AMZScout Review: Best Amazon Product Research Tool


Product research is the very first thing you come in contact with when you decide to become an Amazon seller. There are many skills that are essential in order to run a successful Amazon business.

However, if you don’t conduct your product research properly (meaning, if you choose the wrong product), the rest of the skills you acquire along the way won’t have enough impact to compensate for that fact.

AMZScout is a company that specializes in product research. The goal of these services is that you are able to obtain all the information you can possibly get before committing to selling any type of product.

AMZScout Review Best Amazon Product Research Tool

There are no guarantees when it comes to this business, but by using the AMZScout tool, you can certainly see if a certain product is more likely to succeed than fail since you will have access to an abundance of information that is presented and packaged in a way that is very straightforward and easy-to-use.

AMZScout provides a unique set of tools and services for a variety of business needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

AMZScout Product Database

This tool, as the name would suggest, is a database containing all products available on Amazon.

To use the database, just enter your criteria using the various filters, until you find a product that meets your chosen criteria.

AMZScout Product Database

You can select using extremely precise parameters. For example, you can specify the category, the weight of the product, the price, sales, and even the number of sellers.

You can also select products that have only certain types of sellers or include certain keywords.

After you enter all of your criteria, you will get a list of items that fall within your selection requirements.

AMZScout Product Database 1

When you see your results, you can view the exact fees for every product, as well as any information you could possibly want about each individual product.

You even have the option to go to Alibaba with a click of a button to find manufacturers for that product.

This tool is great for starting your initial research. You can find the right product here, and then proceed to find the niche in which it belongs in order to see the product in its broader context, using the next tool.

The AMZScout PRO Extension

The PRO Extension is the most popular, and what we would call the “flagship tool” of AMZScout.

This feature gives you all of the possible information you can ask for for any Amazon page, on any market.

You can simply browse around Amazon, turn on the Extension, and know exactly everything that is going on there:

The AMZScout PRO Extension

This is only scratching the surface – it’s not just about extracting the information, it’s also about contextualizing it.

The first thing you’ll notice is the header, which gives you the averages for all of the important values on the page.

Then, everything you see in blue gives you even more information. You can see charts for the history of sales, bestseller ranks, and prices for any individual listing, as well as the niche as a whole:

The AMZScout PRO Extension 1

There are also amazing features, such as the niche score, which gives you a breakdown of any niche, and provides a quick rundown on how difficult it is to succeed in that niche:

The AMZScout PRO Extension 2

There are also individual scores for each product: one score if you wish to sell it as a private-label seller, and another if you wish to resell it.

You also have the option of calculating fees for any given product, a button that takes you directly to Alibaba in order to find manufacturers for the product, a Google trends button, a button to see the main indexed keywords, and more!

You also have the option of finding a random niche with a high niche score if you are stuck and looking for new ideas.

You can also mark your favorite products, and keep a list of product ideas to go back to later.

This tool also has very advanced filters that will help you refine your product searches even more.

There is so much to say about this tool – simply think of any information you would like to know, and the Extension will deliver it to you.

Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale tool

This Tool, as the name suggests, is meant specifically for sellers who use online arbitrage, drop shipping, or wholesale.

The way it works is very simple: you just open any listing and receive all the information you need in order to assess if the item that’s available to you is worth reselling.

Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale tool

The purpose of this tool, in addition to reselling in general, is to help you make a quick decision. This tool gives you everything you need.

You can easily calculate your margins, and you can see what sort of sellers you’re up against, as well as whether or not the product is gated.

Amazon Keyword Search & Reverse ASIN Lookup

These two tools look very similar, in the sense that the interface looks pretty much identical. The main difference between the two is the source of the keywords.

The main idea behind using these two tools is that they present a complete solution to applying Amazon keywords like a pro.

The Keyword Search gives you all of the long-tailed keywords that contain a certain short-tailed keyword.

You can see all the results, along with their monthly search volumes, as well as a search volume history of any of the keywords.

Amazon Keyword Search & Reverse ASIN Lookup

The Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool gives you the same information. However, in this case, you don’t search for a short-tailed keyword.

Rather, you put in the ASIN of any product, and you get a list of keywords on which it’s indexed.

This is great for finding new keywords to add to your PPC campaigns or your listings.

Monthly Reports and Weekly Hot Products

These are little perks you can receive if you have a yearly plan with AMZScout. The Monthly Report contains a variety of interesting information, like new trends on Amazon as a whole, as well as useful tips and tricks that are not available in other publications.

The most recent one had a lot of useful information about consumer behavior during a recession.

The Weekly Hot Products is basically a little gem on any niche that AMZScout staff members find and share with users.

The products are usually very much aimed at private-label sellers, and they usually feature niches that are growing and have a high demand with medium to low competition.


We know what the tools can do and what they can offer. Now it’s time to get into how much these tools cost. There are two options, and three different time frames.

how much these tools cost

The first option is for a monthly subscription. The difference between only getting the Extension (which includes the seller course), or all of the above tools we mentioned so far in the Bundle is only $4/month.

The next is the yearly option:

The next is the yearly option

This is where we can really see the price difference between the Extension and the whole Bundle. The monthly price here drops significantly.

Finally, we have the lifetime option:

this tool have the lifetime option

What customers say about the tools

What customers say about the tools

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many of the negative ones posting about a particular issue and then changing their review after having the issue resolved with the staff.

Pros and Cons

There are many pros to these tools:

  • They include a vast database that seems to cover everything you need to know about selling on Amazon
  • They work for almost all markets
  • They offer a very rich source of information
  • They give you the option to customize the way you use them, as well as how you extract the results.


  • The free trials are too short to really get a good sense of what it’s like to use the products on a regular basis
  • There are no tools or features that help you with product launching.
  • The tools are primarily aimed at beginners. There is a lot of value that can be gained by veteran sellers, however, the main focus of the materials seems to be targeted for beginners.

Wrapping Up

The AMZScout tools have a lot to offer, especially for beginners who are looking to find their first product.

Also, there is an abundance of information, and it is packaged very elegantly. When it comes to product research and market intelligence, you can be sure that the AMZScout tools will take care of your needs.

Don’t forget that there is a free trial available, so you can play around with these features and see for yourself if you find it worth purchasing.

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