10+ Best Rooting Apps For Android in 2024


Android has become one of the most widely used smartphones, this is because there are many things that can be done with this device.

If you want more from an Android device then you can use the best root application.

Through this application, you can get access to tinker with Android or modify it so that it can improve the performance of your smartphone. For example, cleaning annoying ad spam and custom rooms.

Best Rooting Apps For Android

However, rooting Android is not an easy thing, because there are several brands and types of Android that need special handling in order to open it.

There are two choices of root applications without a PC and root using a PC that can meet the needs of root android.

15 Best Android Root Applications [2024]

For those of you who are looking for the best rooting apps for Android, the following applications can help:

1. KingRoot


The first best root application is a root application called KingRoot, this application is very famous and has been used by millions of people.

KingRoot has been chosen because it has the advantage that it can be used without a PC or using a PC.

Apart from that, KingRoot is also able to support most android devices. So you could say that this application is a universal application for all brands and types of Android smartphones.

Other advantages that can be taken by KingRoot users, among others, can improve android performance after rooting with this application and can remove the default application that fills Android RAM.

This application is suitable for anyone because it is easy to use and you can choose the method you like, whether you want to use a PC or without a PC.

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2. TowelRoot


There is the best root application that is quite small in size but can be used optimally to root an android smartphone.

TowelRoot is an android root application that can be used without a PC and can root android in no time or quickly.

How to use it is also very easy, you only need to press the make it rain button so you can get root access on the smartphone you are using. In addition, this application can be used in many brands of Android.

These brands and types of android include Samsung S4 and S5 and Nexus 4 or 5. A safe step to root with the TowelRoot application is to install an antivirus on Android before disabling it.

Install this antivirus because this root application is often detected as a dangerous application. However, in fact, many have proven their quality and safety.

3. KingoRoot


In terms of name, it may be almost similar to KingoRoot and KingRoot, but in reality, these two applications are different.

KingoRoot is a root application that can be used on Android devices directly and also with a Windows PC.

If you want to get flexibility when you root your cellphone, then it’s a good idea to use the Windows PC version or use a PC.

But if you are constrained by not having a PC, then you just choose the KingoRoot version without a PC or root directly from Android.

The main advantage of this application is a fairly high root success rate. This is because KingoRoot is always diligent in updating each of the root scripts in it.

Finally, this application also supports many brands and types of android from various versions of android.

4. iRoot


If you are still looking for the best Android root application in 2019, then it’s a good idea to try iRoot. This application is a product from a developer named iRoot Technology Ltd.

iRoot has so far been used to root Android for over 300 million times. This is proof that many users are interested in this PC-less root application.

The main reason for using this application is because it is easy to operate and can support 15 thousand more Android phones from various brands and types. If you are a Samsung smartphone user, this application is a must-try.

As previously stated, iRoot not only benefits Samsung android but also other brands such as Oppo, Lenovo, HTC, and various other brands.

5. FramaRoot


Framaroot is the best android root application with just one click. At first glance, this application seems very simple but has powerful tools to gain root access on an Android smartphone.

From the very beginning of its release, Framaroot has been the top choice of most of Android users compared to other rooting apk. Most of you can spend your time rooting android using an open bootloader.

This Framaroot application also has a fairly high success rate of rooting the smartphone.

You can download this best application easily and of course for free on an android smartphone without a PC.

The weakness of Framaroot is that it can only be used for Android version 4.0 and above and does not support the latest version and you need an internet connection during the rooting process.

6. One Click Root

One Click Root

Furthermore, there is another alternative to a PC-less root application with short and fast steps called One Click Root. As the name implies, using this application you can root Android with just one click.

From the practicality of use, this application is perfect for beginners. In addition, One Click Root also has several advantages ranging from a very user-friendly interface feature and of course this application is free.

In addition, you are also guaranteed security to root all types of Android and there is technical support by interacting with professionals or experts for 24 hours.

The most visible weakness of this application is that advertisements appear on the application and must be connected to the internet in order to root with One Click Root.

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7. Magisk


The best root application that deserves your consideration is the Magisk application. This application is capable of rooting an android smartphone and this root apk is also free or open-source.

Besides being able to be used for rooting, Magisk can also be used for various things related to Android.

The mainstay feature in this application is MagiskSU which is useful for rooting and there is also a Magic Mount

This Magic Mount feature is what you can use to edit the default system from the vendor without needing to damage the smartphone partition. This Magisk application is also able to hide from SafetyNet by using the MagiskHide feature.

Finally, there is the Resetprop feature which is useful for cleaning the properties of all types of systems on the smartphone.

