Use ChatGPT Online Free: 5 Sites to Visit


ChatGPT is an essential AI tool that improves user experience. ChatGPT enables the users to improve and start a conversation. It also helps them to select their desired length, format, style, topic, details language etc. In short, it manages everything and helps the person not have to worry about anything.

ChatGPT has many business and educational uses. It helps the users to create presentations, write assignments, it can also skim and scan the document for the user and it can provide information to the user about any topic. In the business sector, ChatGPT helps in writing applications or letters to clients, it also helps in writing memorandums.

Use ChatGPT Online Free

This tool has been trained using a massive amount of data that’s why the response given to the users is not only authentic but also human-like. It is a very beneficial tool you can use anywhere be it educational or business sector.

What Are The Sites That Offer Free Online ChatGPT?

Its ability to comprehend context and adapt to different conversational styles has elevated it to the forefront of AI-powered language models. Although ChatGPT never fails in providing efficient services to users and when users visit here, they are provided with responses according to their demands, you can also consider different ways to access it without logging into its website.

These ways prove to be a blessing for people who can’t get access to ChatGPT’s official website. Here is the list of five main sites including ChatGPT free that provide the user with the latest version of ChatGPT for free and let’s go through them one by one.

1.ChatGPT Free

ChatGPT Free is a site that you can use ChatGPT for free without logging in. The main advantage of ChatGPT free is that you can use it for free and enjoy the paid features of ChatGPT without spending your precious money and can get your work done.

ChatGPT Free


HIX.AI is a well-known AI tool with the facility of ChatGPT and you can visit here just by adding its extension to Chrome. The HIX extension is already utilizing the technology of the ChatGPT for providing correct results to users. The important thing to notice in this tool is that it is equipped with some additional features that are absent in ChatGPT like 120 AI witing  tools to help you write an Instagram caption ect.



The first one on the list is So, now the question is how it works and what services it offers to its users. So here we are for your rescue and we will give you all the necessary information you need about this beneficial site. So, this site allows its users to interact and find various AI bots that are powered by Large Language Modules(LLM).

The main feature of this site is that it helps you to create your bots that are powered by the Large Language Modules. These bots can be used for various purposes including learning, writing, summarizing programming, translating texts, entertainment and many other things.

4. The AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is an online platform that provides its services online and for free. What allows the user is that it enables him/her to play text-based adventure games that are generated by AI. This online platform uses the ChatGPT to let the user interact with the open world by generating content through its tools.

The main feature of this site is that it allows the user to create stories and the user can also make their accounts on that. It also helps the users to train their very own ChatGPT 4 skills.

5. Ora. sh

It is another website that provides you with services without charging a single penny. It is a very good platform for the students. This platform is web-based that creates LLM applications that you can share with others at a very fast speed. Recently, this unique platform has introduced a new feature that allows its users to experiment with the ChatGPT model at no cost.

This is a very budget-friendly platform. On this platform you do not have to wait, there is no queue and you can enjoy the features of ChatGPT without any kind of restrictions.

Additional Way

Nat Dev is a platform that provides the user with a very unique experience. It provides them with an open playground. This playground enables the users to compare their machine-learning models with others. It is a developing technology that was founded by Nat Friedman and his team.


1.    Is ChatGPT Free To Use?

Yes, ChatGPT has a free version and everyone is allowed its services at any time. If you want to enjoy advanced features then you can go ahead with a subscription plan.

2.    Can I Use ChatGPT Without Login To Its Website?

If you are unable to get access to the website of ChatGPT or dont want to visit its website due to any reason then there are some ways to access it. You can go ahead with telegram bots or Twitter bots where you will find the same facility as ChatGPT.

Ending Remarks

Today, we are here with very informative content for you that will be going to help you. Now, there is no need to move to the official website of ChatGPT but now you can get access to the above-mentioned tools to facilitate the services of ChatGPT. You will be amazed to know that you will never find any difference between the output of ChatGPT and these tools.

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