How to Make Glass in Minecraft [2024]


Glass is one of the most important materials, which is usually used to make windows when we build houses in Minecraft.

We can get this material by means of a furnace first with some other additional materials.

Well, here I want to explain a little how to make glass in Minecraft. Start from the basics.

How to Make Glass in Minecraft

How to Make Glass in Minecraft

Glass in Minecraft can be made using sand and wood as basic materials. But for its manufacture, we have to use additional tools.

1. Buat Item Crafting Table

Buat Item Crafting Table

First, please create a Crafting Table item first. To create one, you need materials Wood planks as many as 4 pieces.

Enter the Crafting menu and tap the Crafting Table item to get it. Then install it where you want it.

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2. Buat Item Furnace

If you have, then you can make Furnace items. Later this furnace item serves to burn the materials needed to make glass.

Here are the steps:

1. Tap Crafting Table.

Buat Item Furnace

2. Then insert the Cobblestone into the Crafting Table.

3. Click Furnace to take the items already being crafted.

Buat Item Furnace

3. Prepare the Glass Making Materials

Prepare the Glass Making Materials

If the Furnace item is available, you can immediately prepare the materials to make glass.

The ingredients are:

  • Sand
  • Oak Wood Planks

4. Start Making Glass

Finally, please start making glass through the Furnace item. The method is more or less the same as making a Furnace on the Crafting Table.

Here are the steps:

1. Click the Furnace item first.

Start Making Glass

2. Put Sand into the Input and Oak Wood Planks into the Fuel.

3. If you have, please click Glass or ready-made glass to get it.

Start Making Glass

4. Finally, try installing Glass into Minecraft.

Start Making Glass

5. Done.

How to Make a Mirror in Minecraft

In addition to glass, you can also make a mirror. This mirror can later add decorations when you want to build a house in Minecraft.

1. Prepare Mirror Making Items

Prepare Mirror Making Items

First, you have to prepare some of the necessary materials first. Here are the materials for making a mirror:

Ingredients Function
Crafting Table Combining several crafting materials
Gray Banner Become a mirror frame
Block of Quartz Be the support of the mirror
Bone Meal Create mirror bias effect
Light Blue Dye Make a bright blue banner
Ink Sac Adding black color to the border of the banner

If so, please place the Crafting Table in the position you want.

2. Make a Banner Like a Mirror

Then you can decorate the banner to make it look like a mirror.

The steps are like this:

1. Click the Crafting Table item that has been installed first.

2. Put the Gray Banner and Bone Meal into Crafting. The order is more or less like this:

Make a Banner Like a Mirror

3. If so, please take the Gray Banner that already has a white bias.

4. Insert Gray Banner back in and mix with Light Blue Dye. Make sure the order is exactly like this picture.

Make a Banner Like a Mirror

5. Later the Gray Banner will look like a mirror, please click to pick it up.

6. Next make black color on the edge of the banner by re-entering the Gray Banner into the Crafting and Ink Sac.

7. Take back the Gray Banner which already has black edges.

Make a Banner Like a Mirror

3. Install the Mirror in the Map

The final step is all you need to do is attach the result so that it looks a lot like a mirror.

The method is as follows:

1. Activate Block of Quartz first.

2. Then install 2 blocks up.

Install the Mirror in the Map

3. If you have, use the Gray Banner that has been designed and apply it to the Block of Quartz.

Install the Mirror in the Map

4. Done.

If you have built a house, please just attach the mirror to the wall without using Block of Quartz again.

The Final Word

That’s how to make glass in Minecraft. This includes making mirrors, which are perfect for home decor in Minecraft.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Hope it is useful.

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