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Having Free Free Fire Accounts is something that many people want because what we already know is that skin prices are very expensive and we have to top up diamonds first. Well, for those of you who want to get it, then read this article to the end, guys.

The free fire game is still a popular game today because more than 100 million players are still actively playing this game every day.

This game released by Garena is indeed much liked by Android or iOS users, besides that free fire always holds events or tournaments every month.

Get Latest Free Fire AccountsGet Latest Free Fire Accounts

In this game, you will be presented with a variety of interesting items such as weapon skins, characters to cool bundles and to get all of that you also have to have so many diamonds.

Usually, players who have their full skin accounts can also be called free fire players because not all players have full elite pass accounts starting from season 1 to the current season.

Recently, it was also widely circulated among free fire players that there was news that an unused free fire accounts you could get that account for free, want to know how to see the review below:

Get Free Free Fire Account In 2024

Who doesn’t want to get and have a free fire accounts, because in the account there are certainly many skins, weapons, diamonds, and many other items?

And it can all be yours for free, you don’t have to spend money and drain your pocket at all.

In this very sophisticated era, it’s no wonder that items such as skins, weapons, and diamonds that you want to get have to be top-up beforehand. And that’s something you probably can’t do.

Because in 2024 the price of skins and other items is very expensive and can drain your pocket.

Now for those of you who don’t want your pockets to drain at all, you can check this article until it’s finished.

Because we have provided more than 150 free fire accounts for free that you want, this 2024 free fire accounts is entered using email, phone number, and password, Facebook, or vk.

Note: If you have selected an account from the list below, then when you log in but cannot, the account has been taken by another player. Therefore, you have to compete with other players, guys.

Garena Free Fire Free Accounts ID and PAssword [2024]

Free Fire account is indeed very difficult for you to take for free if you don’t use a cheat method, but below we will provide a free account that you can have + with the phone number of the account owner, along with the name and phone number.

Mobile NumberEmailPassword
0282251122608[email protected]shonyadholu
082292591111[email protected]marcel01
081366483303[email protected]gian12345
08718021268[email protected]Indrafqo
082251122608[email protected]aa12345aa
07801889300[email protected]oppo12345
087783381296[email protected]@0607199022
089626702848[email protected]1234fatimah
082324644168[email protected]mucool14

If you are not interested in the free fire accounts above, we will also provide free fire accounts by using the login method via FB, along with a name and password that you can choose.

Free Fire Account Newest FB Login

Free Fire Account Newest FB Login

If you have chosen an account that has a full skin, you can continue to get free fire accounts by logging in using Facebook, here are some names that you can choose from.

[email protected]jasdroideesunpto
[email protected]jasdroideesunpto
[email protected]duvis1522
[email protected]duvis1522
[email protected]jhoneduardhz4
[email protected]lucianuriel

Those are the full skin free fire accounts that you enter using the Facebook account login that we can provide for you to take.

But if you are also not interested in these accounts, you can immediately check out the latest premium accounts for free fire 2024 below, guys.

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Free Fire Account Top Global Badge (Free Premium Account)

Below we have also provided some of the top global free fire accounts because this free fire account already has so many badges that it can be said to be a Top Global account. The following are the names of the free accounts that you can choose from.

Phone NumberEmailPassword
082312304361[email protected]shahrukh
081207964421[email protected]18050000
089637385866[email protected]
085293688536[email protected]shonyadholu
082292591111[email protected]katherine2005
085277092015[email protected]isa8as17
087783381296[email protected]@0607199022
089626702848[email protected]1234fatimah
089637385866[email protected]jonathan12

It’s the premium accounts that have a lot of previous bundles and are definitely really cool guys, then below we will give you several accounts ranging from bronze rank aka wood to grandmaster, here is a list of accounts.

Account Free Fire Rank Bronze to Grandmaster [Free]

Free Bronze Free Fire Account [2024]

The specifications on this account are accounts that have just been created by the owner but are rarely used to play or are rarely logged in. You can take this Bronze rank account for free.

[email protected]ktrine3455
[email protected]mepelas2345
[email protected]oiu2323
[email protected]barewen22
[email protected]jonathan12

Free Free Fire Silver Account [2024]

Take 1 account from the list of free silver accounts below for you to play, because this free free fire account has a status that has gone up to master or gold rank. Just choose one account, guys.

