How to Change IP Address


IP Address or IP address is one important part of the internet connection. This IP address is used to send and receive data so you can surf the internet comfortably.

But sometimes there are restrictions on the use of IP addresses, such as blocking websites. At that time, one question comes to your mind does a VPN change your IP or can I unblock a website that already blocks it? Yes, it’s possible to unblock the website.

Finally, you have to use how to change the IP address to another country. What does that mean?

How to Change IP Address

What is IP Address?

Before we discuss how to change the IP address to another country, you must first understand what an IP address is. IP Address stands for Internet Protocol Address.

It is a series of random numbers that becomes the address of every computer that uses an internet connection. This IP Address has 2 main functions, the first is for hosting or network identification, and the next is location observation.

When discussed in simpler language, this IP Address is like the home address that we use to send and receive letters. You must have a home address in order to receive mail. You also need to have a home address to be able to send what you want.

The way to overcome this is to understand how to change the IP Address to another country so that our address seems to come from another country where we are then free to ask for “letters” of any type and receive “letters” of any type.

How to Change IP Address to Another Country

1. Change the IP Address on Android by Changing the DNS

Changing the DNS (Domain Name System) is one way that you can use to change the IP Address on Android.

As for how to change the IP Address on Android by changing the DNS (Domain Name System) as follows:

  • Enter the settings menu.
  • After that go to mobile network.
  • Then you click on the internet profile (eg: 3GPRS).
  • Then you select “CHANGE DNS”.
  • Then change the DNS (Dominant Name System).
  • Then click SAVE.

2. How to Change IP Address Manual on Android

If you don’t use an application on Android, what can you do? Of course, you can, but only for some brands of mobile phones. One of the mobile brands that can have their own VPN is Xiaomi. How to do the settings like this:

  • Open settings.
  • After that make sure you are connected to Wifi.
  • Enter the Wifi menu, then press IP Address.
  • You can see the default IP Address. Please change the IP.
  • You just have to scroll to that, then enter IP Settings.
  • Change DHCP to Static.
  • After that, change the default IP address to the IP address you want. Please look for a list of IP addresses on the internet. Make sure you use a trusted IP Address.
  • After that, save it and your VPN can be used manually.

3. How to Change IP Address Chrome

Meanwhile, for PCs, there are two ways to change the IP address to another country. The first is to use the Chrome browser application.

How to use a VPN on Chrome like this:

  • First, open the Chrome application.
  • Then go to Settings, it’s at the top right with three dots.
  • After that go to More Tools.
  • Then please select Extension.
  • After that, you will be taken to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Please type any VPN application you know. You can type Anonymox, Turbo VPN Chrome, or any VPN app you trust.
  • After that press Add to Chrome.
  • A pop-up will appear with the words Add Extension. Please click on the pop-up.
  • The extension is automatically installed and will be visible at the top right.
  • To activate it, all you have to do is click the VPN logo, then press Connect or it depends on the extension.

This method is very popular and can almost always be said to be successful. That’s why this method has become a favorite of many people because apart from being easy, almost all the VPNs available are free.

4. How to Change IP Address Windows

To change the IP Address to another country on Windows, the method is quite complicated but arguably effective. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Open Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel. Or if it’s complicated, please press Windows Key + R then in the search field type “control.exe/name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter”.
  • Then click Change Adapter Settings.
  • Select the IP address you want to change, whether it’s WiFi or LAN.
  • For LAN, just click on the LAN section.
  • Then go to Properties.
  • Then press Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) twice.
  • After that, please select Use the following IP Address.
  • Fill in the IP address you want.
  • When finished, hit OK.


So, how easy is it to change the IP address to another country? If you have problems, you can ask in the comments column below. To make sure the IP address you use is secure, you need to add an SSL certificate service.

SSL allows sending data between servers to clients and vice versa safely with strong encryption features so that it is safe from cyber crimes.

Thank you.

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