Host IT Smart Review – Web Hosting For Small Business & Start-Ups


There are a lot of hosting platforms out there, and you can get worked up while trying to find a hosting service that is “the one” for you.

Good hosting is the most important pillar of your web business, as it can make or break the structure of your online service.

As overwhelming as it feels, finding the right hosting platform to realize your online dream is actually quite simple.

Host IT Smart Review – Web Hosting For Small Business & Start-Ups

Whether you’re a multi-billion-dollar business or a start-up, there are only two things you need from your hosting service provider:

1. Performance & Reliability

But since a start-up usually tends to be on a shoe-string budget, we’ll add one more:

2. Affordability

A good option that comes with three of these traits is an Indian hosting service called Host IT Smart,  and it might just be the perfect one for your hosting needs.

Let us see what they have to offer…

Host IT Smart Review

Affordable Plans:

Host IT Smart offers affordable plans, some of which seem to have been designed keeping small start-up ventures in mind. They even offer high-performance plans that would be suitable for hosting large e-commerce stores that are high in complexity.

If you are a blog that seeks to address a great audience or even a small e-commerce store, check out their Low-cost web hosting plans.

Host IT Smart Shared Hosting Packages

Host IT Smart Shared Hosting Packages

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Host IT Smart’s VPS Packages

Host IT Smart’s VPS Packages


In a day and age of short attention spans, performance matters more than ever. You want your site to load faster and serve better. A big part of this depends on your hosting service and the type of service you choose.

E.g., If you have a sizeable audience, shared hosting will not be ideal for you because performance will depend on the activities over other websites on the shared server.

If you are looking to migrate a website from one server to another then it’s the right time to migrate with Host IT Smart

Less Downtime

Less Downtime is a phenomenon that has not yet seen technical fruition, as it is impossible to go on hosting with no maintenance. But a high uptime is surely something you should be looking for in a hosting service. Whenever your website is down, you will lose a piece of your audience. So, a lower, pre-specified downtime helps ensure any of your heavy crowd-drawing campaigns do not overlap with such maintenance periods.

Host IT Smart offers a promise of 99.95% uptime, which is good for business.

SSL Security

Host IT Smart provides free Secure Sockets Layer Certification with hosting plans to ensure data security.

We can’t stress enough how important security is and how the simple Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) does not cut it. HTTP is a protocol that is used for data transfer on the internet. But this does not promise data security during transfers. And so, there is a need to encrypt this data using a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL.

What basically happens to data transfer through SSL is that it is that the data is “translated” to a  language (code) that is only meaningful to the two communicating parties. This is called “encryption”. Your site needs an HTTPS protocol which is an HTTP protocol encrypted using an SSL.

Tech Support

With Host IT Smart, you get 24/7 call or chat support in case you have any issues. You may not need much help because their hosting comes with good performance, but they are quite reachable in the case that you do.

User Reviews

While not every individual is an expert, people as a whole have very good, intuitive capacities when it comes to reviews. We, as a species, have come this far by learning from one another.

You should go through your prospective hosting service provider’s user reviews before you dive into their waters. While not fixating on the rather harsh reviews of the particularly pissed-off individuals who were likely having a bad day, you need to know if there’s a recurring theme in those reviews.

Host IT Smart has a fair amount of people talking good things about their hosting, so it’s not just our words…

Here’s what some of them have to say:

Here’s what some of them have to say

Here’s what some of them have to say

Here’s what some of them have to say

Here’s what some of them have to say

Here’s what some of them have to say

To conclude, do your tight finances a favor, and go with an affordable but well-performing hosting provider.

Expensive hosting will cost your business, bad hosting may cost you your business

Until next time…

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