The Pros and Cons of Online Learning for IT Programming Courses


Modern online coding courses are available to everyone because, with the growth of the Internet, you can get the best IT skills without leaving home.

But, as much as IT training would be necessary, it is nevertheless learning. If you want to get a new profession, you should adequately weigh all arguments in the “for” and “against” to satisfy the process and result. And today, we will tell you about the pros and cons of professional courses.

Online Learning for IT Programming Courses

Advantages of online training in IT courses for beginners

If you choose suitable courses for yourself, make sure of the benefits of offline training. Please keep reading and learn all about its usefulness.

1. Flexibility

Previously, you had to devote 5–8 hours daily to training to learn and acquire new skills. For example, you had to drive to class, do three or five lessons… and we don’t count the time to do homework and other things.

Programming course Philippines allow you to gain new knowledge and work multiple jobs simultaneously. You can easily combine several cases if you plan your time. For example, you can study in the evening, after work, or perform tasks during your lunch break.

Do you have children to care for? No problem, you can study while your children play or sleep together.

2. Affordability

In offline courses, students only have their notes. Maximum, handouts or tutorials. Online courses offer all the necessary information on the site or your account. It means you will have as much knowledge (text materials, video lessons, etc.) as possible on your computer.

3. Updating of training materials

GoIT client happiness managers and mentors update training materials several times yearly as technologies constantly improve. Senior developers are always involved in the preparation of training materials.

Students will receive only relevant knowledge and skills in demand in modern business.

4. Saving time and money

The best thing is that you can combine the training with other business and responsibilities. You do not need to spend extra time and money on the road or other optional things. All you need is a computer with internet access and the desire to get a demanded profession.

5. Your diploma is appreciated

Upon completing the training, you will receive a certification and be able to work in any company.

We consider participation in creating personal and team projects a unique advantage of GoIT Full Stack developer courses. You are not limited to textbooks and theory because 70% of the training consists of practice, where you participate in creating projects.

Disadvantages of training in IT courses online

Even despite the serious advantages, online learning has its drawbacks. It is what we will talk about below.

1. You communicate with mentors and other students on the screen

Conversing with mentors only through the computer and laptop screen is less effective than offline communication. It is especially noticeable to older students who are used to school learning.

Companies know this difficulty, so CHM is available around the clock and helps students as quickly as possible.

2. Need to pay attention to discipline

Discipline and time management depend on 100% not only the work of mentors, but on you. Despite the courses’ flexibility and availability, you only have to take the time to learn, perform tasks, and do mandatory self-development.

For example, students often share situations when they really want to relax after work but must continue studying until the night. So, if you are a beginner and plan to get new IT knowledge, prepare for hard work.

3. Need to own a personal computer

To learn to program, you must have constant access to the computer. In this case, the computer must be productive so that you can quickly and conveniently run the necessary programs.

In addition, you need to have a “backup plan” in case of a major computer malfunction or Internet problems. After all, if there is a force majeure situation, you can catch up to the program course or skip elementary classes.

Also, many newcomers refer to the “cons” of paid Full Stack web development courses because it is an additional cost. But in fact, every student gets new skills and the opportunity to find a first job in a new specialty. And that’s not all. You won’t find that in free courses.

Tech Courses GoIT: afterwords

If you choose the best IT courses for yourself, you should definitely pay attention to the pros and cons of online training. This information will also help you to choose the right direction for your future education.

But if you still do not know which programming language to learn, we recommend you take free online marathons from GoIT. In them, you will learn more about the programming languages Java and Python and will be able to create your first website card.

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