10+ Best Freelancing Sites To Earn Extra Income For Beginners


Best Freelancing Sites: Want to make extra money easily in the style of millennials?

Come on, look for your hobbies on freelancer sites.

Freelance work is an attractive option which in fact is very popular at this time.

Best Freelancing Sites to Earn Extra Income for Beginners

Just imagine, you can add to your coffers without having to come, with flexible time too. Isn’t it fun?

You only need gadget capital and an internet connection, of course, with special field skills.

For example, content writing, SEO, graphic design, programming, developing, marketing, teaching, and many more.

Best Freelancing WebSites

But yeah, not always looking for money as a freelancer, it’s as easy as for your crush on IG photos. You still have to have special skills and work, friend.

Fortunately, freelance work now has quite a big opportunity. There have been many freelance job vacancies with a variety of skills.

Plus, there are not a few freelance, remote, and online job platforms available.

So, how do you make additional money by freelancing?

Take it easy, there are lots of freelancer design site platforms, freelance writer sites, marketing, and others.

What is a Freelancer’s Site?

What is a Freelancer's Site

As the name suggests, a freelance site is a platform where freelance job seekers and freelance service seekers gather.

Here, service seekers will post a job, and job seekers will bid to get the job.

Using freelance sites, you can find jobs more easily. There are a wide variety of jobs offered on freelance sites.

Through this site, you can take jobs from anywhere. Whether it’s from outside the region or from abroad though.

The more work you take on, the more portfolio you have. Over time, your skills and reputation will also get better. This is what will then help build your freelance career.

What are the advantages of the Freelancer Platform?

This kind of platform allows you to find clients easily while building a career as a freelancer.

Already so, freelance sites are also the best media to hone skills. The reason is, on this platform, there are lots of projects with different skills for you to try.

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Are Freelance Sites Profitable?

Make no mistake, the freelance platform is not just a lure, you know, especially PHP. There are not a few freelance projects on certain sites that pay up to millions of rupiah per project.

Can you imagine if you get 10 projects per month? Especially if the project is from abroad and uses USD.

So auto rich ya! Money fans every day or wants to take photos with a bunch of money? wow.

Are you curious? Here are some of the best quality and trusted Indian freelancer sites that are suitable for beginners.

Come on, listen so that you don’t have poor knowledge, hehe.

11 Freelance Websites to Make Extra Money In 2024

We have selected a list of Indian and international freelance websites below based on research from various sources.

Our indicators of consideration are features, number/variety of work, and of course reviews from users of the freelance website.

One thing you need to remember. Below, we include Indian freelance sites first, then international freelance sites.

So, this numbering sequence is random. Not that site number one is more trusted than number seven. All of the sites below are equally trusted and you can use any as needed.

1. Sribulancer

Apart from Sribulancer, Sribulancer has also succeeded in establishing itself as India’s most popular freelance job site. This is because Sribulancer is one of the best freelance websites for beginners.

Not much different from Projects.co.in, you can find various types of jobs here. Website making? There is. Graphic design? Oh, there are too. Writing articles? Yes, please.

Sribulancer was also one of the first freelance sites to offer payments via bank transfer. So, it is very suitable for Indian citizens, most of whom do not have credit cards.

Sribulancer also supports payments in USD or IDR as their website is also available in English for international purposes. So that it allows you to get clients from abroad.


  • One of the most popular freelance sites in India. A variety of clients requiring a variety of jobs can be found here.
  • Go International! Sribulancer is available in two languages ​​and in two currencies, so you can get clients from overseas.

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2. Sribu

Sribu or SribuDesign is an Indian freelance site that is under the same management as Sribulancer.

However, unlike Sribulancer, which offers a wide range of freelance services, Sribu only focuses on freelancing around graphic design.

So that this freelance website is suitable for both beginner and expert Graphic Designers.

Even though it only focuses on graphic design, the types of designs here are very diverse. You can find jobs that are “simple” such as logo design, to complex jobs such as interior design.

In Sribu there is also a contest system, where job seekers will submit their work to the owner of a project.

By entering the contest, you can add to your portfolio. In fact, when you win the contest, not only will your client choose your work, but you will also get a prize from Sribu. Interesting right?


  • Focus on graphic design. Suitable for those of you who wrestle in the world of graphic design.
  • Clients are looking for various types of graphic designs. Not only limited to logo design, but also interior design.
  • Contest system to add to your portfolio and get prizes from Sribu.

3. Fiverr

The first international website on this list is Fiverr. Fiverr has a way of working that is exactly the opposite of most of the freelance websites that exist.

On other freelance sites, it is the client who makes the announcement to find freelance workers. But on Fiverr, it’s freelancers who make the announcements looking for clients.

The system on Fiverr is of course unique. Because you don’t have to bother applying or promoting on announcements that clients open one by one.

You just have to make an announcement and wait for your announcement to find suitable clients.

Fiverr also highly respects the privacy of the users who use this site.

So, you don’t need to be afraid of fraud or leakage of personal data. Fiverr also uses a sophisticated data security system, so that if you exchange files there, its security is guaranteed.


