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Howdy friends, in this article we are going to share with you Slideshare Downloader – Download Documents from SlideShare Without Login. So, let’s get started…

Nowadays, school/college institutions often require their students to make presentations in front of teachers or lecturers. Thus, the need for PowerPoint design is much more than ever before.

Given that, PowerPoint slide template downloader sites are more often invaded because students need the template.

Slideshare Downloader – Download Documents Without Login

The goal is also clear that PPT slide templates can beautify the appearance of PowerPoint so that when presenting the audience is focused on your presentation.

Of course, PPT templates have spread all over the internet, including SlideShare, so all you have to do is download them.

But some of you are still confused about how to download the PPT file on SlideShare because you have to log in first.

Well, most of you don’t want to be complicated like that so you need effective steps to download the PowerPoint presentation template file.

For this reason, Thelastsurvivors provides the discussion below:

Get to Know About SlideShare

SlideShare is an online website service that provides professional content such as. PowerPoint presentation slides, documents, videos, and infographics.

In addition, users can upload files publicly there as long as they are in PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, or OpenDocument formats.

It also provides facilities to download files from there but requires login access first. With that in mind, we are trying to provide a quick way, which is to take advantage of the SlideShare downloader site.

List of SlideShare Downloader Sites

So, what are the SlideShare Downloader sites that can still be used today?

1. DocDownloader


The first downloader service is DocDownloader, where this service embeds several downloader facilities.

The facilities in question are the Scribd downloader, Issuu Downloader, Academia Downloader, Course Hero Downloader, and also SlideShare.


No need for a long explanation anymore, SlideShare Downloader works just like DocDownloader. But there is something quite significant difference.

The difference lies in the display history. So, this online tool embeds features such as the download history of users who have recently used this site to download SlideShare documents.


Just like the previous SlideShare download site, also provides a similar service.

The difference is not that noticeable, it’s just that when you open the address you won’t find the downloader service in question.

Therefore you need to open another address, where the address can open directly to the downloader page.

But you don’t need to look for it, just copy the following address

After looking at the SlideShare downloader sites above, which one is better?

In our opinion, all of them are equally good, it’s just that we cannot provide guidance one by one about the three online tools.

However, we will provide a step-by-step guide to downloading SlideShare files in DocDownloader without logging in.

How to Download Files from Slideshare Without Login

Download SlideShare Files With Docdownloader Without Login

Here’s the easiest way to download any file from SlideShare:

Step 1. Go to SlideShare Site

Go to SlideShare Site

The first step is to open the SlideShare site in a browser. SlideShare sites can be opened via any browser and any device.

For example, Phone and PC, both can open the site without any problems.

Step 2. Copy SlideShare Document URL

Copy SlideShare Document URL

After the SlideShare site is opened, it’s time for you to find which document you want to download.

For example, here we chose a document called What to Upload to SlideShare.

Then you look at the address bar at the top, there is the URL of the document. So, all you have to do is copy the URL.

Step 3. Go to DocDownloader ( Copy the Url


In this third step, you need to open the downloader site of your best choice.

For example, earlier you have made your choice for DocDownload, then access the URL is

Then don’t forget to select the menu that says “SlideShare Downloader“.

Step 4. Paste SlideShare URL

Connecting the third step earlier, in the fourth step you paste the SlideShare URL that was copied earlier. Paste it in the DocDownload column, too.

Paste SlideShare URL

Step 5. Click the “Get Link” button

Have successfully pasted the link? Just press the button provided. The button is green with the words Get Link on it.

Step 6. Finally, Download the SlideShare File

Finally, Download the SlideShare File

Arriving at the last step, you still need to pass the verification stage. Here you press Box I’m Human, then select some pictures according to the instructions.

Of course, passing this checkbox is very easy, so after verification, all you have to do is press the Download PDF button.

Then you are taken to another page, where you press the Download as PDF button if you want the file to be in PDF form.

Finally, Download the SlideShare File

If you want a PowerPoint format, select the “Download as PPTX” button or if you want a Word file, select “Download as DOCX“.

Then you will also be taken to another page, namely Here you just have to wait for the file conversion, then select the “Download” button again.


More or less how to download documents (PPT, DOC, PDF) on SlideShare like that. If you want to download it directly on the site, that’s okay.

It’s just that you need to have a LinkedIn account, where the account creation process requires a complicated verification process.

The reason is that you need to verify your country’s identity in the form of a SIM, KTP, or Passport.

Download Documents Without Login With Simply Debrid 

The method is quite easy. We don’t need to create a SlideShare account. Because here we will use a download link maker site for the files contained in Slideshare

There are many download link sites for SlideShare files that we can use. But here we will use a site called Simply Debrid.

Why choose the Simply Debrid site because the site is very easy to use, with a simple appearance, besides that the advantage of this site is that we can enter more than one Slideshare document link.

