How To Fix: Computer Keeps Shutting Down By Itself [2024]


Causes of the Computer Keeps Shutting Down by Itself and Effective Ways to Fix Them  – Although it is considered one of the most advanced technologies that exist in this day and age, computers or commonly known as the PC acronym ( personal computer) have many weaknesses.

These weaknesses will appear if the user does not pay attention to the health condition of this device.

Without routine and optimal maintenance, and excessive use can be a driving factor for damage to several systems on the computer.

How Easily to Fix_ Computer Keeps Shutting Down by Itself

One of the problems that arise from these two factors is that the computer often shuts down suddenly during use.

For some people, this problem is very serious because it can interfere with ongoing activities while using the computer.

But for those of you who experience this, you don’t need to worry, because this time we will discuss the causes and ways to deal with computers that often suddenly die in great detail.

Then, what are the causes of the Computer Keeps Shutting Down by Itself and how to fix it? Let’s look at the following information.

Causes of the Computer Keeps Shutting Down by Itself and How to Fix It

1. Processor Overheating

The cause of the Computer Keeps Shutting Down by Itself first is because the processor overheating or the processor is overheating.

If this happens, it must be resolved immediately so that the problem is not too serious and the device does not turn off completely.

The cause of the processor is that overheating itself occurs if the processor is installed and does not fit into place, cooler or cooler which is a lot of dust that inhibits air circulation in the computer, and can also be thermal paste processor that was never replaced.

These three things will cause the processor to overheat and the computer to turn itself off.

How to Fix:

  1. Check the position of the processor and cooler by taking apart the computer
  2. If one of the two pieces of hardware is not in place, then make sure to correct it.
  3. Apart from the two methods above, also make sure to enter the BIOS to check and set fan heat
  4. If these three methods haven’t worked, then try replacing the thermal paste and try to replace it regularly

For more details on the discussion about the causes of the computer turning itself off and how to solve it due to overheating, can be seen here

2. Damaged VGA Card

Damage to this VGA card can be indicated by a hang or a computer that suddenly restarts by itself.

Similar to the cause of the computer’s first shutdown, this one cause should not be underestimated.

The sign that will appear if the VGA card is damaged is a blank screen even though the other device is on.

How to Fix:

  1. Disassemble the computer to check the VGA card
  2. Clean the area around the VGA card
  3. Turn on the computer, and enter the BIOS menu to disable the onboard VGA
  4. If the symptoms of damage still exist, then the VGA card must be replaced, and it is advisable to replace the VGA card with a computer service place

The VGA card itself has a very important function in a computer, therefore it needs special care and does not underestimate the slightest symptoms of damage.

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3. Damaged RAM

If the RAM is in a damaged condition, the computer will shut down completely. Wow, isn’t it bad?

Thus, the condition of RAM must be kept clean so that it is not easily damaged and to avoid a totally dead computer. So, to find out the cause of damaged RAM is to use other RAM.

If the computer turns on using the new RAM, then the cause of the computer turning itself off is automatically in RAM.

There are several causes that support RAM damage, namely dirty, overlocking, and also the continuously unstable voltage entering the motherboard.

But there’s no need to worry too much because we can also save RAM conditions in the following ways.

How to Fix:

  1. Clean RAM by using a pencil eraser, one of the most important things is don’t forget to clean RAM pins. Can also use rubber sandals
  2. If in the first way the computer still doesn’t want to turn on, then replace the RAM and don’t forget to always routinely maintain RAM health

However, before replacing RAM make sure the new RAM matches the device and is compatible with the motherboard. And also make sure the device used has multi-slot RAM or not.

RAM itself is used as a place to store any memory that is used when the computer is on, so it is no longer strange if RAM is damaged it will hinder computer performance to cause total death.

If you want to know how much VRAM have in your pc then you can check out our previous article “How to Check Vram” and if you are want to increase your VRAM then you can also check out the article on how to increase VRAM.

4. Unsuitable Driver

This can happen if we install the wrong driver that doesn’t match the device. Because the key to computer survival is

matched or fitted hardware and software. If the driver does not match, the computer will shut down or restart by itself.

Therefore, the driver could be the cause of the computer shutting down itself.

How to Fix:

  1. Check the driver’s tools
  2. Make sure the correct driver is installed and there are no yellow marks
  3. However, the most powerful way is by installing the operating system and reinstalling the driver properly, and performing booting by using safe mode windows
  4. If you do not understand this, then the last way is to go to a computer service place or check it yourself.

