How to Get Free DJ Alok Character in Free Fire [2024]


How to Get Free DJ Alok Character in Free Fire easily, maybe not all players know, even though the free fire game is already familiar to the ears.

Or are you a gamer who plays this game? Free Fire has lots of cool player characters, like DJ Alok.

Alok’s own character has become iconic in this free-fire game. So it’s not surprising that many players want Alok’s character as his own. The price of this Alok character is 599 diamonds.

How to Get Free DJ Alok Character in Free Fire Without Diamonds

Alok is a character inspired by world-famous figures. The figure is DJ Alok from Brazil. For those of you who want to have it, then here it is.

Various Ways to Get Free DJ Alok in Free Fire You Can Do

For players who want Alok as their character. So, Alok can be obtained by buying directly at the store. However, the price is quite expensive. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it for free.

So, on this occasion, you will get information related to How to Get Alok with various things that you can do easily. Among them what you can do are as follows below.

Various Ways to Get Free DJ Alok in Free Fire You Can Do

#1. Through Free Fire Event

The first step to getting the Alok character that you can try is through the free fire event. Because at the event that is held, usually there will be many offers of player characters for free.

#2. Get Free DJ Alok from Giveaway

Next is to follow the social media of influencers who really like free fire. They usually often give giveaways to their followers on social media.

When you have this opportunity, don’t miss it as a way to get Alok’s character. Even though the chance to win a giveaway from an influencer is small, but it doesn’t hurt if you try it, right? What’s more, it’s free!

#3. Get it from Friend Squad

Playing free fire in a squad has many advantages. Especially if you have loyal friends. You can also get this Alok character for free. You can also ask the guild leader you are currently occupying.

By asking the guild leader, it is very likely that you will be given a gift in the form of Alok’s character for free.

This squad method is an easy and minimal risk method. So, is this method interesting for you to try?

#4. Through the Mystery Shop Feature

Another recommendation that you can do to get it is through the mystery shop feature. This method is not completely free. But you can get Alok’s character at a low price.

Buying a mystery shop does have a high risk. This is because the character you get may not be Alok’s character. But at least you bought it at a low price.

#5. Get DJ Alok via AirDrop Method

Get DJ Alok via AirDrop Method

The AirDrop method is the easiest method to get any character for free. From time to time, Free Fire provides Air Drops to most players.

In Dropbox, you can win DJ Alok Characters, several types of special Skins, FREE diamonds, emotes, Weapons, and many more surprise prizes.

You have to pay a fixed Rs.10/- as top-up balance to claim the Sir Drop package.

#6. Paytm’s First Google Play Game Voucher

You can get a free Alok FF method from a google voucher. You know, Paytm First is one of the leading fantasy tournament game apps. You can bid and play several games and sports.

You may not know, Paytm First hosts Garena Free Fire with a minimal entry fee. You can play any tournament and win tournaments to claim Free Google Play vouchers.

#7. Use the Free FF Top-Up Method

There are several methods available on the Internet which help you to get Free Top-Up Redeem codes. With this How to Get Free Alok FF, you can apply it to get Free Diamonds in your wallet.

After getting Diamonds, use them to buy DJ Alok characters with the bundle package for free. Later, use the diamond to get the DJ Alok character for free.

#8. Get Alok Characters from Booyah App for Free

Now in the Booyah app, several popular video creators are giving away characters, emotes, and many other things for Free.

You have to open the Booyah app and do some simple tasks like Like, Share, Subscribe. After that, they will send the Alok character Redeem Code.

#9. Google Survey Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards Android application available on the Google Play Store can be a way to get Alok FF for free.

Where users can answer surveys and will be rewarded for various ratings, surveys and forms.

After you complete certain tasks, you will be awarded a Google Play Gift Voucher. You can exchange it by buying the DJ Alok character.

#10. Amazon Pay 100% Cashback Offer

Amazon Pay is now running a 100% cashback offer by paying via Amazon Pay UPI. You can use this offer to buy Google Play Gift Cards worth Rs.50/-.

You only need to pay using Amazon Pay UPI. After that, you will get 100% cashback on your amazon payment balance.

Every month you can take advantage of this offer. Here are Account special offers. Check your Amazon Account using this link. If you are lucky, take advantage of this offer.

Collect a minimum of four Amazon Accounts and purchase a Google Play Voucher worth Rs.400/- to avail of Free DJ Alok Characters.

The various ways to get Alok’s character have their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose how to get Alok’s character according to your wishes.

Remember this Alok character is a favorite, so make sure you’ve tried the Alok character as your game character. Because with Alok’s character you also have a big chance of winning.

Benefits of Using DJ Alok in Free Fire

After discussing how to get DJ Alok, let’s take a look at the advantages of using this one character. As one of the best support/buffers in Free Fire, of course, this character cannot be underestimated.

IS the Strongest Buffer in Free Fire


DJ Alok is a very strong buffer character thanks to his skills. He is able to provide many benefits to himself and his team.

With DJ Alok’s buff you and the whole squad don’t even have to be afraid to step in and rush.

Perfect With Any Character

The advantage when using DJ Alok is that he doesn’t need a good team composition. He is very strong and even able to play with any character in Free Fire. His buff is very useful for anyone.

Have Very High Potential

Alok is a character who has very high potential. He can play at any level, low or high. In the right hands, the true power of this character will be even more dangerous.

Even a Support, Can be Played Aggressively

Although he is a character who has a design as support, Alok actually has a very high potential as a rusher.

This is because of his skill gives a very high buff you can take advantage of. When the skill is active, Alok can advance with his squad and continue to advance without stopping if the skill is still active.

How to Unlock Dj Alok in the Free Fire Application?

If you have obtained How to Get Free Alok FF. You can claim any character and hold that character as long as possible by following the steps below.

Log in to the Free Fire App

First of all, open your Free Fire App on your Phone. Now use your Facebook account to Login into Your Account. Next, click on the store page from the left side of your App.

Do Unlock

Select the DJ Alok Character, and click the Unlock Now button. Before making a payment, make sure you have applied the 100 diamonds coupon code. Finally, use your diamonds and unlock Free DJ Alok Characters.

How to Buy Alok with Gold

Well, no need to linger any longer, just follow the steps below:

  1. Install Power VPN which you can get via the button we have provided.
  2. Open the VPN application, then select the Hong Kong region.
  3. Connect the VPN by pressing the blue button in the middle of the screen. Then, wait until the network is connected with an IP that is already available.
  4. After connecting, you can open the Free Fire game on your cellphone.
  5. Enter the shop, then select a character.
  6. You should now be able to see the option to purchase Alok with either 8,000 gold or 599 dm.
  7. Finally, choose a purchase using gold and you can get Alok without using dm.


So, those are the tips on how to get Alok FF for free. Immediately practice the methods above to get Alok’s character as an actor in the ff game that you are fighting for in the various competitions you are participating in.

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