Emberify’s Best Tactics To Choose A Perfect Instagram Profile Picture


A picture is worth a thousand words! When it comes to Instagram, the profile picture is the first impression among the audience.

Do you creators want to stand out from the crowd? You may think choosing an Instagram profile picture is an easy job, but perfecting it seems to be a lot of work.

Below follows are some of the considerations before you select your profile picture. Check it out!

Emberify’s Best Tactics To Choose A Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Importance Of An Instagram Profile Picture

Most of the viewers will notice your profile picture. It sets the stage for branding, and your profile picture will make you recognized among the audience. Of course, it would help if you chose the right shot to be placed in the front row on Instagram. The app contains images and videos, but a single round circled picture will break or build your reputation. That’s the truth of Instagram marketing. As an Instagrammer, you can buy instagram views and improve your profile visibility. 

Tips To Gain The Traction Of Your Audience With The Profile Picture

1. Choose Something Unique

It is essential to make your followers quickly recognize your account, so do not change your profile picture too often. To maintain professionalism, you can avoid seasonal photos. Before choosing, remember your profile picture will be seen on all your social media posts, reels, stories, etc., So choose it carefully. 

2. Picture With Aesthetics

Choosing images that are timeless alone will not improve your rankings on Instagram. In addition, the picture should be good enough and visible to the audience. Expert marketers follow certain specifications to get it perfect. The criteria for an Instagram profile are as follows, 

  • The profile picture displays on mobile devices with 110 110 pixels and 180 ✕ 180 pixels on desktop. 
  • It is displayed in a circle format with an aspect ratio of 1:1. It would be best to upload the 200 ✕ 200-pixel picture. 

Furthermore, your profile picture should match your grid. For example, the profile picture may be light or dark. On the whole, your profile picture should express your personality and core idea. 

3. Background Consideration

Even the backgrounds will reflect your brand identity. You can use a solid color, a stock background, or a pattern that aligns with your picture. If you are a professional musician, artist, or skilled person, do not hesitate to give it on your profile picture. You may attract like-minded people to the Instagram community by including your props. 

4. Zoom And Crop

It is the best option to make your profile picture viewable. Please don’t give a long shot on your profile, which may make your profile poor. Avoid too much of background spaces. If you are giving your solo shot in your profile picture, it is better to edit photos with negative space or crowding. Creators need to take time to size and cropping. 

5. Use Your Professional Picture

If possible, try to give a professional shot at the picture. It is worth the hype. Professional images are appealing to viewers and will improve your Instagram presence. Better consider using professional quality photography and elevate your personality. Any new viewer will look onto the point, what separates your profile from the crowd. Moreover, you can try using Emberify for better reach and enhance your reach seamlessly. 

6. Be Vibrant And Colorful 

Something eye-catching will be revealed only through the colors. So creators play with colors. Either way, you have to use high contrast picture that emphasizes the subject, or you want to use the background that highlights the photo. If your chosen color enhances the image and aligns with your page theme, you shall go for it!

7. Good Lighting Picture

Lighting can create a tremendous difference in your profile picture. Daytime light pictures are preferable to keep as profile pictures. When you take on daytime, avoid the shadows. If you are uncomfortable with daylight, use artificial lighting for a balanced view. Your face needs to be clear without sweat in normal light. 

8. Experiment

Experiments are a learning factor on Instagram. Please do not take a single photo and post it on your Instagram profile picture. Instead, take multiple images and choose the best one. Experiment with different facial expressions, outfits, etc., Try to shoot with different camera angles. You can try with a decent number of options. 


It is time to take over your Instagram profile to the next level. Remember, the profile picture will be your foundation when content stays as a pillar. So try to focus on it and improve your Instagram experience. For example, you can try using Emberify and get viral on the platform. With the above ideas in mind, get started with your Instagramming! If you find this article quite interesting, then leave your comments below! Thanks for reading!

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