150+ Best Unique Highlights Name for Instagram [2024]


In this article, we are going to share with you the Unique, Cool, Stylish highlights name for Instagram.

Instagram has a feature to share short stories commonly known as instastory or snapgram.

Unfortunately, the story only lasted 24 hours. But make no mistake, you can still capture the brief moment by making it a highlight or highlight.

Best Unique Highlights Name for Instagram

As we know that, Instagram Stories will disappear by itself after 24 hours have passed.

But with the Highlight, you can still save and display the story you want on your Instagram profile.

To make Highlights look more attractive, you can use the best Instagram bio or you can edit the highlights. Here are 4 ways to edit IG highlights to make it even cooler.

With this highlight, the stories you upload can be displayed permanently on your Instagram profile.

So that the highlight is more pleasing to the eye, you can give it an aesthetic name. Well, here are recommendations for IG aesthetic highlight names that you can use.

If you want to see other’s people Instagram stories without them knowing but you don’t know then you can check our previous article How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing.

What is Instagram Highlights?

Highlights are Instagram features in the form of folders containing short stories or stories that can be viewed at any time by the user’s followers. This folder can be found in the user account profile.

Because many stories are uploaded, usually Instagram users will distinguish highlights based on the moment.

In the previous article, we have shared the best girls name for Instagram, Therefore, to keep your Instagram account looking good, there are some recommendations for IG highlight names based on the moments below.

Benefits of Using Instagram Highlights

Do you want your Instagram profile to look aesthetic? If so, you can create aesthetic highlights or highlights. We have compiled a list of ig aesthetic highlight names in this article for you.

What are Instagram Highlights? Highlights or highlights are stories folders that appear on Instagram profiles. This feature is used to save multiple stories, for followers to watch at any time.

Unlike Instagram Stories which disappear after 24 hours, Instagram Highlights can be displayed permanently on your profile

The instantly feature has the weakness that it can only display stories in 24 hours. Therefore, you can use the highlight or highlight feature. Then, what are the advantages?

1. Stories Last Long

By using highlights or highlights, the stories you have uploaded will last a long time on your profile. So that some friends or followers can see it on another day.

2. Appreciate the Moment More

Maybe there are many moments that you want to capture, but it’s impossible to upload them to your Instagram feed. So you can upload those moments in the spotlight and can be used as archives.

3. Personal Branding

Today many people want to build their personal branding well through social media. Therefore, Instagram highlights can be a means for that.

You can upload what you like, hobbies, activities, and people who are closest to you. These things can be your branding in the eyes of others.

Some of these advantages may vary with others. But most use this feature to save the moment and appreciate the people who were in that moment.

Best Unique Highlights Name for Instagram [2024]

Did you know, in 2017, Instagram has launched a highlight feature for Instagram Stories? This feature allows users to save Instagram Stories so they can be viewed indefinitely by followers for 24 hours.

For those who don’t know how to make Instagram highlight cover tutorial highlights. Here are the steps: Precisely in the bio section of your Instagram if that’s what you want, just name your new highlight.

If you want to change the highlight on Instagram, it’s quite easy. Press and hold the highlight you want to edit the cover for. Tap highlight edit option to manage ig highlight.

Generally, Instagram users take advantage of this Instagram highlight feature to save Instagram Stories content that is considered very important for their followers.

The goal is none other than to make it easy to view repeatedly and at any time of course.

It turns out that creating an Instagram aesthetic account is not only in the form of photos, you know.

You can also set a highlight or IG with an aesthetic name. The following are recommendations for IG aesthetic highlight names, namely:


Name Highlight Instagram Aesthetic Food

The name IG Aesthetic has been used by many people and has been proven to help increase Follower.

Gamers, local and international celebrities use a very simple IG name, Aesthetic and most importantly, it must be short and clear so that it is easy for followers to remember.

Do you like creating stories about food? If so, you really need to make a highlight about food so that the moment doesn’t disappear within 24 hours.

There are several names that you can use including Foodies, All you can eat, Fully, Shiwu, Meat up, Whoops, and so on.

