How to Get More Instagram Followers for Free [2024]


It turns out that there are How to Get More Instagram Followers for Free that you can do. Indeed, for the stages themselves, it will be difficult to start, but this can pave the way for your Instagram account to be more known.

For that, Tech Maina has prepared a way to add free ig followers that you can follow. Calm down, this way to add followers is guaranteed to be safe and able to add followers on a regular basis.

To increase its existence, people started to improve their Instagram feed to make it look more attention-grabbing.

How to Get More Instagram Followers for Free

What is unique about Instagram is that the higher the level of interaction with the audience, we can use it for business and promotional needs.

In addition, there are many online stores that use Instagram to brand themselves and encourage their business brands to be better known by the public.

Not only online stores, public figures, and people who are nothing – anyone can use Instagram as a place to find money if used properly.

So that this can be achieved, you must have a large number of Instagram followers, and those followers must be real, not bots.

When you do all that successfully, the success rate of your business on Instagram will be even greater.

There are several ways to get free followers that you can do. Please check in full below.

How to Increase Free IG Followers

It turns out that there is a way to add free ig followers without an application that you can try. This method is better than using the Instagram auto followers site, you know.

Want to know how?

The most basic thing is to be able to increase active Instagram followers by creating interesting content on Instagram.

You need skills in creating content in order to attract visitors to become your Instagram followers.

1. Increase Interesting Content on Instagram

The safest way to add active Instagram followers is to multiply interesting content on your Instagram.

Using this technique, of course, need a long and tiring process.

In content creation, be yourself and do what you love so you don’t become a burden in creating content.

However, this must be accompanied by creativity and uniqueness that will make your Instagram content look different from others.

2. Don’t Private Instagram Account

In addition to multiplying interesting content, it is the right thing to do not to private an Instagram account.

By not making your Instagram account private, it is likely that the number of followers will continue to increase if the content you create is really interesting.

Therefore, try not to private your account if you want to increase the number of your Instagram followers.

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3. Using Popular Hashtags, Tags, or Hashtags

Using popular hashtags/tags in every content you post on Instagram allows you to get the number of Instagram followers.

The hashtags given in each content must match the content and look for hashtags that are popular.

For those who don’t know hashtags, if it is interpreted as grouping images or videos according to the same category.

For example, if you write #coverindia, the hashtags have neatly arranged the cover content of songs made by many people using the hashtag #coverindia.

4. Follow and Unfollow Accounts That Have a Large Number of Followers

Before using this technique, you first look for an account that has a large number of followers both domestically and abroad.

This technique is quite effective for increasing the number of your followers without having to follow other people’s accounts. The steps are quite easy, you can see the following:

You just need to follow an account that has a large number of followers, both domestically and abroad.

  • Wait for 1-3 minutes, you can unfollow the Instagram account.┬áCan be done by several people or only one person.
  • Then, follow the Instagram account again.┬áRepeat the above steps many times.
  • After a few hours, you will see the result that your Instagram followers will increase.

For those of you who are uncomfortable seeing the number of followings is greater than the number of followers, you can try this technique to add Instagram followers easily, quickly and of course for free.

5. Have a Clear Target Market/Niche

Thank you, sis @victoriawong68 for providing insight on how to add active Instagram followers in 2024.

You need to pay attention, even in choosing a niche/market, it should not be careless.

For example, if you enter the world of entertainment, then look for what content is hot or viral recently.

In addition, you can brand yourself with unique characteristics. One example, recently there was a video greeting from binjai which was quite viral in the community.

Now, this is also a way of branding yourself with quite unique characteristics.

6. Check Interests, Problems, and Habits To Create Interesting Content

In any niche or target market, it must have its own interests, problems, and habits. You have to be observant to see what opportunities can be used for the sustainability of the business that is being run.

7. Evaluate Content Periodically

Well, in making Instagram content for feeds, it can’t be careless. You have to evaluate the content that has been created before.

Whether the content has met the needs of the audience or not. If not, create a new strategy that is better than the previous post.

For example, create 1 interaction post and 1 post that contains soft or hard selling sales promotions.

8. Interact in the Comments or Direct Messages Original

Interacting with the audience is one of the right ways to do it. Try not to use bots/spam when interacting with the audience, this is done in order to attract the interest of the audience.

Comments that are natural and can answer the needs of the audience can be a plus for the sustainability of your business.

9. Consistent

So that the results can be maximized, you must consistently apply each of the points that I have described previously. When you apply all the points above, you can get organic traffic easily.

How to Add Followers With Free Followers Sites

After following how to add Instagram followers naturally, We will share how to add followers with a follower-enhancing site. You can get this site to increase followers for free.

But not all accounts that follow you are active accounts, there are some passive accounts when using the Instagram followers increase tool which I will share later.

You can access all the methods that I will give you online. Oh yes, later I will also share how to add Instagram followers with the help of an application.

But if you want to get active followers, it’s better to skip this tutorial to increase followers.


The site to increase Instagram followers that you can use is This site provides tools to increase active followers and likes automatically.

You can use Gramista for free by registering first on the website. Increase your followers naturally using the free Instagram followers increase site,


Mr. Insta will help you to increase your Instagram followers for free.

This site provides tools to increase the number of Instagram followers and likes, just register first on the website.

Using this tool is also very easy, you just need to visit mrinsta for more complete information.


This site provides a variety of your Instagram needs such as increasing followers, auto likes up to 1000, auto comments, adding story views, adding video views, and much more.

Now you can use tools to increase the number of followers, but you must register an account first on the website.


Finally, the site to increase Instagram followers that you can use is

This follower-enhancing site comes from India, for those of you who want to get active Instagram followers, you can use the followers-adding tools made by

It’s easy, just register on the site, don’t worry, you can get it for free.


Hublagram provides services to increase Instagram followers and likes for free for you. With the help of the tools provided by hublagram, you can increase the number of followers and likes on a regular basis.

Its use is also quite easy, register first on the site if you want to use the tools to increase followers.


Here’s a discussion about How to Get More Instagram Followers for Free that you can follow. You can apply all of the above methods every day if you want to get a lot of followers.

The main key for increasing followers regularly is to provide the best and most useful content for people.

Is the above method of increasing Instagram followers useful for you? Give your feedback in the comments column.

In addition to the method above, you can use the link to increase ig followers to get additional Instagram followers.

Thank you for visiting techmaina, look forward to other interesting articles about tutorials only on techmaina.

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