15+ Best Free File Sharing Apps for Android [No Ads]


On this occasion, TechMaina will be sharing the Best File Sharing Apps for Android that can send files in seconds.

Sharing files is one of the most common things Android users do. In general, file sharing can be in the form of photos, MP3 music, videos, documents, applications/apps, and much more.

Every time our friends ask for photos, songs, or applications, of course, we have to give. But if the size is very large it might feel lazy when I want to send it because I have to wait too long.

Best Free File Sharing Apps for Android

Imagine if a photo file is 2MB in size, while there are tens to hundreds of requests, of course, this will take hours if you only use the usual file transfer (BlueTooth) application.

Actually, there are many sophisticated and full-featured file transfer applications that can send files faster than Bluetooth.

But usually, the application uses a wifi connection as a media transfer. For more details, you see the review of the application below.

Best Apps to Share Files from Android [2024]

Here we have sharing very good apps to share files from Android to multiple devices and vice versa. All are free, of course, some have limitations.

But I think that for day-to-day we cannot ask for more if we take into account that the basic versions are completely free and ad-free.

We summarize the applications below from Google Play sources.

1. Send Anywhere

It is one of the best File Sharing Apps for Android over WiFi at high speed. With this application, sending files anywhere becomes easy and this application allows instant file transfer with ease.

To transfer a file, you only need a 6-digit key to link devices. No registration or login is required in this app and just pair the device and send data at high speed.

Main features:

  • Auto-Summarize: It is no longer necessary to restart the interrupted download. With “Auto-Resume”, the download resumes automatically from the place where it stopped.
  • Transfer history: Track all file transfers between two devices with a simplistic gesture through a message-like UI
  • Multi-Transfer: Now send transfers to multiple devices simultaneously.

2. Xender

Like today, most Android users and even iPhone users are familiar with this application. As it is the only application that allows you to transfer files from Android to Android and from iPhone to Android too.

The file transfer speed of this application is very acceptable than all different applications. You can share multiple files with multiple users using this application. So you have to try this app.

Main features:

  • Share any type of files anywhere, anytime
  • Absolutely without the use of mobile data
  • 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfer speed
  • Support Android, IOS, Windows, PC / Mac cross-platform transfer
  • No need for USB connection and PC software installation
  • Over 100 million files transferred daily

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3. Zapya

It is one of the best apps which can transfer your files from Android to Android over direct Wifi with super high speed.

You just need to install the app and then select the files you want to share on another Android device.

It is super easy to use and supports multiple languages

Main features:

  • Save Money on Expensive Internet Fees! The files Transfer without a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection. Zero data required to transfer files.
  • Sharing without cables. Share files from one device to another without cables.
  • Files Transfer of any format and size for free across multiple platforms. (Android, iOS, Windows XP / 7/8/10, Mac OSX, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10 and the Web)
  • Fun Multiplayer Games – Join the Action! Play games with friends and family without using cellular data!
  • QR Code Sharing- Create personalized QR codes and share content with QR codes!

4. Software Data Cable

It is one of the best File Sharing Apps for Android that allows you to transfer files from Android to a Computer or vice versa with super high-speed transfer.

You can send multiple files at once and the pairing process is also quite simple and easy than other apps.

It’s one of the best apps that connect computers to Android devices. Just connect your PC and Android with the same account simultaneously and you will be able to transfer files via WiFi.

It allows the transfer of single files, multiple files, entire folders or any kind of files or format at the same time and to several people with an efficiency of up to 100m distance

Main features:

  • One-click identification and file sharing between devices
  • Supports group sharing. Instantly share a party video, music albums, or images to your friends at once!
  • Share all kinds of files when and where.
    200 times the Bluetooth speed!
  • No USB cable, No data usage,
  • No need for internet,
  • Support Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad), Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac.
  • The choice of millions of users from different countries.

5. SHAREit

It is still a very popular File Sharing Apps for Android that is available for PC and smartphones.

In addition, using this application, you can even transfer files from Android to PC or vice versa with a very high-speed transfer.

You can send multiple files at once and the pairing process is also quite simple and easy than other apps.

Main features:

  • Share all kinds of files when and where.
  • 200 times the Bluetooth speed!
  • No USB cable needed, no data usage, no internet needed too
  • Support Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad), Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac.
  • The choice of more than 400 million users from 200 countries.
  • Top 1 application downloaded from Google Play in 15 countries and regions.

6. File Transfer

File transfer app is an advanced version of Wireless File Transfer which comes with great features like thumbnails/list view, Wireless APK installation, file management, app management, search, and much more.

It is the easiest and fastest way to send and receive files and folders from other smartphones, tablets, and computers. File transfer works cross-platform on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android …

Main features:

  • It is quick and easy. Configuration is not required, no need to enter an address to connect.
  • File Transfer is not Cloud Transfer. Files are transferred directly over your local network.
  • File Transfer is compatible with the File Storage app, the best file manager for iOS and File Storage Companion (free for Mac and for Windows).

7. WiFi Shout! WiFi Direct

This free application will allow you to share files from one Android to another at the speed of shooting.

You can use WiFi Direct technology to wirelessly transmit photos, videos, and any file directly between two Android devices.

So you have to try this app on your Android device.

Main features:

  • Simple web interface to manage and view files.
  • The lightweight interface delivers results quickly.
  • Streaming music, videos, and media like photos and photos taken by the browser.
  • Image Preview: Hover over any image to generate a preview without clicking on the image.
  • Click on a jpeg image to start the image gallery.
  • Ability to queue multiple downloads.
  • Security being essential, you have the option of securing browser access to your storage medium with a password.

8. SuperBeam

SuperBeam also the best File Sharing Apps for Android it is the easiest and fastest way to share large files between your devices using direct WiFi.