Newest Highlights Name for Instagram Haven’t Been Used

The following is a complete list of recommendations for short and Aesthetic IG account names that you can use as your Instagram account username with the following Aesthetic IG name:

  • Son.Slowmo
  • its_mee
  • u_re_myheart
  • fatamor_ghana
  • After.Life
  • fikriardli
  • renadelaa
  • ladyTurnip
  • dew.gallery
  • ISeeItIWantIt
  • poetsdago14
  • therealnurisya
  • krusitaputri_
  • sheerllyannaa
  • reycmail
  • kusummadesy25
  • sofiamaulidas
  • rinnamarlina
  • ekasubakti
  • tiara_fratiwi
  • HoneyLemon
  • wylafa.dis
  • SandSay
  • queen_hotpick
  • hohowindyanto
  • fazid26
  • milishwan
  • rizal7476
  • DirtBag[521]
  • mikisofia
  • rahmayantirizki
  • yollaprll
  • DollCrossThread
  • himamellah
  • nissaarr
  • intanasrram
  • Reels&RiverGirl
  • halodebora
  • narafudin
  • rofiqotula
  • lusianaganesha
  • Alien
  • GridFairy
  • mrsloli__
  • rnmardiyanaa
  • nitahura
  • mrs.vitri
  • lisaans_
  • mariaeansa
  • DollFace
  • KingTeen
  • moonshine
  • icekarim
  • godliness
  • revinassyarif
  • irwijaya_
  • syhrrahmah
  • ninanuryanah
  • maydinamey
  • windiazahra
  • nurbaeti_susanti
  • puspasaridwi
  • veelsa__
  • gtrayen
  • esco_sumampow
  • leila_meka
  • tnftr
  • nieena100219
  • Coolpineapple
  • matamarza
  • CinnamonBear
  • rizkymustari94
  • rusninurkhafifah
  • imasprat
  • RoseLife
  • gracedalenoh
  • hello_taaaa
  • whaty_24
  • susan_lyd
  • mute.yr
  • sweetz_diamond
  • Hi.Gloomy
  • im_ur_homee
  • howtobeart
  • savethearth
  • iknowu_
  • donothing
  • sanss_tu
  • black_goat
  • iamgoose
  • knockknock_whosthere
  • reuse_reduce_recycle_
  • kancooot
  • reach_dream
  • sugar_dedy
  • crazy_rich_bataqness
  • liquid_oil
  • yummy_taste

Highlights Name for Instagram Aesthetic Music

If you enjoy recommending music and want your followers to see it anytime. You can create highlights with aesthetic names, such as Dingdong, Doldolasol, Melodi, Soprano, My list, Boom, Shake it up, and others

Highlights Name for Instagram For Girls [2024]

  • BrilliantGamer
  • jungleman
  • Brave fighter
  • Wizard
  • It is Godith
  • Bearded angel
  • Zelama
  • Umoewin
  • CloudC0mmand
  • betray
  • Yethiel
  • given
  • dollhouse
  • Time rem
  • Jackpirates
  • Doodlemaster
  • D-Gray
  • Mastodon
  • jungleHero
  • jailbreak
  • Yianist
  • TheExecutor
  • oliviavindykharisma
  • windrafotografi
  • net stripe
  • mirast12
  • v_viitha
  • erna.pratiwi
  • StyleGunhawk
  • ristayulaika
  • poppyyuzal
  • the.tamp24
  • MyVanIsMyLife
  • niardama
  • yuli_momsalvo
  • LeadBest
  • fian.nb
  • noerl_
  • lufitasari_
  • emy_love you
  • najiha.store
  • swastyka
  • radhahusnia
  • rianelayalia
  • rizkaftryni
  • rkaku11
  • dweecandra
  • zahra_aldyas
  • nuycineiss92
  • sitisamiah
  • farisa.k
  • fsain25
  • mldya.ca
  • gebriyunardo
  • rinirachmawatii
  • indritriast
  • kharizma_ayuu
  • rusdianantiamalina
  • miss_ressa123
  • puguh_b.s
  • egaajah11
  • RacerDoomVegetarian
  • sulfianisultann
  • susisusanti0815
  • wiinnnn___
  • meinisag
  • iisistia
  • elladwimonica
  • ziizahhh_nr
  • rizka_icha98
  • lakshita_aulia
  • isniaagustiana
  • gamawahyubinaratika
  • shintaarifa
  • DanceAngel
  • pure real
  • pangestularasati
  • disassembly
  • tiyaa_80
  • sellenr_
  • rizky.shinta
  • ekhajati
  • thata.nugroho
  • LightsApple
  • raphitalubis
  • CanadianViolinist
  • jeanyjegeg
  • EvilInternet
  • vivi_sihombing
  • shivie99
  • shellyettet
  • its.aleshaaa
  • FisherTeen
  • lovelyKitty
  • rizki.winanti
  • rizka_icha98
  • izmisandi10