Here is how to download ppt on SlideShare without login:

  1. First, open our web browser.
  2. Go to SlideShare SiteOpen the Slideshare site then look for the presentation file that we will download.
  3. look for the presentation file that we will downloadThen Copy the URL of the file by blocking the URL address. Then right-click and select Copy or Copy or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C.
  4. Copy SlideShare Document URLAfter that add a new tab and open the Simply Debrid (, copy the URL and paste it to your browser)  site, a display like the one below will appear.
  5. Simply DebridThe next step is to paste or paste the URL that we copied. Put it in the URL field contained on the site.
  6. paste the URLIf the URL link has been pasted then click on Generate Links.
  7. Generate LinksScroll down the page, there we will find the green download tab. Then click the bar, and the file will automatically be downloaded.

Download Via SlideShare Downloader

  1. Open the browser application on your PC / Laptop, then access the site.
  2. Go to SlideShare SiteThen find the file you want to download » look at the URL column in your browser » Copy the URL of the file.
  3. Copy SlideShare Document URLAccess the following SlideShare Downloader site:, (Copy the URL and paste it to your browser)
  4. Slidesharedownloader.ngelmat.netAfter that, paste the URL of the file from the previous SlideShare in the ” Paste link here … ” column that has been provided by SlideShare Downloader » click Download.
  5. paste the URL of the file fromEnter the appropriate security code in the image » click Ok » then wait for the download process for a while.
  6. Enter the appropriate security codeAfter the popup download appears, click Download in the new tab. That way your file will be downloaded automatically.
  7. Download in the new tabThat’s it.

Download PPT Slideshare Using the Android Application

To download files on Slideshare, you can do it without an application, namely, the method above or you can also use the Android application.

There are several Slideshare applications that you can use, you can even use the official Slideshare application itself.

If you use an unofficial application, you can download files without logging in, but if you use an official application you must first create an account.

How to download PPT using the Slideshare application:

  1. First, download and install the Slideshare application to your cellphone from here: Download
  2. Create a new account using an active email address or you can directly login using your Facebook account
  3. Find the document you want using the search field
  4. Click the Save button to save the PPT file to your cellphone
  5. You can also use the Clipboard feature to save PPT collections in your account

Download PPT Slideshare Using the Android Application

It is highly recommended that you use the official Slideshare application because it is easier to use.

You are indeed required to create an account and log in first but that’s okay because the process is also easy.

Using the official Slideshare application also has many advantages, among which you can follow trends on topics you like, share documents with other colleagues, and collect good slides in your account using the Clipboard feature.

For other applications that are not official, indeed you can directly download PPT Slideshare without logging in, but these applications do not always work, especially those that are no longer updated.

Also, as far as we’ve tried, unofficial apps are more difficult to use, many can’t be downloaded, and features are incomplete.

How to Download Slideshare Files into Doc and Excel Format

Can we download files from Slideshare in Doc (Microsoft Word) or Excel format? Currently, Slideshare only provides downloads of documents in PDF format.

To be able to save a Slideshare file in the form of Doc or Excel, we must first convert it using a converter.

How to download Doc and Excel from Slideshare:

  1. Find the document you want
  2. Copy the URL of the document
  3. Paste it into the Slideshare downloader site like the tutorial above
  4. Download files to your cellphone or laptop
  5. To convert the file to Doc go to this page: (copy the URL and paste it to your browser)
  6. To convert the file to Excel go to this page: (copy the URL and paste it to your browser)
  7. Upload your Slideshare files to the converter
  8. Download file Doc dan Excel
  9. Done

Documents that have been converted into word and excel formats can then be edited and used as needed. This is the advantage of these files compared to PDF files that cannot be edited.

Especially for converting Slideshare into Excel, the PDF file must contain a table format that can be read by Excel, because otherwise, the writing in it will be messy.

Additional Information!

And as additional information, maybe we will give some tips that can be done. For example, if you frequently download files from SlideShare.

We recommend creating a SlideShare account. Because it will be easier and more practical if you have an account on SlideShare. There is no charge for registering an account in SlideShare.

On the other hand, it will only take you a few moments to download it instead of using the help of a third party.

Indeed, not all files can be downloaded even though we already have a SlideShare account. So if this happens, then we will use the help of a third party as an alternative.

Of course, once you have an Account on SlideShare, you don’t just download files. But you can also upload files that many people might need. That way, other people can feel the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SlideShare?
    One of the largest online file-sharing sites in the world. Where you can download or upload files freely with the conditions set by SlideShare.
  • Is downloading files on SlideShare free?
    Of course, it’s free, but you’ll need to create a SlideShare account first. And it is necessary to know that not all files can be downloaded, even if you already have them.
  • Can I share files on SlideShare?
    Yes, you can take advantage of the File Upload feature to share any document with internet users.


That’s some information I can provide regarding how to download PPT on SlideShare.

There are various ways that you can do it, and you just have to choose the one that you think is easy and practical to do.

If you have any questions or opinions that you need to share, please write them in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck!

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