How To Add M4R To iPhone: The Easiest Way!


In this article, we are going to share with you How To Add M4R To iPhone without iTunes.

If you’re like most iPhone users, you probably have a few ringtones that you regularly use to notify you of incoming calls and messages. But what if you want to add your own custom ringtone?

It’s actually pretty easy to do, and in this post, we’ll show you how!

How to Add M4R to iPhone Without iTunes

Keep reading for instructions on how to add m4rto iPhone!

Option 1. Add Customize Ringtones to iPhone using iRingg

Add Customize Ringtones to iPhone using iRingg

Who needs to add ringtones to their iPhone the old-fashioned way? Not me, that’s for sure!

I use iRingg to add ringtones to my iPhone in a matter of minutes. Let’s see how I do it the iRingg way!

Step 1: Make sure to download iRingg on your desktop – it’s free to try for a day and only costs $19.90 for the full version.

Step 2: In the For You tab, you’ll find ringtones based on your music preference (Now that’s called 6Sense! Yeah!).

It searches what’s available in local libraries and shows them to you, allowing easy access no matter where or how often they play!

The best part is – all data is stored locally on your computer; use a built-in search browser to look up any song.

Step 3: Apply more Customization!

iRingg is an answer for how to put ringtones on your iPhone! You can easily trim a custom-made tone with the touch of one button.

Plus, there are plenty more features waiting inside, too – like SndMojis, which are sound effects that will completely transform any track into something unique.

Step 4: iRingg is the best way to add ringtones and edit them on your iPhone without iTunes.

The app creates m4r files, which can be sent directly from within it or saved locally for later use! You may find it in iPhone > Settings > Sounds.

iRingg is a ringtone creator that works with Softorino’s innovative technology, UCB. You may use it to add tones to any iOS device you have.

While also allowing users an easy 1 click process of getting a quality-sounding custom-made sound effect they may want more of in their life!

Option 2: Our Next go-to App is WALTR PRO!

Our next go-to app is WALTR PRO!

But unlike iRingg, WALTR PRO isn’t limited to ringtones. WALTR PRO enables you to move music, movies, ebooks, and ringtones from an iPhone or other Apple device.

It can handle a variety of audio/video codecs – MKV, AVI, FLAC, APE, AIFF, and so on.

There is also NO need for iTunes. Really? Yeah!

So, you want to know how to set full songs as your ringtones on your iPhone? With WALTR PRO, it’s actually really easy–you don’t have to trim them at all!

Let’s see how we can do it!

Step 1: Download WALTR PRO and Open it!

There is no charge for the download. The full version costs $39.90. Install the app and watch a brief onboarding video right there to make sure you understand everything about WALTR’s incredible abilities!

Step 2: The user interface is really simple to use. There are no hundreds of tabs and settings to confuse you as there are in iTunes or other similar programs.

Connect your iPhone device using a regular USB cable, as WALTR will request.

You can also click the settings wheel in the right bottom corner of the program and pick ‘Allow Wi-Fi Connection.’

After that, you may connect your iPhone to it without using iTunes via Wi-Fi!

Step 3: Drag your file into WALTR!

It takes only a few seconds to transfer it to an iPhone. And not only iPhone – WALTR PRO is good enough for your iPods as well!


Step 4: Now Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone and select your favorite track

Simply choose the music you wish to use from your iPhone’s Settings app in the Ringtone section. There you have it!

That was really simple, wasn’t it? You could look all over the internet – but you won’t find anything closely comparable to WALTR.

In reality, there is no better method to get iPhone m4r ringtones than this.

Key Takeaway:

We hope it has been both informative and helpful in your search for a way to create ringtones from an m4r file.

If so, we recommend using IRingg or WALTR PRO. They are easy-to-use software programs that work perfectly well for converting music files into ringers without any hassle whatsoever!

So go ahead and download them now – just follow the links above – and enjoy all of their features at a low-cost Universal Licence today!

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