Phone NumberEmailPassword
085277092015[email protected]787787878da
081514577657[email protected]anjelamasti22
082312304361[email protected]shahrukh6767
082280281149[email protected]baruti8890
089626702848[email protected]fatma7712

Free Free Fire Gold Account [2024]

Accounts that have this Gold rank have skins and diamonds, so it is very suitable if a free free fire account is taken for those of you who have never played using skins at all. Please just take one account, guys.

Mobile NumberEmailPassword
082301889300[email protected]aristo09
08718021268[email protected]lugito09
082292591111[email protected]raskiloo123
081366483033[email protected]marcel0177
082251122608[email protected]Indrafwann

Free Fire Platinum Account [2024]

This platinum rank account has a fairly high rank, please select it then take it and then secure the account. Because if you are late this account will be taken by another player.

Phone NumberEmailPassword
087783381296[email protected]@yun1234
082312304361[email protected]laban67
082324644168[email protected]joe2345
089626702848[email protected]dina12345
082251122608[email protected]Indrafqo

Free Fire Diamond Account [2024]

The free fire account that has a free diamond rank is then taken from the free fire accounts from season 1 and also season 2. If you have got it, secure the diamond rank account then you change the password.

[email protected]rateni23
[email protected]lorddiki899
[email protected]hendrz8009
[email protected]vergator667
[email protected]epicterus22

Free Master Rank Free Fire Account [2024]

There were a lot of players who wanted a Master rank account, but it was quite difficult for them to reach this highest rank. But, you can take one free fire account that has a master rank for free below.

Phone NumberEmailPassword
085277092015[email protected]661818816add
081366483303[email protected]barkinan
082292591111[email protected]bariyum22
082312304361[email protected]lamamia11
082251122608[email protected]tompel345

Newest Grandsmaster Free Fire Account Free [2024]

For those of you who want a free fire account that has the rank of grandmaster, you can see the list of account recommendations below, guys.

[email protected]sniperm4n
[email protected]lifsrix689
[email protected]cidliyMyne996
[email protected]expilvacgek6325
[email protected]ifixcvayGEM
[email protected]imap6n702
[email protected]oftreps4968
[email protected]creelimifsTP6
[email protected]55major55
[email protected]francisnicole1

For those of you who don’t get the free account that we have provided above, don’t regret it. Because you can also get a free fire account in other ways.

So the tips are to enter the free fire game on your cellphone, then you can enter the email or phone number that we have provided above then you enter the password, if successful you will get an account for free.

But if the email or phone number and password that you entered cannot enter the desired free fire account, it means that the email and password have been taken by the person who got it first. So you have to keep looking for other accounts.

How to Restore a Phishing Affected Free Fire Account

Many players want to get free fire accounts for free by phishing. Because using phishing will give a different feel when we manage to get the account.

Well, one of them is that God feels proud because he has succeeded in becoming a hacker, the second can use a free fire account.

The method of taking over an account using a phishing technique is the same as using an account hacker technique.

But, after we saw a video tutorial on how to take someone else’s free fire account using phishing, those whose account was hacked can still retrieve it by copying your account’s free fire id.

By copying the free fire id of the person who has an account, you can take over the account again by reporting to Garena to make Garena free fire Tickets. Well, for that just undo your intention to get an account through a phishing trick.

Note: TechMaina does not support any kind of hijacking or illegal use of accounts. The accounts mentioned on TechMaina are submitted by users or collected from other open-access portals.

Can This Free Free Fire Account Work?

This may be a big question for you, so we need to convey that this sultan’s free-fire account when updating the account article is in a state of being able to log in and work.

So it can still be used. If you’ve tried it and can’t use it, chances are that someone already got the account and then changed the password.

This clearly makes the free fire account impossible to use because someone already has it. Our advice is you need to try it one by one in order to get a free fire account.

It takes patience because this is free. Hopefully, you can get the account you want.


Congratulations on using the Free free fire Accounts, guys and we thank you for visiting techmaina, for the future, we will always provide articles that are very useful for all of you.

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