8. Z4Root


If you have a small android storage space then it’s a good idea to choose Z4Root for the best PC-less root application. Apart from its small size, this application is also very simple and of course easy to use.

This small apk size is the advantage and attraction of this application made by Z4Ziggy. The size of this application is not more than 1 MB, so it is very far from the size of the root application in general.

So even though your Android memory is small, with this root application the performance of the smartphone will not be disturbed. Z4Root is also proven safe because this application only changes the Android root binary part only and does not mess with the system disk.

But if you experience a root error, then you only need to restart the smartphone and then the smartphone returns to normal.

9. SuperSU


This one application can be said to be one of the best root applications that are very popular around the world. SuperSU is an application that allows you to control certain applications that can and cannot have root access.

It can be said that this application is a security guard for your smartphone, helps manage application access, and keeps the application from exceeding the limits of the application itself.

Because it can record history, opens the possibility that this application can access root automatically. The Android root process also runs very fast and does not reduce the performance of the Android.

You can download the SuperSU application on the Playstore and then become one of the best applications for Android root which is very safe and reliable.

10. Root Master

Root Master

You can get an android root application for beginners on the android smartphone play store, the application is the Root Master.

It is said to be very appropriate for beginners because this application has a simple appearance and is easy to operate.

Apart from that, Root Master is also not bothered by advertisements and has no bloatware. This application can be said to be the cleanest Android smartphone root application.

On the navigation menu there are three shortcuts, namely share, about, and feedback, then in the middle of the application there is a START button which is used to gain root access by clicking on the button.

Another plus is that you can use this root apk, that is, without a PC, and can stop the root process if it is considered dangerous. Finally, Root Master also provides an Unroot option for its users.

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11. VRoot


Furthermore, there are still applications that can be used to root and modify your Android smartphone, the application is called VRoot.

You can use this root application for all Android brands, from Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, and others.

It’s just that this VRoot application can only be used optimally with the help of a PC device in order to activate and run this application.

So that in addition to downloading the application on Android, you also prepare it on a PC.

Even though it seems more complicated than other root applications, access to root and Android modifications is easier and more fun by using this best root application.

Finally, the rooting process with VRoot also runs faster and safer with just one click.

12. Root Genius

Root Genius

You still haven’t found the best root application that fits your wishes, so there is Root Genius that is interesting to try.

The fact of this application is that it is very popular and chosen by many users around the world.

Root Genius is actually a free root application that can be downloaded directly on the Playstore easily. Through this application, you can root Android without a PC in a fast and easy way.

This is proven by the existence of thousands of android smartphones around the world that can use this one application. Almost some brands and types of android support for the Root Genius application.

What should not be missed, this application also has a light size, which only reaches 4.7 MB. So it is the best choice for smartphones with limited internal storage space.

13. Flashify


The next best root application recommendation for you is Flashify, an application that can be used to flash most types of ROMs. The interface of this application is also clean and neat.

From such a view, you will easily root or flash the CWM and ZIP formats. Besides that, this application also allows you to download CWM, Stock Recovery, TWRP, and also Phiz.

The advantages of this application include the recovery.img or boot.img files directly without the need for recovery navigation. Another plus, it can clean data, cache, and Dalvik via TWRP recovery.

The more interesting it is that Flashify can flash your device using file explorers easily and quickly.

14. Baidu Root

Baidu Root

For those of you who have a low or old version of Android and want to find a suitable root application then it’s good to try Baidu Root. This application can root Android versions 2.2 to 4.4.

Until now, there have been more than 60 thousand Android smartphones from various vendors that can be rooted using this application. How to use Baidu Root is also very easy and can be done by anyone.

It’s just that when you first install this application, the application uses Chinese, so you can change it you have to use the option in the lower right corner of the application display.

If you have changed the language, then you can start rooting by pressing the “Get Root” menu button then the application will work automatically.

15. Root Check

Root Check

If previously discussed several applications for Android root, in this last discussion there are applications that are used to check whether root access is open or not.

This application made by JRummy Apps will ensure that the Android condition is ready to be rooted or not. Root Check will automatically detect whether your smartphone has been successfully rooted or not.

Apart from doing the above, the application that has been downloaded more than 5 million times also has a root tutorial and a custom room that you can learn for free and easily. So it doesn’t hurt to try this application for the success of rooting android.


Those were all the recommended Android rooting apps for you to easily root your Android smartphone. All of these applications have advantages and disadvantages as well as their respective conveniences.

One thing to note for the selection of the best root application is to select the application that best suits the android device and has a high success rate. Hopefully, this article can help you.

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