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Tiktok Video Downloader – One of the things that becomes a question after downloading Tiktok videos without a watermark is the quality of the resulting video is it still the same as the original video or is it blurry? Of course not if you know-how.

Considering how to download Tiktok videos without a watermark, which we will do online, such as through websites, applications, and telegrams, many people think that this will change the quality of the graphics down.

Tiktok is a social networking application with a video sharing base that has now become the most popular application with a fantastic number of users, which is 100,000,000 with an average positive review of 4 stars.

Tiktok Video Downloader Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark

Knowing this, TikTok is currently being loved by teenagers because it can make videos while being stylish in front of the camera with music and effects.

We can also make videos with various categories ranging from the categories of challenges, daily life, words of wisdom, musicals, and many others.

Of course, with today’s smart smartphones, the results of making Tiktok videos can also be used to create statuses on Instagram Stories (instastory), WhatsApp Status to short Video statuses on Facebook.

But the problem is how do we download videos from the Tiktok application without the Watermark with original quality? Check out the information in a moment.

How To Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark?

There are many ways that can be done to download Tiktok videos without watermarks and song sounds, such as through the direct website and also through the Instagram application.

But how to make the image quality High definition (HD) of course you have to read this article to the end.

Download the Latest HD Tiktok Videos Without Watermark 2022

Nowadays many online sites are used as video downloaders ranging from YouTube videos to videos from social media ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to Tiktok.

Because our discussion this time is more focused on the application from China, namely Tiktok Pte, then you can download the video by using the following online site.

1. sssTikTok – Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark

sssTikTok – Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark

sssTikTok has always been trusted to be able to download Tiktok videos without a watermark via Copy URL.

Even today, the sssTikTok io application is officially available on the Google Playstore with compatibility for all devices with the current operating system.

For those of you who don’t know how to download Tiktok videos without the WM logo, please use the link at the beginning of the paragraph because we have a very complete review there.

Application NameSSSTiktok i
VersionLatest v1.23
DeveloperBarry Guevremont
Device SupportAndroid 4.4++
FunctionDownload Video & Audio HD Tiktok

Advantages of sssTikTok:

  • No need for an account ID number
  • Fast download process just a few minutes
  • For free
  • No copyright logo
  • Download videos on PC Computer devices
  • Compatible with all Android and iPhone devices

Lack of sssTikTok:

  • Sometimes long responses, have to reload

Know Also:

2. Snaptik – Download Tiktok Video Without Watermark

Snaptik - Download Tiktok Video Without Watermark

The Snaptik website was created by a developer called Fun Guys, which you can now see on the Playstore application here.

For those of you who always make TikTok content videos, you can also easily share them to other platforms so that your work can be seen by many people.

Although the name is different from the application version, the snapX by Snaptik application has received many positive reviews and is still believed to be one of the best applications for downloading Tiktok videos without WM.

VersionLast Version 1.06
DeveloperFun Guys
Device supportAndroid 4.4 ++
Size11 MB

Advantages of Snaptik:

  • Can download only Audio Tiktok
  • Super fast download process
  • For free
  • Without copyright Tiktok

Snaptic deficiency:

  • In the App version, the name is SnapX

Get Also:

3. Savefrom – Download Video Tiktok Without Watermark

Savefrom – Download Video Tiktok Without Watermark

Maybe those of you who like to download MP3s from Youtube are familiar and even often hear about the Save From the site. This site is indeed more often used to download audio with only file links.

In addition to being able to download FB videos, Twitter videos, and Ig videos, this site can also be used to download Tiktok videos that can be watched offline.

You can also choose the quality of the video before downloading the video, but of course, there is an increase in the file size as well.,

NameSave Master
VersionNewest 1.58
DeveloperSave Master & Video Downloader
Device supportAndroid 4.4 +

Advantages of SaveFrom:

  • Already supports Laptop or Computer
  • Fast download process
  • For free
  • No copyright logo

Disadvantages of SaveFrom:

  • During the process, sometimes an error appears
  • Show ads

4. Savetik – Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark

Savetik – Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark

Savetik is a website specifically for downloading Tiktok videos from all devices, from gadgets to computers.

In addition to the website version, it turns out that the developer BghitNkodi Studios made an application for users to be able to download Tiktok videos directly in a practical way.

Equivalent to the file size of other Kindergarten video downloaders, all devices can install this application without errors and of course, it’s very easy.

VersionLatest 7.3
DeveloperBghitNkodi Studios
Device supportAndroid 5.0 +

Advantages of Savetik:

  • Support All Device
  • For free
  • Fastest process

Disadvantages of Savetik:

  • Need Document For Readdle App to download from iPod, iPad, and iPhone
  • Complicated download storage

Other Tiktok Video Downloader Sites:

  • Tikmate.app
  • Savetik.cc
  • Savetik.net
  • Savetik.id

Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark Via Telegram

Who says nowadays telegram is only used to discuss and watch some of our favorite videos? In fact, with Telegram Bot we can download Tiktok videos.

Even on telegram, the video quality of Tiktok after downloading will not be broken or reduced to multiple Pixels.

Curious? If you want to know how you can see the steps as follows.

How to download Tiktok videos on Telegram

  1. First, you must have the Telegram application that has been activated
  2. Then, copy the link from the Tiktok video that you want to download.
  3. Next, you visit the telegram bot, download the Tiktok video.
  4. Paste the link in the Chat column.
  5. If you have, you press send.
  6. Next, there will be a reply or response
  7. Next, a thumbnail image of the Tiktok video will appear
  8. Press the image to start downloading
  9. Finished

Bot Telegram download video Tiktok

Apart from the application, bots can be used to remove the watermark on TikTok. It’s very easy, you just do a search for the telegram bot and paste the URL link of the video you want to download.

Here are some Telegram bots that you can use to download videos from the Tiktok social network.

  • @HK_Tiktok_Bot
  • @downloader_tiktok_bot
  • @ttsvebot
  • @tiktockbot
  • @HK_MXTakatak_bot


That’s how to download Tiktok videos without a watermark and use the best-selling application for free to use with super-fast download speeds that we can convey.

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