Devices can be paired using QR codes with the included QR code scanner, using NFC or manual sharing key

Main features:

  • Fast transfer speeds using direct WiFi.
  • Pair devices using NFC or QR Code scan.
  • Share with devices that don’t have SuperBeam via the web interface.
  • Share single or multiple files of any type
  • Keeps the history of all transfer operations.
  • The modern user interface, with simplified send/receive screens that can be merged under user interface settings.

9. Fast File Transfer

This app is also for transferring files between devices, but slightly in a way different from other apps.

Fast File Transfer app is one of the remarkable Android apps which improves Bluetooth speed up to 17x. And with it, you can enjoy high-speed file transfer.

Main features:

  • Receive any file from any device and operating system that supports WiFi
  • No need for an existing WiFi connection
  • Works completely Offline
  • The receiver does not need to have the application installed
  • Send multiple files as ZIP
  • Show QR codes for faster reception

10. CShare

CShare is a new app that lets you transfer apps, videos, music, and photos between phones. You can transfer apps, videos, music, and photos between two or more Android devices and it is approximately effective up to 100m away

Main features:

  • One-click identification and file sharing between devices,
  • Supports group sharing. immediately share a party video, music album, or images to your friends at once!
  • Phones with CShare can find each other automatically when they are nearby.

11. Pushbullet – SMS on PC

It is one of the best apps that connect PCs to Android devices. Just connect your PC and Android with the same account simultaneously and you will be able to transfer files via WiFi.

Main features:

  • Send and receive SMS messages from your computer,
  • Respond to messages from many popular apps including WhatsApp, Kik and Facebook Messenger,
  • The easiest way to get a link or file on your phone to open or share,
  • Deal with notifications on your computer as they arrive.

12. AirDroid

AirDroid lets you access and manages your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac, or the web, wirelessly, and for free.

Main features:

  • Mirror notifications of all authorized apps from your smartphone to your computer.
  • Back up photos and videos from your phone to your computer

13. Portal – WiFi File Transfer

Getting photos, videos, and other files from your computer to your phone should be quick and hassle-free. Portal Wifi file transfer does it for you in a way as easy as drag and drop.

Main features:

  • Transfer single files, multiple files or entire folders at once
  • Easily browse, open and share the files you put on your phone
  • Photos transferred with Portal are automatically placed in the Gallery of your phone
  • Clean the app cache to increase the transfer speed.

14. Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer makes full use of your device’s Bluetooth system for file sharing. Bluetooth File Transfer is one of the lightest Android file transfer apps.

You will be able to explore and share almost all types of files and folders with this app. By using its file transfer protocol, which offers to send and receiving of data between multiple devices.

It is completely free to use, but to use it in ad-free mode, you must purchase the Mediaeval Software licensing system.


  • It comes with a modern and widely accessible UI where you can browse and manage all the files and folders that are ready to be shared.
  • This application uses FTP and OPP protocols to transfer data on Bluetooth Integrated devices.
  • There is a security system and authorization system in place to avoid data theft and third-party interference.
  • The app supports AES and legacy 2.0 encryption for ZIP and RAR files.
  • It comes with a clean and fast file explorer for your convenience.
  • You can cut, copy, move, compress, extract, and do a lot more with its integrated tools.

15. Smart Transfer: File Sharing App

You’ll love Smart Transfer for its cross-platform file transfer capabilities. It is a comprehensive file sharing application that supports any kind of file sharing among multiple devices via hotspot and WiFi networks.

You can share or clone your previous phone content with just a few taps. Smart Transfer provides lightning-fast data transfer rates according to device conditions and provides enhanced security and efficient QR code sharing protocols.

The materialistic and concise layout of the app makes it more attractive to users.


  • You can transfer files seamlessly on multiple platforms, such as from iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone or iPad, Android to Android, and so on.
  • Has no limitations in size and data transfer packets.
  • The app also offers file sharing on 3G, mobile data and internet networks.
  • You can easily share or clone contacts and text messages between your devices.
  • Supports app transfer between devices and integrates with WhatsApp backup file-sharing capabilities.

16. XShare – Fast File Transfer

You can also try XShare, a popular Android file transfer app for sharing files without an internet connection.

In a very short time, this app has become one of the fastest file-sharing apps in the world. The app includes a very comprehensive user interface that will allow you to share almost any type of file in an instant.

Also, XShare won’t ask you to check the network or connect a USB cable to share files with others.

Just match the QR code with your sharing partner and enjoy the applaud format file-sharing system very fast.


  • Can share files faster, even 200 times better than Bluetooth.
  • File sharing option with QR code scan for extra security.
  • You can install this app using the quick install option to bypass many requirements.
  • Transfer files with multiple devices at once.
  • You can access internal and external storage without any problem.

17. inShare – Share Apps & File Transfer

InShot Inc. has presented its best Android file transfer app viz. inShare. With this app, you share any kind of file at high speed.

In fact, it is very easy to share the app with your friends and family with it. You can also share video files, photos, ebooks, PDF files, and most of the others.

Also, this app does not require a WiFi connection or mobile data to share files. At the same time, you can share a large number of files in a very short time with it.


  • The video-sharing speed of this app is up to 40 Mb per second.
  • One hundred times faster than a Bluetooth sharing system.
  • Unlimited large file sharing using this app.
  • You can transfer files offline, without wifi or even a network connection.
  • Let’s you share multiple files at once with just one tap.

Final Verdict

Thanks to these applications, you will be able to efficiently share large files in seconds between your Android phones and your computers without wasting your time.

Thank you very much for reading us, thank you for loving us. If you know of other applications that can complete this list, we will be delighted to mention them in the comments.

And if you liked this post thank you for sharing it on social networks and even why not leave us a like on our Twitter page.

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