Call Recording: Why is it Needed and How to Get it?


Recording telephone conversations between employees and customers has already become a normal part of businesses.

Some people think that we are facing another fashion trend that will soon come to naught. However, there are so many benefits of such collusion so this thought is meaningless.

Call Recording Why is it Needed and How to Get it

Who needs to record calls?

The system for recording telephone conversations while using a virtual number Philippines is used not only by managers of the sales department. Let’s take a look at how each line of business can benefit from call recording.

Sales department

If you limit yourself to only one department where you can implement call recording, then most managers and business owners will choose the sales department with a probability of 99%. Why? Because the success or failure of a particular transaction directly depends on the words and actions of a manager. If you break down the dialogue between an employee and a client into separate moments, recording calls allows you to assess whether the manager adheres to the script, whether he/she tries to understand the needs of the client and offer him/her a personal solution, what tone the person communicates with the interlocutor, etc. Sometimes it might happen that advertising money is wasted because applications disappear precisely at the level of managers.

Sales department

Human Resource department

Here you can evaluate the professionalism level of HR managers when they communicate with applicants. This is especially important when searching for candidates for rare positions. For example, when looking for programmers who own a certain technology stack.

Quality service

It is equally important to check the quality of the claims department. It is the specialists of this service who most often encounter dissatisfied customers of the company who have complaints.

Therefore, it is very important to know how the dialogue is conducted and find ways to solve the problem in order to prevent more serious conflicts.

Security Service

Listening to telephone conversations of security personnel also makes sense. For example, you can check whether there has been a leak of confidential data or other illegal activities. This option is very relevant for some companies and departments whose employees own confidential data. This requires regular recording of phone calls and listening to capture and prevent disclosure.

How can recording telephone conversations help?

Improving the quality of service

First of all, the recording of telephone conversations is needed to check the personnel. How well do managers know the product? Are sales scripts always used and to what extent are they followed? You can also evaluate the tone of the specialist’s voice, his/her activity, and other parameters. It is the recording of calls that allows you to find problems that prevent you from increasing the percentage of conversion of applications into real sales.

Dispute Resolution

Recorded conversations are the only way to establish the truth in a conflict situation between a manager and a client. Therefore, it is important that your telephony not only allows you to record calls but also stores data for a long time.

How to get the recording feature of phone calls in a company?

This does not require special software today. It is enough to install virtual telephony, in which this function is already implemented. For example, the cloud PBX from Freezvon allows you to record and store calls. Don’t forget that the above-mentioned option is not just trendy but a 100% important solution for companies.

In addition, there are many other useful features for businesses inside the virtual telephone exchange. This is a voice menu, scenarios for call forwarding, detailed statistics, the ability to get multichannel numbers, and much more. Contact our professionals to get more useful data and make sure that offered solutions are suitable for your business.

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