Twitter Shadowban: What Is It, How to Check and Remove?


Twitter has many policies for its users. This policy is constantly being adjusted and may change over time.

If you are a user who does not follow these policies, your account will be subject to restrictions. One of them is shadowban.

Well, if you don’t know what shadowban is on Twitter, here I will explain.

Twitter Shadowban What Is It, How to Check and Remove

What is Twitter Shadowban?

Shadowban is a type of Twitter account restriction that can appear without users realizing it.

When an account is shadowbanned, other users will not be able to see tweet posts and information from that account.

The thing that makes us not aware that we have been shadowbanned is because we can still access his Twitter account, make tweets, mention, and leave comments.

Effects When Twitter Get Shadowban :

  • Account not showing in the Twitter search field
  • Twitter account information cannot be seen by other users
  • Activities such as tweets, comments, and replies cannot be read
  • You can’t search for tweets that have already been posted via hashtags
  • Can cause followers to decrease because the account is considered inactive

Causes of Twitter Accounts Affected by Shadowban

Just like other Twitter problems, this shadowban blocking also has several causes. Here are some of them:

  • Your Twitter account di- report some other users
  • You often change your username
  • Repeated tweets are considered spam
  • Tag ( tag ) many people on tweet
  • The account is considered not to follow other policies of Twitter

How to Check Twitter Is Shadowbanned or Not

If you think your account is being shadowbanned, you can check first. One of them through the site

  1. Please open a browser and visit the site .
  2. Write the username of your Twitter account in the column provided.
  3. If you have, click the Check button.
  4. How to Check Twitter Is Shadowbanned or NotLater the status of your Twitter account will appear as shown below.

How to Check Twitter Is Shadowbanned or Not

If the status is green as above, then the account is not shadowbanned. But if the color is red, then the account is probably being shadowbanned.

Here’s an explanation of some of the other details:

Parameter Function
Search Suggestion Ban Ensure that your Twitter account appears in the Twitter search
Search Ban Ensure tweets from your Twitter account appear when searched
Ghost Ban Check your Twitter account status via other accounts
Reply Deboosting To ensure that your Twitter account does not spam replies

How to Overcome Twitter Shadowban

If your account has been hit by Twitter Shadowban, then you don’t have to worry. Because this blocking is fairly light and can still be overcome so that your Twitter account is back to normal. Here’s the solution:

1. Don’t Use Before

The first way is not to use or access your Twitter account for some time. Because in general, this Shadowban is only valid for a few days.

Provided that your Twitter account does not post policy-violating tweets or spam during the review period.

2. Contacting Twitter

If you want a faster way, you can contact Twitter. I’ll just have to explain the problem I’m having so I can review it.

Here’s how to contact Twitter:

  1. Visit the Twitter Help Center page.
  2. Sign into the menu Learn more about Twitter features and settings.
  3. How to Overcome Twitter ShadowbanIn column What Can we help you with? you can choose Something on Twitter that may not be working correctly.
  4. In the column Tell us more, select option Something isn’t right Tweets and/or with my timeline.
  5. Enter your Twitter username and email in the fields provided.
  6. Finally, fill in your problem clearly in the Describe the problem you’re having a column.
  7. How to Overcome Twitter ShadowbanClick Submit to send it to Twitter. Finished.

Usually, Twitter will process your problem for 1×24 hours. Please check your email often to find out the process.


Twitter’s Shadowban is a curtailment issue, but one that’s mild, as you can still access and manage the account.

But for those who usually use Twitter, of course, this will be annoying. That’s why it’s recommended that you have to deal with it.

If you have something to ask, just post it in the comments.

Hope it is useful.

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