the “Repair” button and wait for a few seconds. As soon as the video repair process is completed, you will see a notification on your system’s screen, displaying the success of the repair process, as shown below.

repair corrupted mp4 videos with repairit

Step 4: Preview the repaired video to confirm whether or not Recoverit has done it correctly.

preview repaired mp4 video files with repairit

Step 5: If you are satisfied with the previewed MP4 video, hit “Save” to save this file on your computer after choosing a specific path.

save repaired mp4 video with repairit

Once the repaired video is saved on your device, a notification will appear on your screen, as shown below.

repaired video saved on a computer

Bonus Tip: Things to Consider to Keep Your MP4 Videos Away from Corruption

This section presents valuable tips you must follow to avoid facing MP4 video corruption problems. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Avoid using an untrusted 3rd party application to edit or process your videos.
  • Keep an eye on your hard disk’s health and perform regular scans to avoid facing any sort of video corruption issues.
  • Arrange a consistent electric supply for your computer to avoid power outage issues.
  • Keep your computer virus-free by scanning it regularly.
  • Don’t forget to create multiple backups of your MP4 videos before you introduce any changes to them.

Final Words

MP4 is a container video format that carries text, subtitles, video, and audio in a single file. Uploading MP4 videos on digital platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, is a great option. Nowadays, millions of people from around the world prefer using this video format.

At the same time, there are many cases when people face MP4 video damage and corruption issues. This is where an MP4 repair tool comes in handy. If you are on the hunt for a dependable utility to repair damaged video files, Wondershare Repairit is worth using.

Both the desktop-based and online versions of this tool are available. Read the above guide to learn how this software helps you fix corrupt MP4 video files online and offline.

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