How to Remove the TikTok Watermark with SssTikvideo [2022]


SssTikvideo is the most effective online tool for eliminating watermarks from videos on the web. Because this tool is available online, there is no need to download an application.

Simply navigate to the URL and follow the simple instructions to remove the watermark from your movies. Once you start using it, you will quickly become a fan of the web.

How to Remove the TikTok Watermark with SssTikvideo

What Exactly is a Tik Tok Mark?

Like other people, you probably started shooting videos or watching TikTok years ago. What is TikTok? You’d seen it before on the left bottom, but not the watermark.

People use various strategies to make their recordings appear to be free of this mark, but they still struggle to remove it completely.

True, most people utilize photos and logos on the side, but they still target them. To remove the watermark, simply download it from the site.

You already know how to copy and paste links. Simply copy and paste the link to download it and use it wherever you like.

Remove and Add a Watermark (Andriod)

A nice and simple way to add and erase watermarks from your phone is Ssstikvideo website.

A SssTikvideo’s watermark can be easily added or removed. Imagine how easy it is to remove a watermark by simply selecting it.

The SssTikvideo has everything you need to remove the watermark. Use the crop tool judiciously to crop this.

  • Search the web for “SssTikvideo”.
  • Paste the video link of TikTok into the function bar in the page
  • Click the Download button to start the download
  • After completion, click “Download to MP4” to save it to any location on your computer.

Remove and Add a Watermark (Andriod)

(iOS) SssTikvideo

SssTikvideo is a new website feature that users use on IOS to remove the logo and watermarks.

Thousands of TikTok users use this programme convert tiktok video no watermark. Initially, applications only offered limited options for removing video watermarks from their websites.

Open the SssTikvideo website, and after a few seconds, the TikTok video can be left without the watermark.

  • After that, open it. From any page, link the “Past TikTok Link here” icon > “Download” and use your iPad or iPhone to easily select the TikTok video that needs to be watermarked in a safe way.
  • Next, select the MP3 or MP4 format of the TikTok video and select the watermark in the video to exclude it.
  • After that, hit the export icon to start erasing the watermark from the video.

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Use SssTikvideo on Your Desktop

Some people aren’t big fans of using a small screen. Yes, it depends on their choice. Here is a simple hack for desktop users.

  1. First, your TikTok account on a large-screen laptop or desktop, whichever is available.
  2. Select specific videos to repurpose without the TikTok watermark.
  3. Make sure to copy the link.
  4. Go back to the SssTikvideo website, paste the video link into the box, and click the button.
  5. Click the first “Download” button and your problem will be solved within a minute.

Save TikTok Videos without Watermark for iPhone Users

  1. Go to your TikTok profile and choose the video you want to watch.
  2. Click on those three dots under the Comments icon and start scrolling down to the row below. Click “Copy Link”.
  3. Then use “Documents by Readdle” to open the official website of SssTikvideo
  4. Paste the link you just copied in TikTok into the function bar – “Past TikTok link here”
  5. Click “Download”
  6. Then save the video in your device’s photo album to see the no watermark TikTok video.


You’re inspired to create more creative TikTok video content after reading this. Similarly, we assume users still enjoy modern websites like SssTikvideo that deliver solutions.

We want suggestions and ideas to improve our future. Contact us on Twitter, Instagram, or email. We value our users’ input. You can also use the hashtag on social media.

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