Name Highlight Instagram Aesthetic Place

If you like traveling and want to capture the moment for a long time. This is an IG aesthetic highlight name idea, namely Hotel? Agoda, Here we go again, Trip_luck, My trip, Gowes, Jj, Flight, vit-sea, and many more.

Highlights Name for Instagram For Boys [2024]

  • Keenan Mcpherson
  • Nolan Diaz
  • Pierre David
  • Alessandro Wiggins
  • Dane Austin
  • Faizan Lister
  • Zayne Woodcock
  • LowercaseGuy
  • Ed Mackay
  • Mystical Dimples
  • Diaz Hinton
  • Ryan Lord
  • David Mullen
  • Stanley Davis
  • And Franco
  • Brett Larson
  • Alister Marsh
  • Monsoonblooms
  • Sugar Genius
  • Cutie Sunshine
  • Rose Life
  • Say Cute
  • Rainbow Sweety
  • Gypsy Angels
  • Hezel and Pine
  • Lil Cutie
  • Autumn

Family Aesthetic Instagram Highlights Name

Do you often upload warm moments with your family? Don’t worry, there are unique names to highlight with your family, namely MyLuv, Homies, Sweeties, Happy Virus, Luvthetics, My 24/7, and so on.

Funny Highlights Name for Instagram [2024]

  • So StupidHe’s His Majesty
  • Asshole
  • BabangHandsomeFailFail
  • HinaTimeTerusIriBilangBoss
  • KegoblogkanYangUnfaedah
  • JametKuproy
  • KetawainAja
  • What is that
  • PullSisSemongko
  • BucinAkut
  • Who’s YourPirsLope
  • single_dini
  • SeeMin_Hyuuk
  • MinholyuBov
  • oneONCE
  • VeeReVeluV
  • @goldenhours
  • @jellyfancys
  • @feelikepsyc
  • @srrybabygrz
  • @skuuzyah
  • @slvrqueen
  • @minjjx
  • @chchoxopie
  • @wtrmelonz
  • @hotspcyjinjja
  • @xiiipiezxo
  • @zeapplefjx
  • @cloudymoody
  • @xoxocholote
  • @kecholoxz
  • @gurlsvntge
  • @90s-vibes
  • @anjymbrrx
  • @yyyloylo
  • Sarang_Donghae
  • MyBangtan
  • Jungpock
  • Bd_Army
  • AegiBabby
  • socialite_kismi
  • penduduq_mars
  • pedjoeang_mahar
  • bujank_lapux
  • zeyn_meliq
  • pow_tow
  • cuty_bear
  • cem_coof
  • chokeest
  • push_rank
  • rare_poo
  • ex_thugs

Highlights Name for Instagram with Emoticon [2024]

In addition to using words, you can use emoticons to give highlight a name. For example, for food, you can add food, drink, or fruit emoticons, for music you can use tone emoticons, while for families you can use love emoticons or people who gather.

Ig Aesthetic Highlight Names And Their Meaning

The first bio that can be your choice is bio was aesthetic English. How to make cover highlights stories on Instagram, very easy! Also, know how to download Instagram stories.

