Best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Tools For Windows [2023]


In this article, we are going to share with you the Best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Tools For Windows.

How to monitor computer/laptop temperature?

There are many software that provides this capability.

Best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Tools For Windows

The following are some of the best free software for PCs that function to monitor hardware temperatures.

Everything has been tested and then checked for features, disadvantages, and advantages. So, you can choose which one is best for your needs.

10 Best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Tools For Windows

This article will share a list of the best CPU temperature monitoring software for Windows 10 and Windows 11. So, let’s check it out.

#1. HWMonitor


HWMonitor is software created by CPUID, the company that also makes the popular CPU-Z program.

HWMonitor is available in 2 forms, one in the form of a .exe which requires the installation, and one in the form of a .zip file that does not require installation.

This software has a complete display on one page so it is easy to understand. In addition to temperature, this software can also monitor voltage, fan speed, and clock speed.

Advantages of HWMonitor

  • A complete view on one page.
  • There are maximum and minimum values ​​for each component.
  • Can save monitor data.
  • Data is displayed in real-time.

Lack of HWMonitor

  • There is no warning if there is a variable that exceeds the normal value, for example, if the CPU temperature exceeds the normal limit then there will be no warning about it.
  • The Pro version of HWMonitor is quite expensive.

Download HWMonitor

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#2. Speccy


Have you ever heard of CC Cleaner software? Maybe some of you have heard of it.

Well, this Speccy software is made by the same company that made the CC Cleaner software earlier.

Speccy is one of the best software to monitor the condition of your computer hardware.

One of the features that make Speccy quite different from other similar software is that you can publish your hardware data to the internet in the form of links.

Speccy advantages

  • The download and installation process is fast.
  • Can publish data to the internet (a link will be provided that can be shared with others).
  • Can store data in the form of XML and TXT.
  • Can take a snapshot of your computer (data on the condition of your hardware at that time).

Lack of Speccy

  • Updates are rare.
  • Cannot save data specific to certain sections (eg only save CPU data).

Download Speccy

#3. Core Temp

Core Temp

Core Temp is one of the software that is widely used to monitor processor temperatures, both Intel and AMD.

With a compact appearance, Core Temp can be used easily even by novice users. One of the advantages favored by this software developer is that Core Temp only uses small resources so that it can be left running in the background.

Unfortunately, this Core Temp can only monitor the condition of the CPU.

Advantages of Core Temp

  • Can run on old to new Windows OS (Windows XP to Windows 10 ; Windows Server 2003 to 2016).
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Has a mobile version for Android and Windows Phone.

Lack of Core Temp

  • Limited features (can only monitor CPU ).

Download Core Temp

#4. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor

This software is slightly different from other similar software because Open Hardware Monitor is open source software, which means that the program code can be accessed freely by anyone.

Although it is open source, this software is not inferior to other software. With a display that is quite similar to HWMonitor, this software also has a variety of functions that are quite complete.

Unfortunately, this software does not display data about your HDD/SSD.

Advantages of Open Hardware Monitor

  • Views are summarized in one main page.
  • Can be set to fire at Windows startup.
  • Open source, 100% free.
  • Can run on Windows and Linux.

Lack of Open Hardware Monitor

  • Incomplete features (no HDD/ SSD data ).

Download Open Hardware Monitor

#5. HWiNFO


HWiNFO is one of the best software in its class. This software displays a piece of very complete information on the main page.

However, ordinary users may feel a bit confused by some of the terms in this software. The thing that makes this software quite unique is that there is a version for DOS, so you can install this software without requiring an OS.

However, it should be noted that this DOS version is no longer updated by the developer.

Advantages of HWiNFO

  • Information about hardware is quite complete.
  • Can export data in .log, .csv, .xml, .htm, and .mht formats.
  • Portable, installer, and DOS versions are available.

Lack of HWiNFO

  • The display is a bit confusing for novice users.

Download HWiNFO

#6. CrystalDiskInfo


CrystalDiskInfo not only monitors HDD and SSD temperatures but also checks their health conditions.

This software provides information such as disk rotation, error rate, power, airflow for cooling, to the level of fragmentation so you know when to defrag your HDD.

Besides being able to run in the system tray, CrytalDiskInfo provides a notification option if the temperature has reached a critical point.

This notification is in the form of sound accompanied by a balloon tip in the Taskbar. You can also set the refresh frequency on each drive that is being monitored for condition.

Advantages of CrystalDiskInfo

  • Very complete HDD and SSD health information
  • The refresh frequency can be adjusted so it doesn’t burden the computer’s performance too much
  • Notification feature via Taskbar and email
  • Theme support even if only a little
  • Developers are actively updating software

Disadvantages of CrystalDiskInfo

  • The display is a bit complex for the general public
  • There is no clear information on each inspection parameter

Download CrystalDiskInfo

#7. SpeedFan


SpeedFan only displays general temperature information, but the main advantage of this software is the ability to modify fan rotation.

Whether it’s a CPU fan, GPU, or even an additional fan, you can easily control the speed.

Fan control can be done manually or automatically. In automatic mode, SpeedFan can command the fan to spin faster if the temperature reaches a certain level.

This is especially useful if you’re playing heavy games and want to make sure your computer stays cool.

Advantages of SpeedFan

  • Setting the speed of all fans on the computer
  • Temperature notification can be selected specifically
  • Can run in the system tray and is relatively light

Disadvantages of SpeedFan

  • Slightly outdated appearance for modern software
  • There is a bug that causes the temperature to be minus below zero degrees Celsius

Download SpeedFan

#8. CPU Thermometer

CPU Thermometer

At first glance, CPU Thermometer is similar to Open Hardware Monitor. It’s true because it uses the same source code.

However, this software is somewhat more compact than its parent. Only the temperature of each core, clock speed, and power users are displayed.

CPU Thermometer is very minimal with a small size and does not take up much memory when running. On the negative side, this software also lacks features.

Even so, the CPU Thermometer is still quite useful for those of you who just want to see the temperature and CPU performance at a glance.

Advantages of CPU Thermometer

  • Small size and low memory consumption
  • Simple description of computer temperature conditions

Disadvantages of CPU Thermometer

  • Lacking some crucial features
  • Program is somewhat similar to Open Hardware Monitor

Download CPU Thermometer

#9. RealTemp


RealTemp is among the favorites here. Because you also get small tools to benchmark hardware, especially seeing the temperature in situations of maximum stress.

RealTemp shows the real-time temperature distance with the t-junction so that the user knows the heat limit that the CPU can accept.

In addition, RealTemp also presents an alarm notification feature. If the CPU or GPU temperature approaches a critical point, you will be notified immediately.

Advantages of RealTemp

  • Benchmark test and sensor test features
  • Quick information on the Taskbar
  • Alarm notification if the temperature is too hot
  • Can set t-junction limit

Disadvantages of RealTemp

  • Some GPUs can’t be detected
  • Only supports Intel processors

Download RealTemp 

#10. CPUTempWatch


If you don’t want to know too much information about CPU temperature, CPUTempWatch software can be the main choice.

The program window only displays the temperature for each core in real-time. Apart from that, there is nothing else to tell here.

CPUTempWatch is proven to work well on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Unfortunately, this software does not support more modern operating systems such as Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Advantages of CPUTempWatch

  • Size only 300 KB
  • Focus on monitoring CPU temperature

Disadvantages of CPUTempWatch

  • Does not support Windows 8 and Windows 10

Download CPUTempWatch 


Do you have a favorite software that is not listed above? Please write down the software in the comments column below.

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