5. Unstable Electricity

This one cause is not very significant for the computer, but in some cases, it is also used as the cause of the computer turning itself off.

This occurs when an unstable power surge results in an unstable computer condition too.

How to Fix:

  1. Check the condition of electricity at home, company, or others
  2. If it is known that electricity is unstable, then try to add a stabilizer so that the electric condition is stable and does not change suddenly

The voltage is very influential because if the voltage is low, the computer cannot turn on and the computer display will be a black screen as if it is hanging, if the voltage is the cause of the computer turning off itself then it cannot be left alone.

If this condition continues, it will spread to damage to the VGA, power supply, and hard disk.

6. Damaged Power Supply

The cause of the computer shutting down, which generally occurs is caused by a faulty power supply. This hardware failure is indicated by an unusual or strange-sounding fan.

In addition, the damage can also be indicated by the smell of Angus that is wafted around the computer.

To find out the damage from this power supply, you can do a trial using another power supply. If the above signs are gone, then they are obviously the power supply is broken.

How to Fix:

To overcome the problem that the computer suddenly shuts down due to damage to the power supply, the only way to do it is to replace the power supply.

7. Damaged Hard Disk

The cause of the computer shutting down, which is the next is damage to the hard disk. This can be indicated by the computer that does not boot despite the display on the monitor screen.

Damaged hard disks can be caused due to frequently forced shutdowns, unstable power supply voltages, and frequent power outages.

Apart from knowing the sign above, it turns out that to find out the condition of the hard disk is to enter the BIOS and see whether the installed disk settings are the same as the physical specifications.

How to Fix:

If the hard disk is damaged, then the most effective way is to replace it with a new hard disk and of course better. and don’t forget when you replace it to continue to take care of your hard disk and other devices.

8. Faulty Power Button

The power button is one of the most important components for turning the device on and off.

Therefore, if the power button is damaged, it will be fatal to the computer and this could be considered the cause of the computer turning off itself.

Then how to restore the power button function?

How to Fix:

  1. Make sure the power button cable connects to the front panel of the motherboard
  2. If it is not installed, then try to plugin and restart the computer
  3. If the power button is attached to the motherboard, then it could be that the computer suddenly shuts down, not damage to the power button

9. Operating System Crash

The operating system is one of the most important components in running a computer device, so just imagine if the operating system is used

crash then the computer will not turn on. The cause of the Computer Keeps Shutting Down by Itself has very clear signs, therefore if the operating system has crashed, it would be better to fix it immediately.

How to Fix:

Perform installation recharged using the operating system’s official

10. The existence of a virus

There are several types of viruses that can cause a computer to shut down by itself. Signs that the computer has been attacked by a virus are computer performance that is getting slower, the operating system and software crashes, and a BSOD or Blue Screen of Death.

How to Fix:

  1. Install anti-virus software and update it regularly
  2. Backup data to overcome unwanted things due to viruses

11. Poor Motherboard Condition

The motherboard is a core component in a computer, without a computer motherboard, it will not live.

Therefore, if the motherboard condition is not good, the computer performance will be affected.

One result is a computer that suddenly shuts down, even the signs of a computer failure are difficult to know.

How to Fix:

Replace the motherboard with a new one, and make sure to always keep the hardware clean

Well, that’s 11 causes of Computer Keeps Shutting Down by Itself and effective ways to deal with them.

If you think that the cause of your computer is not known where the damage is, then you can follow these general steps.

How to Fix Computer Suddenly Turning Off

Apart from some of the causes of the Computer Keeps Shutting Down by Itself repeatedly and how to fix it as listed above, there are also ways to overcome or prevent the computer from suddenly turning off.

  1. Turn off the power and unplug the power supply
  2. Disassemble the computer case
  3. Remove or unplug all cable components attached to the motherboard
  4. Clean all computer components that have been removed or attached to the motherboard
  5. After it feels clean, put all the components back onto the motherboard as before and make sure everything is installed perfectly
  6. Turn on the computer

In addition to the several ways to deal with the causes of the computer turning off itself above, you also have to regularly replace the thermal paste of the processor to keep the processor awake and use a stabilizer to keep the electricity stable and not easily go out. Because the electricity that goes out easily can support damage to computer devices.


Some of the methods above do not guarantee that they will solve the problems on your computer.

But that’s all we have done for the procedure that causes the computer to often turn off and on.

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