Instagram is all about style. We know that using an English bio will add to the aesthetic value itself.

The first recommendation that I gave to you is a simple ig name that can make your Instagram profile look cool but don’t force it to be cool

The IG highlight appears in the Instagram profile account right below the Instagram bio, unlike the insta story that appears above the homepage.

Google’s free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

Free fire, a game from Garena which is very popular in Indonesia in the mobile or smartphone sector.

The first recommendation that I gave to you is a simple ig name that can make your Instagram profile look cool but don’t force it to be cool.

Ig is one of the biggest social media nowadays. Instagram stories are limited to 24 hours, after 24 hours the stories will disappear.

The first recommendation that I gave to you is a simple ig name that can make your Instagram profile look cool but don’t force it to be cool.

Here’s a collection of the most hits and viral ig aesthetic filter names that you can know. Enter an aesthetic name for your highlight.

Highlight Aesthetics by Adjusting Fonts and Text

Another tip that can be used is to use other Instagram fonts. You do this by visiting the Instagram font site in a browser. In addition, you can type the name by adding a space between the letters.

Instagram Highlight Names for Friends

There are many moments with friends? Don’t worry, you can use Instagram highlights to keep it longer.

Some names that can be used are Bes_teas, Gurl, Buddy, Gengski, Sistur, and many more.

Those are some names of IG aesthetic highlights and how to make the writing more beautiful.

You can beautify your Instagram highlights by giving a more minimalist cover or using pastel colors.

Steps to Create Instagram Highlights

Highlight ig is a feature that is able to provide photos or videos instantly with a duration that you can set yourself.

Story Highlights is the new section of your profile, where you can better express your business through the stories you share.

If you want to make a highlight or highlight, there are several steps you can do, namely:

  1. Open the Instagram app, then click the profile menu.
  2. Click on Story Highlights located below the bio.
  3. Select the plus icon.
  4. Then select the story you want to include in the highlight feature and click next.
  5. Select Edit Cover to choose a story to use as a highlight cover, you can also upload a new cover from the gallery.
  6. Type the name of the IG aesthetic highlight.
  7. Click Done (Android) or Add (iPhone).

How to Change Instagram Highlight Cover

First, you can change your Instagram highlight cover or cover. This is usually done to make the highlights look prettier and neater.

Here’s how to change the Instagram highlight cover :

  1. Open the IG app, then open your Instagram profile.
  2. Press and Hold the highlight you want to edit the cover for.
  3. Select Edit Highlights from the menu options that appear.
  4. Next, tap on Edit Cover.
  5. Select the image that you will make the cover of the IG highlight. You can choose an image from the story in the highlight or choose another image in the gallery.
  6. Finally, press Done to save the changes.
Tip: If you like someone’s story and want to repost it, you can repost other people’s stories or IG posts even if you are not tagged.

How to Rename Instagram Highlights

If the name or title of the highlight that you made at the beginning is not appropriate, you can change the name of the highlight.

Here are the steps to change the highlighted name on IG:

  1. Go to your Instagram account profile.
  2. Select the IG highlight you want to edit the name of.
  3. Tap and hold a few moments on the highlight.
  4. Click the Edit Highlight option.
  5. Press the highlight heading column.
  6. Delete the old highlight title, then type the new name you want.
  7. When finished, please click Done.

How to Delete Multiple Highlight Contents

In addition to editing the appearance of the highlight in the form of a cover and title, you can also change the content of the story in the Highlight.

If there are several stories that you want to remove from the highlight, you don’t need to remove the highlight and then recreate it.

Here’s how to delete an existing story on Instagram Highlights:

  1. Open your IG profile first.
  2. Tap and hold the highlight you want to edit.
  3. Tap Edit Highlights on the menu that appears.
  4. On the Selected tab, uncheck the stories you want to delete.
  5. When finished, please tap Done.

So, those are some cool and aesthetic examples of IG highlight names for you to try.

If you don’t like the names, you can try the generator tools and just choose what you want. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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