Get Latest Free CSGO Prime Accounts [2024]


Free CSGO Prime Accounts or Free CS:GO Rank Gold Nova Steam Account – Hey guys! Meet again with the most handsome admin in the whole world. How are you?

May you always be healthy, strong, and mighty, and most importantly don’t forget to always say gratitude every time.

During a pandemic like this, you must be spending more time at home. This causes a lot of free time that my friend has.

Get Latest Free CSGO Prime Accounts

What do you usually do for killing time? As for the admin, I mostly play games and do my homework.

One of the games that the admin often plays is Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO).

This is an FPS (First Person Shooting) game made by two game developers, namely Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation.

The two-game developers work together to develop Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Counter Strike: Source.

Even though it was released in August 2012, until now, the game CS: GO is still very popular.

Even due to the pandemic that has hit the world until now, the rating for this FPS game has skyrocketed.

Gameplay Counter Strike Global Offensive version is the same as some of its predecessors but with some changes and improvements.

Various maps such as Dust 2, Nuke, and Mirage still look the same as before, and Dust 2 is still the favorite choice for loyal Counter-Strike players when playing.

Tips to Become a Professional CS:GO Player

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), a competitive video game title that has been well known since its first version was launched in 2000, has enlivened various international esports competitions.

ESL, DreamHack, IEM, and StarSeries are some of the names of esports tournaments that compete in the CS:GO branch.

  1. Get to know the battlefield
  2. Know the strategy of buying weapons
  3. Don’t obsess over the score
  4. Hone your ability to fight boats
  5. Play with the team
  6. Avoid playing custom games on the community server
  7. Learn the spray pattern of each weapon
  8. Don’t reload often
  9. Don’t underestimate the gun
  10. Don’t crouch walk to peek
  11. Don’t throw grenades carelessly
  12. Make sure you learn from the pros, not just copy

To be able to become a global CS:GO athlete, of course, it takes hard work and various efforts to increase self-capacity.

One way that you can become a better player is by reading this article. Above are 12 tips to become a professional CS:GO player, which hopefully can improve your skills.

Free CSGO Prime Accounts [2024]

Free CSGO Prime Account

Like other First Person Shooting games, CS: GO has a rank level or level that is a sign of how high a player’s rank is in the game.

Usually, players who have a high rank will underestimate other players with a lower rank.

To get a high rank, you have to be diligent in playing and focus on continuing to win in competitive matchmaking mode.

The minimum amount you have to win is 10 times. Oh yes, you can start playing competitive matchmaking mode when your Exp level reaches level 2.

To reach level 2, you can play other modes such as casual, arms race, demolition, and deathmatch.

Hmm, that’s quite long. But don’t worry, you don’t need to go through all the steps that the admin has described above.

You can even jump straight to the Gold Nova rank, how do you do that? Admin will share a Free CSGO Prime Accounts.


Enough of this update. Congratulations to friends who managed to get the account that the admin shared above.


For those of you who haven’t managed to get an account, don’t worry because we will continue to share other interesting updates, so stay tuned at tech maina.

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