  • Clients who are looking for you. So, you don’t have to bother looking for clients here and there.
  • Advanced security system. No need to be afraid of being tricked or having your personal data stolen.

4. Upwork

Upwork is known as the largest freelance website in cyberspace with more than 12 million job seekers and three million clients there. With these incredible numbers, you can find plenty of job opportunities here.

In Upwork, the payment system can be in the form of an hourly or per project completed. So, it gives flexibility to both job seekers and service seekers.

Upwork also provides various features that can support your freelance career journey. Call it like collaborative space and invoice creation.


  • The biggest freelance site. So you can find clients who need various kinds of work here.
  • Flexible payment system. It can be per hour or per project, depending on the agreement.
  • Freelance career support features. Like collaborative space and default invoice maker. So, this freelance website is very accommodating for beginner freelancers.

5. Freelancers

Almost similar to Upwork, Freelancers are also among the best freelance sites with the largest number of users. According to reports, there are more than 42 million job seekers and clients who use this freelance site.

One thing that distinguishes Freelancers from other freelance sites is that you are required to pay to become a member here.

However, take it easy. You are not told to pay just like that, really. You are only required to pay after submitting eight proposals to service seekers.


  • One of the biggest freelance websites. There are more than 42 million job seekers and clients.
  • Free eight initial proposals (Free trial). You can try this site out before deciding to buy permanently. This shows that this freelance website is suitable for beginners.

6. Toptal

Unlike other freelance sites on this list, to register at Toptal you must have a quality portfolio.

Because Toptal offers service seekers the best talents in the world. So that the selection process here is also very strict.

The difficulty and guaranteed quality make the payouts on Toptal much higher than other freelance sites on this list.

In addition, you can also choose projects with long term or short term. So, it can be said that Toptal is the best freelance site for the elite.


  • Top 1%. Only elite job seekers/clients are here.
  • The pay is much higher than that of other freelance websites.

7. PeoplePerHour

To become a member of PeoplePerHour, you don’t need a penny.

However, the competition here can be said to be tougher than other freelance sites. Therefore, there is a rating system here that is useful for your promotion tools to compete.

Well, because of the intense competition at PeoplePerHour, you shouldn’t expect to get a big profit. Always set a reasonable price in order to compete with other users.


  • You don’t need money for registration. You can just register and use it.
  • Rating system for promotion in order to compete.

8. Teacher

Since its founding in 2001, Guru has become one of the best freelance websites in the world.

At Guru, both job seekers and service seekers are required to create their own profiles. Only then, when they matched their respective profiles, could work begin.

There are always new jobs at Guru every day, so you should check this freelance site often to keep it up-to-date. You can also search for jobs by location, category or type of payment (hourly or per project).


  • Profile matching system. This system can minimize incompatibilities with clients.
  • New jobs every day.
  • The job search feature allows you to search for jobs by location, category, or type of payment.

9. SimplyHired

Perhaps from the variety of jobs on offer, SimplyHired occupies the top position. There are technology-themed jobs, administrative work, and even construction work.

Apart from that, SimplyHired also offers jobs from 24 different countries and provides a feature to search for jobs in locations closest to you. Very useful, right?

SimplyHired is the best freelance site to offer both online and offline jobs. So if you don’t find a job on another freelance site that suits your skills, SimplyHired can be an alternative.


  • The variety of jobs is enormous, from technology to construction.
  • Jobs from 24 different countries. The opportunity to get clients is greater.
  • Available online and offline jobs. So an attractive alternative to getting a job compared to other freelance sites.

10. Writer Access

As the name suggests, Writer Access is one of the best freelance sites for freelance writers.

In Writer Access, you can find a variety of jobs related to the world of writing. Some of them include writing articles, case studies, scientific reports, and many others.

Writer Access also offers various tools such as keyword optimization, content planner, and analytics. These various tools can help your work as a writer to be efficient and of higher quality.


  • Especially for writers. It’s rare for a freelance site for writers and Writer Access to be one of the best.
  • Various tools that help. From content planner to analytics.

11. 99design

From the name, it seems clear that this freelance website is indeed focused on designers. Similar to Sribu, at 99design you can also compete in contests to attract service seekers to you.

Don’t worry, this freelance website also provides various articles for beginner graphic designers. There are design tips, tips on building a freelance career, and many others.


  • Focus on projects for designers.
  • Helpful article. Various articles can help you build a freelance career.


If you are just starting out in your freelance career, we recommend trying out Indian freelance websites that are suitable for beginners. Like Sribulancer and SribuDesign.

Only when you are familiar with the world of freelance, you can register on international freelance sites to improve your skills and add to your portfolio.

Now, after you are truly an expert in your field, you can try joining Toptal.

We hope that the 11 lists of the best Indian and international freelance sites above can help you get more clients.

If you want your freelance career to develop further. we suggest you have a website.

Apart from making it look more professional, the website can be a place to put your portfolio so that it is more reliable.

In short, a website presence can be the best way to increase your personal branding.

Take it easy, you don’t need a coding expert to create a website, really. A freelance designer or freelance writer can also have a website that is no less good.

Don’t forget to click the subscribe button below to get tips about the internet directly to your email. Good luck with your freelance career, yes!

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