10 Productivity Apps For Business And Personal Life [2022]


It’s never been so tasteless to bring up the subject of one’s own productivity. “Do more” is laughable after months of global pandemic challenges that no one requested or could have prepared for. It seems like we’ve been through a lot already. It’s a lot better now.

Many productive apps automate tedious tasks, such as copying and pasting information from one app to another or transcribing audio, for you.

Others help you improve your quality of life by making it easier for you to remember where you’ve written down important information or what you’re supposed to do next, so you don’t have to put in as much mental effort. Your burden is lifted by them. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a little less to carry around?

Productivity Apps For Business And Personal Life

This article focuses on useful apps that can be used both at work and at home, either alone or with a group of people.

The best productive apps are all represented here, as well as some of our personal favorites.

Although the list isn’t all-inclusive, we hope it provides some helpful and productive apps suggestions.

Best Productivity Apps For Business And Personal Life

Best Productivity Apps For Business And Personal Life

Below are the best Productivity Apps For Business And Personal Life. Let’s see one by one…

1. DocuSign

In the last ten years, you’re likely to have come across DocuSign if you’ve had to sign anything.

Contracts and other documents requiring signatures can be managed online with this system.

You can review and sign a document using your phone’s touchscreen and your finger thanks to DocuSign’s mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Even if you don’t use DocuSign at work, you never know when you’ll need to sign something important, like a permission slip or a lease agreement, without the help of the app. Use this productive app to simply sign documents.

It’s completely free. Starting at $15 a month, you can send and collect signatures on documents.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly (free; paid versions start at $144 per year) is a complete writing assistant app, not just a basic spell checker.

With a few settings, you can tailor it to your specific writing style. It’s one thing to write a dissertation in a formal style; quite another to write a blog post in a more conversational style with shorter sentences and less formal language.

Grammar and spelling corrections are also suggested by this app for writers. All writers can benefit from this productive app.

3. iCall

iCall is a call recorder that can be used for recording meetings for either documentation, records or to take notes when time and focus are of the essence.

With online meetings speeding up during and post-pandemic, iCall is a much-needed productivity app.

How to record a call online can be challenging, but with iCall, you can be productive and not worry about working the app, it’s that seamless.

4. Ifttt

For “if this, then that,” use the acronym ifttt (rhymes with “gift”). A mobile app and a website for creating custom automation between online services.

Unlike Apple Shortcuts, it has been around longer and works with a wider range of apps than just those that are installed on your iPhone.

You could, for instance, program your Dropbox to save a copy of any photos tagged with your name on Facebook.

It’s easy to create these little commands, but if that’s too much work for you, you can look at other people’s automation and click to make them your own.

For $5 per month, you can get a premium Ifttt account and get using this useful app.

5. Shortcuts

Your iPhone or iPad can be a productivity aid thanks to Apple’s Shortcuts feature (free on Apple mobile devices).

Automation can be defined as a series of events that occur automatically when a trigger is pressed in this app.

For example, you can set up a podcast to play automatically when you turn off your phone’s Wake-Up alarm.

Another example is “Silence notifications when I arrive at the such-and-such location based on GPS.”

Even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, you can still use this uber-productive app to create time-saving shortcuts.

6. Zapier

In order to automate some of your tasks, Zapier is a useful app to know. Unlike ifttt, this online service allows you to create automations between apps and services, much in the same way.

Zapier allows you to create automations like this one: What I do is create a task in Asana for the fulfillment team, add their email address to my Mailchimp mailing list, and send a confirmation message to the customer when they purchase an item from my website.

It’s easier to focus on more important tasks when you outsource drudgery like this. Paying for Zapier begins at $24.99 per month for the free tier of service.

7. Teamwork

Small and medium-sized businesses that need to get up and running with project management quickly should consider Teamwork.

It’s simple to use and only takes a few minutes to register. Only a small percentage of project management platforms are capable of doing both.

Logins are given to everyone involved in the project. It’s up to the project manager or team leaders to set the project’s start and end dates and milestones.

After that, this useful app is used by team members so that they can see what tasks they’ve been given and provide status updates on the progress of those tasks.

Prices start at $12.50 per person per month for a limited free account; otherwise, there are no hidden fees.

8. Wrike

Wrike is your go-to tool for project management and other types of work you need to get done today.

Organizations and their employees can use this productive app to keep track of what they’re doing and how they’re progressing.

Even more so, team leaders and managers are able to see how each of those tasks contributes to the overall bottom line.

Wrike also offers special account types for specific industries, such as marketing and business services teams, to help them manage their work more effectively.

Numerous third-party apps and services are compatible with Wrike. Paid accounts start at around $10 per person per month for the limited free account.

9. Slack

It’s safe to say that Slack is the most well-known application for group messaging. Slack accounts can be created for free, but paid accounts offer more functionality and support and start at $8 per person per month.

Slack is the place where group discussions take place. Individuals, private groups or channels where people have opted in to follow a conversation can all be contacted.

Slack also allows you to make audio and video calls. This useful app has a reputation for fostering community in the workplace as well.

Since email has limitations on how and when you can communicate with coworkers, we consider Slack to be an essential productivity tool.

This is because it provides more options for how you and your coworkers communicate than email ever could.

10. Zoom Meetings

For years, Zoom was one of the most popular video conferencing apps in the tech industry, especially for teams working remotely.

Since no one needs to know the unique ID of each invitee (as with Skype), video conferencing becomes a lot more convenient and effective.

Fun video call features include Zoom’s virtual backgrounds and facial filters, which are akin to those found in Snapchat and Instagram.

This version of Zoom is great for one-on-one calls, but larger groups are limited to 40 minutes.

Starting at $14.99 a month, there are paid options. Some lesser-known apps, such as Blizz or Jitsi, can be used to make free personal phone calls.


Productive apps are a lifesaver in today’s age of online working. Whether you want to manage your teams using Wrike or use iCall for business meetings, there is no one holding you back.

So make use of any of these or all of these productive apps in your business or personal life.

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