Best Free Download Girl Voice Changer for Mac [2023]


We often need to use a voice changer to change voice during live streams, audio calls, and audio editing.

Video and audio content creators change voices for the video podcasts, YouTube videos, advertisements, and short clips. The voiceover and sound effects make the audio engaging and up to the mark.

If you are looking for a free Girl Voice Changer for Mac, you are in the right place. In this article, we will share the best free girl voice changer that will help you change your voice as you like. With one click, you will be able to change the voice in real-time.

Best Free Download Girl Voice Changer for Mac

Let’s start the discussion without further delay.

Part 1: How to Sound Like a Girl Voice Changer

If you want to sound like a girl’s voice, you need a voice changer application that will change various attributes of your voice and make it sound like a girl or female.

For a recording, you can use any voice changer. But if you want to change the voice and use it in a game streaming video, you need to use a real-time voice changer.

A real-time voice changer changes your voice to the desired voice and applies it instantly. The resultant voice is the voice you have chosen, and you can use the voice on a call, gameplay, or live stream. It ensures everything is aligned, and it is hard to find whether the voice is real or not.

For a girl’s voice, the most important attribute is pitch. The pitch of a female voice ranges from 165 to 255 Hz, while the pitch of a male is in the range of 85-155Hz.

Females have a higher pitch than females, and this is what makes the female voice. Thus, the pitch is the most important aspect of changing a voice to a girl’s voice.

Voice changers change the pitch of the voice automatically. You only need to press a button. Moreover, they also change other voice attributes to make the voice sound original.

Most of the voice changers change the voice on their own, but some voice changers also offer you to adjust the voice settings.

You can adjust the pitch, tone, distortion, reverb, and other settings.

With the help of a voice changer, background effects and voices can also be added in real-time. Thus, the user has the control to change the voice.

Let’s see the best free voice changer for Mac.

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Part 2: Best Free Voice Changer for Mac

iMyFone MagicMic is a beginner-friendly real-time voice changer that makes voice-changing easier than ever before.

It is specifically developed to make the process easier for beginners and change their voices without any hassle.

MagicMic is an all-in-one voice-changing tool with all features you need to create a fantastic sound of your choice.

Firstly, it offers a Voicebox that contains 200+ voice effects to change your voice to the voice of your desired character or item. With one click, the voice can be selected.

Secondly, it has a Soundboard that can help you add background effects to the voice, and this can also be done in real-time.

Thirdly, with the help of the Voicememe feature, you can add popular meme voices and make the audio more attractive and funnier.

The best thing about MagicMic is its VoiceStudio which enables you to create a voice of your own choice.

You can easily adjust the voice tone, pitch, and other settings according to your requirements. The voice can also be saved as a preset and used later.

Features of iMyFone MagicMic

  • MagicMic is a real-time voice changer, which means it can convert your voice instantly, and the resultant voice will be the selected voice.
  • The software is compatible with a wide range of gaming and streaming applications and platforms. You can use it on Discord, PUBG, Fortnite, Zoom, CS:GO, etc.
  • The resultant voice sounds natural. It is quite difficult to know that the voice is changed by a voice changer.
  • You can assign a keybind for voices and press the key on the keyboard for instant voice changing. It helps you quickly change multiple voices in real-time.
  • There are new voices and effects every month, so everything will be up to date.
  • MagicMic offers many free voice effects and background sounds every day. Users can use these voices for free.

Steps to Use MagicMic as a Girl Voice Changer:

Step 1: Download iMyFone MagicMic from this link and install it on your computer. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

Step 2: Launch MagicMic. On the left, you will see the Settings tab. Inside Settings, you can select your microphones and headphones.

Once both are detected, you are ready to go. Keep in mind that you need to do this for the first time only.

Steps to Use MagicMic as a Girl Voice Changer

Step 3: Go to Voicebox. You will see all the free voice effects available for the day and other voice effects. Click on the Human button to go to the human voices.

You will see the Male to Female voice effect; click on it. There are more voices, such as College Girl Alice, Young Lady Riley, and Gentle Lady Chloe.

The voice effect will be applied instantly, and you can also add a keybind.

Steps to Use MagicMic as a Girl Voice Changer

Step 4: You can also use the VoiceStudio. Click on the option, and you will have the settings to change the voice.

You will see many options, such as 3-EQ, Chorus, Pitch Shifter, Tremolo, Highpass, Distortion, and Reverb. Use these and change the voice to the female voice of your choice.

Step 5: Finally, you are ready to go. You can play a game or use any streaming platform, and your voice will be changed in real-time.

Final Words

Changing voices is quite easy these days; you only need a voice changer that can change the voice with one click.

Voice changer applications can change your voice to a girl’s voice, and everything will be done in real-time.

So, you can use the real-time audio on live streams, gameplays, and other types of video and audio content. For voice changing, you can use iMyFone MagicMic.

It is an amazing voice-changing tool that can change the voice in no time. With the help of its outstanding features, almost any voice can be achieved along with the background effects. Download the tool for free and enjoy new voices.

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