Top Virtual Card Services for Media Buying in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide


As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, media buying has become an integral part of a marketer’s toolkit.

In 2024, the use of virtual cards for media buying offers unparalleled convenience and security.

Virtual Card Services

Here’s a look at some of the top virtual card services catering to the needs of media buyers this year.


Top Virtual Card Services

PSTNET continues to be a leader among services providing virtual cards for advertising, especially for media buyers.

With its commitment to competitive fees and a plethora of BINs (Bank Identification Numbers), PSTNET caters effectively to diverse advertising needs.

Noteworthy is their 3% cashback on advertising spending on platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok, along with the provision of up to 100 free cards each month.

The service offers more than 20 types of virtual cards, ideal for various advertising needs. There are also cards that can be used to pay for any purchases that do not have spending limits.

Convenient registration, team functionalities, and various funding methods make it particularly appealing, with significant advantages including no transaction fees, fund withdrawals, declined payments, and operations with blocked cards.

2. has emerged as a significant player in the virtual card space, particularly for media buying. Known for its flexibility and a wide range of virtual card options, caters to various user needs and budgets. The service is frequently updated to stay competitive and offers a selection of cards specifically designed for advertising purposes. This makes it an ideal choice for media buyers looking for tailored solutions for their advertising campaigns.

3. Flexcard


A reliable service for individuals and teams, Flexcard provides virtual debit cards with unlimited issuance, suitable for various traffic sources. Features like a low top-up fee and a minimum top-up amount of $50 make it a practical choice for media buyers.

4. Revolut


For instant and free virtual card solutions, Revolut is a go-to service. Available in over 50 states in the US, Revolut offers various plans suited for both personal and business use. Their virtual cards, combined with services like budgeting and analytics, make them a strong contender in the media buying space.

5. Advcash


Advcash stands out with its diverse range of services, from local and international transfers to support for digital currencies. Its user-friendly interface and ability to draw money from ATMs make it a versatile choice for online payments.

6. is ideal for those looking for real-time tracking and control of online spending. This service is particularly useful for cashless travel and smart spending, offering rewards for every payment made.


For those prioritizing security, offers virtual credit cards with unique numbers for each transaction, enhancing the safety of online purchases. This service stands out for its high security and ease of use.

8. 4×


4× offers sub-accounts, virtual and private bins, and a tariff network, making it a comprehensive solution for advertising payments across multiple platforms. Its 24/7 support and a fully-functional app add to its user-friendliness.


Established in 2019, is perfect for e-commerce, offering trusted bins and finance management tools. The platform is tailored for team collaboration, with budgetary controls and real-time expense tracking.

10. LeadingCards


LeadingCards allows the issuance of cards from more than 12 issuers, catering to various GEOs. This service is known for its smooth payment processing and is suitable for companies with diverse payment needs.

In 2024, the right virtual card service can significantly enhance your media buying strategies, offering flexibility, security, and financial control. Whether you opt for PSTNET comprehensive solutions or the tailored offerings of services like Revolut or Flexcard, each provides unique features to suit different media buying requirements.

Make an informed choice to optimize your advertising spend and safeguard your financial resources in the dynamic world of digital advertising.

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