How to Fill Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code [2024]


In this article, we are going to share with you How to Fill Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code. So, let’s get started…

Each game will definitely continue to experience updates to be able to improve the playing experience of its fans.

The Free Fire game developer, Garena, continues to do this. Even now there is an Free Fire Advance Server activation code for game development.

How to Fill Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

Maybe many of you don’t know about this FF Advance Server and its activation code. Because this feature has just been released you can still enjoy it for the next few weeks.

What is FF Advance Server?

When you hear the word Free Fire, you must have imagined a very exciting and tense shooting battleground game.

Even this game is also played by all age levels from those who are still in school to adults.

Because this game is really fun. Besides that, it is always another option when the cellphone doesn’t support a similar game that is heavier, namely PUBG.

Many choose Free Fire because it is lighter and the playing experience is not far from PUBG.

Regarding FF Advance Server, this is a new feature and service released by Garena as a group that develops games.

Every time the developer will always try to improve the quality of the game and also its services to users.

One form of development effort is by releasing this FF Advance Server. So this is another application from Free Fire that is specifically used for the development process.

So that in it the process of testing every feature in the application is carried out.

FF Advance Server is not the core Free Fire game you’ve been playing so far. This is a special application with a look and service similar to Free Fire.

But the server is made separately specifically for the development process.

Players, including you, can help Garena in the process of developing features and services in the game.

FF Advance Server will be a testing ground for every new feature and service released by Garena.

Every player is allowed to test by enjoying the Free Fire game as it should. But indeed there are some changes that are still in the process of improvement.

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Functions and Purpose of FF Advance Server

In the previous review you already understand what FF Advance Server is. So you can participate in developing the Free Fire game by logging into this FF Advance Server via the activation code. Without this code, you cannot enter the application.

Garena has indeed prepared a special room in the form of the FF Advance Server application to continue to reduce errors or bugs in the application.

So not everyone can get into it. This is for the sake of maintaining server stability and maximizing to reduce bugs.

Maybe you are still confused, then what are the functions and goals of Garena releasing this FF Advance Server. If you are curious, here are some functions and purposes:

1. Improve and Develop Game

Improve and Develop Game

The first function and purpose is to improve and develop the game. This function became the most important and easiest to identify when Garena released FF Advance Server.

Because while in the game, you will be able to enjoy and use some additional features that are not in the core Free Fire.

This feature is still being maximized by Garena so that it can be run without any significant obstacles.

So that comments from users will be one source of Garena’s improvements. People who are selected to enter the FF Advance Server are encouraged to share their experiences while playing.

Especially when it finds some errors such as bugs and errors. In this way Garena will identify and then fix the error or bug.

2. Strengthening Community

Strengthening Community

In fact, it is very rare for game developers to involve their users in the process of game improvement and development. Maybe only a few games have taken this step and Free Fire is one of them.

Many consider the step of inviting players to participate in the development process is a natural thing. Even though this can be a rare step for game developers.

It’s no wonder that in the end, people who join the FF Advance Server, just want to try it without contributing to the repair.

Therefore, if you get the FF Advance Server activation code, it is highly recommended that you comment. Tell us what you feel while playing Free Fire on this special server.

By inviting the players in this development, is one of Garena’s forms to strengthen its community.

Because without communication and efforts to get closer to users, Free Fire can be abandoned.

In this way, Garena hopes to continue to interact with users and continue to strengthen community support for the betterment of the game.

3. Offers New Feature Experience

Offers New Feature Experience

Now this is a very interesting goal when you manage to get into the FF Advance Server. This application can be an attractive offer to introduce new features of Free Fire.

Moreover, the number of people who can get the activation code is also limited.

When you can get an activation code and successfully enter it, it can certainly be a matter of pride.

You can enjoy many additional features that may not necessarily appear in the core Free Fire game. But you’ve tried it until satisfied.

Of course your friends will be jealous of the experience and try to get into the FF Advance Server.

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Difference between FF Advance Server and Regular FF

Difference between FF Advance Server and Regular FF

Many think that FF Advance Server and regular Free Fire are the same two applications.

Though the two are very different. Even though they both display the exciting and tense Free Fire game play.

For ordinary Free Fire, it is an application that can be played by people around the world at that time. It’s also an app that you can play everyday with your friends.

Meanwhile, FF Advance Server is a separate application and different from the core Free Fire.

In order to enjoy the services of the development process, you must download the application again or the APK file through a special site.

Given that FF Advance Server is on a separate server that is indeed functioned for the development process.

So don’t forget to prepare your internal storage if you really want to enjoy this FF Advance Server.

Also prepare the FF Advance Server activation code so you can enter and give criticism on the latest features of the Free Fire game.

Importance of Activation Code

Importance of Activation Code

The activation code is a tool that you must have if you decide to try this FF Advance Server. Without this code, you will not be able to log in to the special feature trial server from Garena.

FF Advance Server itself is a special room designed not to play Free Fire as usual. This special server is used to do feature checks and then fix if there are problems.

So the number of people who can enter and try the features is very limited. You must send a letter of request to Garena, to be a party that helps in the review process of Free Fire features and services on FF Advance Server.

This activation code is like a registration form when you are about to enter an event. Because the number is limited, so only people who get the code can enter the FF Advance Server.

This limited number of people can also help maximize the process of finding errors or bugs in the game being developed.

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How to Find FF Advance Server Activation Code

FF Advance Server activation code is very much needed when you are going to try a dedicated development server.

Here’s how to find the activation code if you want to join the FF Advance Server:

  1. The first step is to open the Free Fire game on your cellphone.
  2. After that, enter the “News” or “News” menu in the game.
  3. Next, slide your cellphone screen in the News section downwards until there is a menu that says ” Adv Server Open “.
  4. Just click on the text and you will be taken to a new web page.
  5. In addition to the Free Fire game directly, you can also go directly to the website, namely to ”
  6. If you have entered the website page, log in to the Free Fire account like using a Facebook account. Provide some required Facebook login information.
  7. Then also fill in some of the available fields such as your email, name, and phone number.
  8. Then if everything is filled in, you can press the button with the words ” Join Now “.
  9. Until this stage, you have submitted a request to join the FF Advance Server.

Next, you just have to wait if there is a response to the request to join this FF Advance Server.

login to the registration site earlier to check whether there is an activation code sent or not, usually around 3 days to 7 days.

Tips for Finding FF Advance Server Activation Codes 

Tips for Finding FF Advance Server Activation Codes 

Indeed, how to find an activation code to get permission to enter the FF Advance Server is very easy.

All you have to do is register via a special website, if successful, a special activation code will be sent.

However, a lot of Free Fire game users are having trouble and the activation code won’t appear.

This problem seems to have become a common thing when there will be a trial dedicated server opening.

When Garena announces the opening of the FF Advance Server, register immediately.

Don’t be too close to the opening date, say 2 or 3 days apart. If possible, about 7 days before the opening of the FF Advance Server.

So there is still enough time to be able to receive the activation code. There are so many users who register with the FF Advance Server date and finally fail to get the code.

Not to mention that Garena’s website for submitting applications is usually down.

The effect is that the website cannot be accessed and causes the submission of the activation code to fail.

Once you’ve submitted your request, just wait for the next few days. So it is highly recommended to be patient because the code cannot be sent immediately after registration.

How to Fill FF Advance Server Activation Code

The process of submitting an activation code to Garena takes up to a few days. After you get the activation code, you can start enjoying and playing the Free Fire game on this special server.

If you’re confused about how to send the code, here’s a guide:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have downloaded the special APK file for FF Advance Server. Don’t forget to also install it until it’s completely installed on your cellphone.
  2. Next, if the FF Advance Server application is ready, just open it and run it as usual.
  3. On the start page of the application, you will usually see a special column to fill in the activation code that you have received.
  4. Tap on the column and fill in using the activation code.
  5. The system will automatically identify the code and you can directly log into the FF Advance Server game.
  6. Then you can create a new account specifically for testing on the FF Advance Server.

At this point, you have been able to successfully fill in the activation code and login to the FF Advance Server.

Benefits of Joining FF Advance Server 

Lots of Free Fire players are very interested in being able to play a special game server, namely FF Advance Server.

Because indeed if you can play on that special server, it will get its own experience which is very impressive and very interesting.

Imagine that you are the first party to enjoy some of the new features in the Free Fire game. Moreover, the feature will not necessarily be released if there are still lots of errors or errors.

So you can experience exclusive services that Free Fire players rarely enjoy. Besides that, there are still some benefits that you can get if you receive the FF Advance Server activation code and log into it. Here are the advantages:

1. 3000 Diamond Prize

The first advantage you can get is that you can receive prizes of up to 3000 Diamonds just by playing the trial server.

This 3000 Diamond prize will be given if you can be the main contributor and number one in analyzing bugs in the game. Game analysis requires quite a long experience.

You are also required to continue to observe what is happening in the game while playing. So you can find bugs or errors that can have a fatal impact on the game.

2. 2000 Diamond Prize

Now the next level of prizes is 2000 Diamonds which will be given to 2 people as contributors who tell bugs in the game. This prize is not as big as the first.

Because its role is considered not too vital, but enough to help development.

3. 1000 Diamond Prize

For the lowest, there are 1000 Diamonds for 3 people who contribute to provide their observations for bugs in the game.

This 1000 Diamond prize is given when the bug that is reported is also not very important, but it is still useful.

By giving a gift in the form of Diamond, it will certainly add to the fun of playing on the FF Advance Server.

Not only can you enjoy the exclusive new Free Fire features, but it turns out that you can also have the opportunity to get prizes of up to 3000 Diamonds.

Therefore, try to contribute to the process of experimenting with new features in FF Advance Server.


FF Advance Server is a very interesting event for Free Fire players. What’s more, the FF Advance Server activation code is also easy to get.

But don’t forget to give criticism and bug reports so that the game can develop better.

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